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The Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, July 2006

Return to the fray. From DC to West Virginia along the C&O Canal.

Dave shows the way. 168 miles to our turn off.Dave, walking again (nb. Midgets pushing him are out of shot)Through the trees, small areas of Birmingham could be glimpsed.Master of Lock 6.One of the nicest stretches of the C&O Canal trail near Great Falls.Great Falls of the Potomac!Camping by the shores of the Potomac River.Dave with our new friend and fellow hiker, Skip, the protein-bringer, provider of much packet tuna.Tom and Gayle, lunch companions at Whites Ferry - very cool people biking the trail.2 out of 2 hikers prefer shop bought water to iodine flavoured river water.
Knackered. Resting by the mile marker, our friend and enemy.Camping by the Monocacy River Aquaduct. I dont think we were supposed to camp here but it was lovely so we did.Sunset over the Monocacy River.Fellow C&O hiker Dennis Brown.Despite injuries, Dave found the strength for a Hammer-style running man.Harpers Ferry West Virginia. Stone buildings like Yorkshire, trucks like, er, West Virginia.Carl Finnigan, Harpers Ferry, West Virginia.Scott, Ed, Chanda, Dave at the Armoury Pub in Harpers Ferry.Part of Scotts incredible GI Joe (Action Man) collection.
Part of Scotts incredible GI Joe (Action Man) collection.Part of Scotts incredible GI Joe (Action Man) collection.Part of Scotts incredible GI Joe (Action Man) collection.Part of Scotts incredible GI Joe (Action Man) collection.My ankle being healed with the age-old tools of Eagles feather, burning sage and cleavage.Scott, Chanda and Dave.The View from the Hilltop Hotel in Harpers Ferry. A great place, they do reduced rates for hikers.The C&O Canal trail opens out on to the Potomac.We got free board at Yogis Jellystone Park campground.Walkingthestates thanks Yogi Bear. Sincerely.
We know youre out there.Groundhog. We dont think he was too well - probably dead now. Sorry kids.Dave, Phil, Stuart - Britains current US Coast to Coast representation.Its human, Jim, but not as we know it.  

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