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Cambridge, preparation on the flat

Last year we chose to walk at altitude in Switzerland in preparation for our first leg - and then ended up walking for five months on the flat. This year, because we will soon be in the Rockies, I decided to prepare by walking across a bit of Cambridge with my old mate Jim (AKA Colonel) - top altitude 73m. A lovely day.

After 3 miles along main roads, we reach the beginning of our 9.5 mile circular trek. Colonel, rocking the New Romantic Walker Neckerchief, checks the map. We would go on to check the map every five minutes because we kept forgetting where we were.Jim backs as far out of the frame as possible to demonstrate the fearsome gradient of Cambridgeshires most terrifying hill.Hilarious times.Random field but just look at the colours - there is blue, green and yellow. Cambridgeshire at its Spring finest.As with all good country walks, occasionally all paths disappear and one finds oneself on the main road again. In the distance, a pub.Colonel gets his groove on.The flat conditions were taxing.Stuart, successfully avoiding a tricky puddle. Note the professional walking gear of jeans and trainers, along with small uncomfortable rucksack.A ploughed field outside Cambridge, yesterday. 

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