Our plan is to walk from the east coast of the United States to the West, over a period of two years. In June 2006 we will begin the 4,900 mile walk from Cape Henlopen, Delaware to Point Reyes, California. A walk that will take over a year, through 13 states and some of the hottest, driest, highest and most challenging environments of the American landscape.

Why? Why not? Sometimes we all get urges to leave things behind and just head off in the direction of things we’ve never seen before – this is definitely one of those times.

Of course there is more to it than that. Along the way there will be incredible scenery and people, a host of experiences There will be plenty of miles to reflect on the way we live our lives in Europe and the way Americans live in their country, plenty of time to survey industrial messes, Wal-Mart carparks and endless fields of wheat that will take us weeks to walk across.

We intend to use all of this time. We will be documenting the trip in every way we know how – and some we don’t yet know how – with pictures, film, writing and music. We will argue, fight and walk quite a long distance apart from each other. At the end of each day we will undoubtedly look for a bar and, likely as not, we will end up talking to each other once again*.

We will adventure. We will explore. We will be the first Europeans to walk the American Discovery Trail coast-to-coast. We will return with a book, billions of photographs and a movie that tells you everything you need to know about walking across America and what Americans are really like. Bookmark this site, for while you do not know it now, you will need it.

*If there is no bar, there may be no talking.

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