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Lake District

A quality weekends walking in the Lakes with Dan and Rodders.

Team Lakes. Mr Jeans and Mr Rodders.Team Lakes. Mr Jeans and Mr Rodders.On our way to Newlands Round.The view down the valley.We cooked up some regal meals in keeping with the palatial surroundings of our caravan. Discerning viewers may be able to guess the contents Saturday nights meal.On the way up to Red Pike.Approaching High Stile.Approaching High Stile.On High Crag. The weather was not as kind as on our first day but it felt good to be high.The wind on top was incredibly strong. Here Dan illustrates how one could lean back into the wind which would support ones weight.
Here Dan illustrates how one could lean back into the wind which would not support ones weight when it dropped slightly.The view from High Crag. At this altitude, know as the death zone, it is impossible to survive for more than 2 hours without a cheese and pickle sandwich.On Red Pike the weather cleared for a time and the view towards Crummock Water was stunning.A typical Lakeland sheep, with black body and white head, enjoying a moment with Dan. Their eyes met across the stoney path.Crummock Water.Crummock Water.Back at the caravan we played, in celebration of Englands performance in the World Cup, we played a few overs of indoor cricket. Here Dan demonstrates his esoteric rear-to-the-fore stance.Rodders, Chorltons answer to Freddie Flintoff, dispalays a textbook forward defensive.For years people have been speculating on the possibility of Dans quite long arms and Rodders insanse shoulder joints co-exisitng in the same caravan. Here, for the first time, are the photographs of this auspicious event. 

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