After six and a half years of nice feedback (and some spam as well) we’ve closed the guestbook.

We’re still contactable via email though and always answer anyone getting in touch about the walk, another walk, or walking in general.

#1320Love to walk
17-9-2012 16:47:35
Great site!!!
#1318across america
4-4-2012 14:23:09
Hi…im jose castro from Brazil and im planing 2 do a journey across USA. could you please helpe me sending the route planing and chart?
follow a link about my journey to Africa
my email:,
jose castro


#1317walk on faith
7-11-2011 19:21:20
I also walked across America for Spokane WA. to Nashville TN. started on August 1st. and ended October 20th. in Nashville. what a great way to see the country and to meet the people.
David Parrish
15-9-2011 13:03:01
What a a href=””> fantastic /a> adventure!


#1310Good for you!
5-9-2011 08:40:19
What an inspirational journey.
Violet Grey


14-7-2011 02:49:25


18-6-2011 23:25:24
I was wondering if you guys had thought about bike riding coast to coast and what route you might take?
Garry in Kauii Hawaii
#1303What a great thing to do!
29-5-2011 18:42:26
First chance to look at this after you told me about it at dinner in Geneva earlier this May (2011). A great site and I am really enjoying reading about the Project. You should walk accross Southern Africa next.
#1300Planning my hike…
6-2-2011 02:14:56
Hi Stu and Dave, Im planning my walk, to begin next January, from Massachusetts to Oregon, following, roughly, US Rt.20. This is to mark my 65th birthday. Im planning to take as long as necessary, returning home occasionally to see my parents and tend my business. I love to hear about other x-country walkers and how the experience affected them. My FB Fan page is Nancy Takes a Hike. The web page is in the works. Love yours! Thanks for sharing…and good luck with the book!
Nancy Fitzpatrick
18-1-2011 15:07:08
Hey folks,

Congrats on walking the big one! Im trying to do the same but Im not sure how to get into America for a long enough period. Ive sent an email to stu on the topic.

Thanks for the inspiration!

22-11-2010 15:13:42
Hey guys!

Me again lol

Ill be doing this for H4H! sometime in 2012/13

Michael Beehan
6-10-2010 21:11:33
Jenny, hit me up an email: and I can share all of our dark visa secrets.
4-10-2010 18:36:10
Im actually REALLY interested in doing this one day – the states have always interested me, not for the big cities, which anyone can tell me about, but for the people, the landscapes, the experiences outside of NY and LA, the REAL side of the US 🙂
So I was wondering: what did you do for Visas? (I suppose neither of you are US citizens, am I right?)
All help appreciated 🙂
Thanks, and AWESOME site btw 😀
13-9-2010 10:38:35
thank you for the inspiration. good luck on your journey to come. hope to make the same step shortly.
Glenn Edwards III
#1284Waiting for Mr. Toolan.
14-6-2010 23:16:06
Yup, still waiting for the I-Max movie. Popcorn is becoming expensive.
Mr. Rudolf
12-6-2010 14:55:07
I think you two guys are awesome!
Holly H.
16-10-2009 22:56:27
Wow, your journey is so inspirational! Im going to email you with some questions =)
Tobiah Steinmetz
#1276Congratulations Mary
27-9-2009 12:28:07
Hi Mary,
Just visited your site, Wanted to congratulate you. I have sent you an email re the US C2C. Best of luck for your Irish trip.
#1274C”C America in a power chair
23-9-2009 09:45:45
Hi guys and congratulations…I have just finished the UK E2E in my power chair and plan to do Ireland next year and the big one, if my body holds up, the USA in 2011. I would love to make contact to pick your brains Speak soon i hope.
Mary Laver
23-9-2009 01:54:11
Hey Stuart! Its so cool that you guys have done such a wonderful trip and that you allow us to take a glance at it thru your pics and your journal entries!! I absolutely LOVE your list of likes and dislikes!! =D

