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California All downhill from here. The home stretch. Mr Malouin and a SanFrancisco finish.

Date: 21-10-2007
Pics in album: [23]

Date: 25-9-2007
Pics in album: [34]


400 miles of highway 50, the Loneliest Road in America so no apologies that it mostly looks like road. Vegas, a silly place. No pics of us - what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Its getting very cold, were knackered, will we make it?

Burning Man

The biggest, loudest, silliest, dustiest party on the face of the planet. Huge thanks to all at the Image Node Camp for all their hard work and for making us feel so welcome. A fantastic week.

Date: 10-9-2007
Pics in album: [62]

Date: 11-8-2007
Pics in album: [64]




We have walked about 600 miles this year across the flatlands of Kansas and Eastern Colorado to get to the mountains. We intend to enjoy them.

Date: 29-6-2007
Pics in album: [98]

Date: 17-5-2007
Pics in album: [101]


570 miles, the biggest state so far and the emptiest. Nearly everyone has been telling us what a nightmare it is to drive across, let alone walk. We are loving it.

Leaving DC and Caching Water in Utah

A whirlwind return to DC for Stuart and I followed by a rear-end-numbing 4000 mile round-trip with our good friend Jon Rudolf to cache the water we will need for our walk through Utah. Our first glimpse of the scenery that awaits us in the West.

Date: 15-5-2007
Pics in album: [53]

Date: 30-4-2007
Pics in album: [39]

Leaving the UK. Brighton and London, April 07

Final weekend action: crews from Brighton, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Herne Bay and, er, London, converge on London for parties in pubs and warehouses. Pictures include parents, sunbathers, James Brown, giant DJs, smaller Djs, dancing, fluorescent policemen, crutches and escalators (thanks to Mikkel and Moritz for supplying extra photo strength)

Lake District

A quality weekends walking in the Lakes with Dan and Rodders.

Date: 25-4-2007
Pics in album: [19]

Date: 10-4-2007
Pics in album: [9]

Cambridge, preparation on the flat

Last year we chose to walk at altitude in Switzerland in preparation for our first leg - and then ended up walking for five months on the flat. This year, because we will soon be in the Rockies, I decided to prepare by walking across a bit of Cambridge with my old mate Jim (AKA Colonel) - top altitude 73m. A lovely day.

Switzerland 2006

A brief retrospective for Walkingthestates. These are photographs of the walking that Stuart and I did as part of our strict training regime prior to beginning the walk last year. OK, we just wanted to go to the mountains. We were joined by Spenser and John for a great week in the Alps.

Date: 25-3-2007
Pics in album: [15]

Date: 7-3-2007 1
Pics in album: [6]

Copenhagen Presentation

A rather small number of photos of our recent Copenhagen jaunt. We kinda forgot to take many pics...(so therefore many thanks to Sine for helping us out!)

Stuarts Random UK Photographs

Badly taken photographs of the places where I am spending my winter including my beloved Herne Bay. Its right nice you know, and the people are dead friendly.

Date: 25-1-2007
Pics in album: [12]

Date: 16-1-2007
Pics in album: [25]

Back in the UK - Worcestershire

I soon realised that I was not going to get a lot of work done at Jims as there is far too much to distract me in Brighton. As of January I am living back at my parents house in Redditch where, hopefully, the more subdued environment will be more condusive to the writing that I need to get done over the next few months

Back in the UK - Brighton

Returning to Brighton, staying on the floor at my good friend Jims house and lots of catching up to do.

Date: 16-1-2007
Pics in album: [41]

Date: 6-1-2007 1
Pics in album: [24]

Leaving the US, Christmas and New Year

Dave and I quit the US on a big jet plane, Christmas at home in Canterbury and away in Hamburg. Hectic Christmassness and an excuse for a rogues gallery of Walking the States European supporters...(nb. check the red eye, you can see why Dave takes the pictures)

New York City

New York, New York. Its no Maysville but its alright. There seem to be a lot of people here.

Date: 14-11-2006
Pics in album: [39]

Date: 1-11-2006
Pics in album: [15]

Back In DC.

The closing credits for walkingthestates 2006 as we arrive back in DC to put the lid back on our US adventures for this year. We have in store Halloween, Thanksgiving and various parties in between. Bring it on.


Finally we have crossed the Mississippi into Missouri - Twain, St Louis and Kansas City.

Date: 9-10-2006
Pics in album: [72]

Date: 30-9-2006
Pics in album: [57]


Come on feel the Illinoize. We are starting make some progress. Join us by the power of the picture as we head through the corn-belt towards the Mississippi and St Louis.


A brief but memorable dip into Louisville Kentucky

Date: 20-9-2006
Pics in album: [14]

Date: 10-9-2006
Pics in album: [21]


Spending Labour Day weekend in Northern Illinois in the wonderful company of the Foerster family and John, Judy and Malouin. We took part in the biggest bocce ball tournament in the world and saw the first screening of a documentary made at last years tournament by our good friend Stephanie Foerster.


The Crossroads of America, apparently, and perhaps our first real Mid-Western state. We have been warned to expect corn.

Date: 1-9-2006 1
Pics in album: [66]

Date: 14-8-2006
Pics in album: [73]


August means Ohio, around 500 miles of it, meandering through the Southern half of the state to Cincinnati (mostly) on the Buckeye Trail.

West Virginia

We cross into West Virginia on the 16th July for 262 miles of country roads and mountains. All together now, Take me home...

Date: 19-7-2006
Pics in album: [61]

Date: 6-7-2006 0
Pics in album: [38]

The Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, July 2006

Return to the fray. From DC to West Virginia along the C&O; Canal.

Downtime in DC

Scenes from our rest period in Washington DC. Names and places become clearer if the pictures are visited in order...

Date: 27-6-2006
Pics in album: [29]

Date: 16-6-2006
Pics in album: [40]

The start. Cape Henlopen, DE to Washington DC

The first hundred miles or so from the coast through rural Delaware and Maryland to DC.

Departure from UK and Arrival in USA

Off from Heathrow and jetlagged at Stephs.

Date: 1-6-2006 1
Pics in album: [4]

Date: 29-4-2006
Pics in album: [12]

Micks Stag. Kent, April 2006

Micks Wedding in May is the reason for the delayed start to our walk. Dave is one of two best men. Here you can get a taste of the a cultured stag party in full effect. Unlike most stag parties we didnt just get drunk and do silly things. Didnt you? Er, yes we did. Yes.

Walking in Denmark February 2006

Extreme walking conditions in a park. Well, it snowed a bit and we wandered about looking for deer. It was very cold.

Date: 8-4-2006 1
Pics in album: [10]

Date: 2-4-2006 0
Pics in album: [10]

London Planning March 06

Stuart and I in London in April 06. A rare opportunity to meet and spend some time planning the trip face to face. We stayed at Stuarts Grandmothers from whose flat the views of London are taken.

Brighton Life

What I am getting up to in the months before my departure. Shortly to be Stu also when he is finished in Denmark.

Date: 21-3-2006
Pics in album: [16]

Date: 7-2-2006 2
Pics in album: [16]

Brighton Seafront

Pictures from Walks on Brighton Seafront in Winter and Spring 2006. Getting those feet in gear.

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