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Switzerland 2006

A brief retrospective for Walkingthestates. These are photographs of the walking that Stuart and I did as part of our strict training regime prior to beginning the walk last year. OK, we just wanted to go to the mountains. We were joined by Spenser and John for a great week in the Alps.

The first climb we did was up the Weissenstein at the very edge of the Jura. From the Jura the land was flat and fertile until the Alps rose in the South as abrubtly as the Jura fell. 

The views over the flat plains of North-West Switzerland were spectacular (the Alps are there in the distance - due to the nature of photos on the web you may have to use your imagination somewhat.)Spenser enjoying the views from the Weissenstein.Happy on the hills.Happy on the hills.Happy on the hills.Setting off for some proper walking in the Alps. It was May but there was still a lot a lot of snow on the higher stretches and when the sun was in it was cold.May proved to be a great time to be in the Alps. The ski season was done but the Summer walking season had not really begun - we had the hills to ourselves. There was snow on the ground but where it had melted tough little springflowers. 

We got to try our little orange tents for the first time.Looking down into the Valley of Les Diablerets. On the lower slopes the meadows were taking colour.Stuart.
Spenser.John.We based ourselves at La Muree campsite - beautifully situated by the river bringing the winters snows down from the peaks. There we were looked after by the incomparable Colette who generously shared her wealth of knowledge of the mountains and some of the local wares.When we returned from the mountain, Colette had carved us this momento.     

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