It’s all on. Touched down at Washington Dulles, everything went like clockwork and even the baggage turned up. The flight was pretty smooth, we got the emergency exit seats (along with a woman who baggsied six blankets and disappeared for the next eight hours) and there was even an in-flight instructional film about what can go wrong in the wilds of America.  Brokeback Mountain I think it was called.

I’m writing this now from our good friend Steph’s apartment in Washington DC, it’s 11.20 local time but in our heads it’s 4.21am. I’m feeling fairly chipper, if a little disorientated, Dave looks wiped (although he’s currently tuning his guitar). One thing that has struck us both though – it’s immensely hot here (the stewardess on the plane called it a ‘delightful 32 degrees’). Like, really hot. God knows how we’ll do much walking in 32 degress but I guess we’ll find out…

For now though, cereal, Irish tea (?!) and sleep. Tomorrow, shopping, Internet activities and burgers. All is good. We are here. America is out the window. Apparently we will now proceed to walk across it. Magic.

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