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Back in the UK - Worcestershire

I soon realised that I was not going to get a lot of work done at Jims as there is far too much to distract me in Brighton. As of January I am living back at my parents house in Redditch where, hopefully, the more subdued environment will be more condusive to the writing that I need to get done over the next few months

Not my parents house.Plenty of walking to be done in the hills of Worcestershire.Winter sunset, Worcestershire.Being back in Redditch meant a reunion with my old mate Bob and we spent a great evening in the pub which ended, inevitably,in a loud and late jam in Bobs basement.Basement jams.Basement jams.We cannot boast the extent of wildlife that is evident in the States but it was nice to see this fine figure of a pheasant who had high-stepped his way into my parents garden.And we have sheep, we have lots of sheep and lots of grass.A surprise reunion with Mr Laws, who I had not seen since followed romance to Poland, was celebrated, of course, in Bobs basement.
Laws and Bob.Bob and myself.Multi-faceted Bob featuring on penny whistle.While I was locked up Redditch was snowed on. Bob took this fine picture.and this one.Out on the Ashby Canal.Team Canal.Mick and Allyson.Jim and Kate.Im the captain, Im best at steering, I have a firm hold of my rudder, my hat is fantastic.
Dangerous characters on the High Canals.A moving canalside tribute to England football and Liverpool FC in the garden of this caravan.Dawn on one of the hills overlooking the canal, facing East into Leicestershire.Coming into moor on a beautiful evening.Picture taken by my Dad of Dodford Wood in Worcestershire during bluebell season.     

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