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Stuarts Random UK Photographs

Badly taken photographs of the places where I am spending my winter including my beloved Herne Bay. Its right nice you know, and the people are dead friendly.

View number one from the windows of my third floor writing bolthole. Im staying in the upstairs flat of my friend Spensers parents place, and mighty fine it is too. As I write this it is snowing outside, this pic was taken on the first morning I woke up in the flat - a rather fine day. What youre looking at is the seafront gardens and our amazing sea defence, Neptunes Arm. We call it Neptunes Armpit because it was actually built the wrong way round leading to a rather fine area of quicksand unsafe for human visitation, rather than the planned-for pleasure beach.View number two, this time from the left window. More gardens and a lovely look at Herne Bay pier. While you can go on the pier and play table tennis in a mirrored room (its great for checking ones form) the pier is now a shadow of its former self - the end of it is actually stuck about a three quarters of a mile away in the sea (not in pic) after a giant storm in 1978 destroyed it. For a while there, it was the second longest pier in the country, something we in Herne Bay are all realy proud of. Honest.Herne Bays seafront has a B&B section where you can choose from any number of Victorian boarding houses. One of these was used in  Little Britain (a Popular British Comedy)which apparently Johnny Depp was a fan of. For a while it was even rumoured that the Deppster would be starring in Little Britain, in particular the sketch set in Herne Bay. Herne Bay being full of the most beautiful girls in Kent, it is hard to imagine that he would have ever left - if he had ever shown up.And here it is - possibly the worlds first purpose-built free standing clock tower. Take that Whistable, with your cockle-houses and winkle bars! We in Herne Bay are extremely proud of the clock tower and it was a shame that the nearby lovely little lighted pool and fountain had to be closed a few years back because of drunks using it as a toilet. Take that, er, Whitstable...More Herne Bay viewage, this time looking east down the coast towards Reculver Towers (12th century towers of a ruined church, unfortunately not very viewable in this pic). You can swim in this section of water again now after sterling work moving the sewage treatment pipe elsewhere.Chez moi, for now. Take the gate in the middle of the photograph, proceed through garden and front door, up two flights of stairs and youll be in the palace of writing. Not that Im there when Im writing this - no Internet access means a large change of lifestyle apparently (less emailing, more daytime TV).Table: check. Laptop: check. Pen and paper: check. Foxs Crunch Creams and Bourbon biscuits: check.Self-portrait of the artist as an idiot.Herne Bay pleasure beach, one evening in late January. Aaah.The world famous Herne Bay clocktower once more, first from this side....
...and now from this. Getting all seaside Victorian right now...Nicely backlit pier.        

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