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Leaving the UK. Brighton and London, April 07

Final weekend action: crews from Brighton, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Herne Bay and, er, London, converge on London for parties in pubs and warehouses. Pictures include parents, sunbathers, James Brown, giant DJs, smaller Djs, dancing, fluorescent policemen, crutches and escalators (thanks to Mikkel and Moritz for supplying extra photo strength)

With my parents before leaving Redditch.England was having one of the hottest Aprils on record. In Brighton before I left it felt like summer.A Brighton tribute to the late, great James Brown.Mr Jaimie Potts. Brighton station. Leaving Brighton to head to London.A Brighton 3-wheeler. We havent seen a single 3-wheeler yet in the states, and they call this a developed country.
DJ Stu. Getting us going with the 45s.and the 12s.The ever demure Shepherd sisters.Herne Bays finest. Dom, Stu and Spenser.Just one of my speacial moves.All hands to the decks. Max and Berno dealing with a particularly stiff fader. 

How many Germans does it take to adjust the treble?Mikkel and Dom.Dom.Craig.
Records.Supertall DJ Mikkel Matrkl takes on deep expert Uncle Jeff. Who wins?In the top right corner: Dom.Dan works his big head magic.Dom ponders while the Germans give Techno Hands.Super Berno (he of Wasted German Youth) prepares the wax.In the back to 84 room, Max discovers boombox treats.7am. The partys over. Germans plus English shortly before our Nigerian taxi driver took us home to a soundtrack of way too fast Nigerian music.Suns coming up. Nobody cares.Suns coming up. Nobody cares.
8am and heading home. The team had not lost an ounce of sharpness.8am and heading home. The team had not lost an ounce of sharpness.9am. Heading back to Dans on the tube. 

Dan: Beer.
Dave: Tea.

How very restrained of me.After 3 hours sleep I had to get up as my plane flew in 5 hours time. I wasnt feeling to fresh. Fortunately my P.A. was there to attend to my every need.Saying goodbye to Dan before leaving to catch my plane. 

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