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Downtime in DC

Scenes from our rest period in Washington DC. Names and places become clearer if the pictures are visited in order...

So weve been staying at the fine home of David Malouin, who looks like this...And David has a dog called Ellie, who spends most of the day looking like this...While Dave has spent most of his time in DC looking like this...Various social activities have been provided for weary travellers to go to, including this pool party......which was held at the home of our two friends Paul and Kim.Other parties have included a scarf party at Stephs (Steph is in the middle here)......where Stu tried to look like Lawrence of Arabia.We also went shopping at Trader Joes, where there was an amazing Buy-A-Lot-Of-Coal-Get-One-Dave-Free offer.Finally, for good measure we got caught in some heavy storms. We spent our time stopping the car, jumping out and pushing people out of flooded bits.David returns to the car after another successful flood intervention.
(Stu) This was taken on my walk from Bowie to Hyattsville. I just thought any place where Bob Bongers and Norman Quible work was probably great.Eat at Jerrys. It will make you a big man.Something has gone very wrong in Prince Georges County.(Stu) Brother Dunstan and Sean OBrien at St Anselms Abbey, a place where lunch was fine, football talk conspiratorial and the atmosphere most tranquil.Stu limbers up for Independence Day.Dont ask.See what we did here?Condiments.Lampard...misses.But does it go?
Pool is a complex game for Dave.Shortly before Stu started choking.Anyone else remember the old cans of Sapporo? Stu was bitterly disappointed when this one was missing the ringpull where the whole top comes off.After a long night out, Jennas head rgrew to resemble a monolith.Dave prepares for lift-off.Dave, trying on hat 74 of 352.David licks the gimp.Independence Day, 2006. It rained. 

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