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Back in the UK - Brighton

Returning to Brighton, staying on the floor at my good friend Jims house and lots of catching up to do.

Back in Brighton I stayed with my good friend Jim. Jim is an artist and his latest works are large totem poles - the house is full of them, in various stages of completion. Initially the room in which I was sleeping was also full of them. It made for a very surreal and somewhat spooky couple of nights.

Check out the totems here: http://jimsanders.laboratoro.net/Soon we had cleared some space and I created a bedroom and office of sorts for my time in Brighton.Unfortunately my bedroom also served as rehearsal room,shooting gallery,and dining room, all of which meant that it was not always easy to get to sleep. This did strange things to me.The weekend before Christmas we cleared out my bedroom completely to make ready fora big dinner party to celebrate the 30th birthday of Kate, Jims girlfriend.KAte and XelisTIm, Nicki and SpenserTan, Kate and Helen
Tan and KelvTimRobAfter the party I got my bedroom back, sort of.From Brighton we travelled up to London taking some of Jims paitinigs which became
the backdrop for a gig by our friend Fran Perez where he was joined by Xelis the storyteller.At the same gig, The Irrepressibles - a very impressive 10-piece pseudo-classical outfit.I stayed in London to meet up with my old friend Dan and we set off across London on the buses - always good fun.On the buses.ON the buses.On our way back from the gig we stopped in at Pete and Beckys where we spent a great evening.
After a celebratory time at Petes, we headed back to Dans on foot. When this turning caught my eye I stopped to get my camera out. By the time I had set up and taken the picture (which, in retrospect, really wasnt worth the trouble) Dan had disappeared. I didnt have his phone number and I didnt know where he lived, it was about 3 in the morning. So I was left in the middle of London with my rucksack and nowhere to sleep.Using bedfinding skills keenly honed in the backwoods of America, I managed to find myself digs for the night at the home of some students, returning home from a party, who  took me under their wing. Its very gratifying to find out that, even in the middle of London, people are willing to take a chance on people to offer them such acts of kindness.Back at Dans the next day, after tracking him down we both felt pretty roughWe blew off the cobwebs with a session in Carls studio where we were also joined by Pete for some broccoli-heavy dub. I got the chance to play a beautiful-sounding Rhodes electric piano. Here is my view.Dan in rock-god mode, 4 feet off the ground.In the studio.Finsbury Park.Jim was glad to have me back again for another visit as I headed down to do some decorating.Spenser and Jake.
In the midst of decorating the flat with help from my Dad (not pictured.)Dan and Erica modelling the spartan, yet elegant, furnnishings that remain.Every time I am back in Brighton there are more totems at Jims house. Jim, its getting dangerous.Top man and underemployed sonic artist, Dan Jeans met us in Brighton for the weekend to help celebrate my birthday. Dan was very disappointed at previous pictures of him that have appeared on the site so, to prove I have forgiven him for losing me in London, here is one of a sultry Dan making love to the camera.

Quite long arms not pictured.Craig, gem of a man and animator to the stars, also made the trip from London for the celebrations.People in masks. Cant remember.Jims house, Bear Road.Jesus, just chilling.CHRIST ON A BIKE!man eating fish or fish-eating man.

not man-eating fish.
Blowing off the cobwebs on Brighton seafront.         

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