Sponsors and Sponsorship

This page celebrates our sponsors and our sponsorship activities. At the bottom of this page you can see the logos of all of the companies who have been kind enough to help us in extremely important ways – by donating equipment and items that we badly need for the trip. Many thanks to each and every one of you! Please visit their sites to see their wares.

As well as taking 18 months off work and enjoying ourselves in the wilds of the USA, we are attempting to raise some money for a good cause. On the first stage of our walk we raised nearly £600 for the British Heart Foundation, Britain’s number one heart charity. Last November, however, at the end of the first stage of the walk, Stuart developed testicular cancer, joining such luminaries as Lance Armstrong, Jimmy White and, er, Alan Stubbs of Everton FC in being affected by this rare form of cancer. One operation and numerous blood tests later, Stuart is hoping to remain cancer-free for the rest of the walk.

As a result of this change in circumstances Stuart and Dave have decided to raise money for a different charity on the second stage of the walk. UK doctors estimate that one in three people will be diagnosed with some form of cancer during their life. Cutting edge research into the causes of cancer is therefore highly valuable and we will be raising money for the Association for International Cancer Research (AICR) to help make sure that money for research is made available. They fund the best science, wherever in the world it is taking place, and this is why we think it is a charity that works for people following our walk on both sides of the Atlantic.

Please help us to raise money for AICR by making a secure online donation. It’s simple to do, click here and follow the instructions.

We really appreciate all of your contributions, and we know that the money we raise is going to a good cause. Cheers!

but plenty more time to reflect on what we’ve done (what have we done?!!) and relax in golden memories etc.

Anyway, this site will continue. When we return to Europe we’ll be adding more Journal and Project entries, and there will be more photos added too. We’re still taking Guestbook signatures too, and answering all emails to the walkingthestates.com addresses. Stay with us as we move towards the books (illustrated and otherwise) and presentations due during 2008 (hey – if your party needs spicing up, why not book a Walking The States presentation? we rocked a class of 12 year olds in Berkeley the other week…)

Sponsors and Sponsorship

E-mail: Dave: dave_toolan@hotmail.com and Stuart: stuham@hotmail.com