Always stay involved in beautiful adventures like this…
Tania Siglinde
18-9-2009 16:50:19
hey dropping in to say hello and see if you guys are ever coming back over here .. or when i get the money if we can meet up in the uk ! I wanna hang out again ! .. Lea


#1271Congrats Guys
5-8-2009 03:43:02
Hey there, most amazing journey. There is something to be said for simple freedom and discovery. I walked America in 2001-2002 and it still inspires me today. I love getting out and discovering the countryside and her people. God Bless, Sheltowee
#1270you have a good life
2-8-2009 23:40:42
It is amazing to read your blog and comments from other people. Maybe one day I will also see so many nice people willing to help me. Actually Ive never in my life had anyone say very nice things about me as the comment makers say nice things to you. Hopefully one day this boring American with social anxiety will see that people are basically good and willing to help.


#1269movie deal kickback
16-7-2009 23:32:59
Wheres my royalty for the straight to DVD? And you never told me if you booked Bubbles the Chimp to play Dave. Luv it! Dr.Rudolf wants to know if you need an eye exam yet. Shes taking appointments after August 4th.
13-7-2009 15:33:32
Hi James

We felt no need to carry a weapon but some dude did once pull his car up beside me once and try to sell me one. Miles per day? It varied, but over the whole thing I think we worked it out at an average of 17 per day. Mind you, we might have been under the influence at that point. The least was about 2, the most almost 32. Pack weight? Dave knows best on this but varying between 30 and 40lbs I think cos of the food and IT equipment. Email me at for more!


8-7-2009 18:53:32
Did at any time feel advisible to carry some type of weapon? How many miles did you aim for each day? What did your back pack weigh? How much water did you have on hand at all times?
Hope I can walk from Missouri to California over the Rockies sometime in 2012.
James Worley
#1266Miss You (gotta love Mick)
20-6-2009 04:32:21
Stuart & Dave, sitting here in Milford, working on the Junction Trail Fest, listening to Clapton, reminiscing and thought Id look up the WTS website to see if you had posted any updates and found none. What are you both up to in todays world. I miss the fun of checking your journals from the walk. Just thought Id let you know that hanging out with English guys like yourselves made such an impression that I now have an English roomate named Albert. He is the 4 legged Springer Spaniel type.
Suzanne of Milford
#1263What a dream!
29-4-2009 02:48:39
Congratulations!!! This has always been my dream and to see people accomplish it is wonderful! Now i will continue with my dream!!! Thanks!!
7-2-2009 18:46:40
Hey guys,
Im a 16-year-old girl whos had the dream of walking through every state. This totally inspired me that I can do it. Thanks!
#1259You guys Rock!!
5-1-2009 03:08:22
Met you guys in Hermann MO at my brothers house (chris or Edgar) Congrats on your journey!!
#1257your newest fan
29-12-2008 02:29:39
Im preparing to become a mad walker as well… thanks for the inspiration….
#1256Hi Lads
23-12-2008 01:09:33
Where the hell are you… miss hearing about your adventures just saw another walker on ABC and thought of you lads and Phil check out his walk… Hope you have a Happy Christmas and lots of fun in 2009 Keep in touch, Al
Alison from Annapolis
#1254( :
10-12-2008 06:36:50
You guys rock!!!
#1249Read the likes & dislikes
27-8-2008 16:03:55
Thanks for making me giggle. When I read your dislikes I thought how much we think alike, and I live here! I enjoyed your journals and meeting you briefly in Milford. Im looking forward to the book.
#1248Where in the world are the lads?
23-6-2008 14:54:08
Hi Stu and Dave,
I check the site from time to time and no updates?! Hope all is well for both of you, Im sure the walk seems far into the distance now. Stu hope your health is great. Love to hear from you. Alison.
Alison from Annapolis
14-4-2008 09:41:54
Congratulations for this huge adventure, its amazing!
#1246hello dave toolan
12-4-2008 12:51:57
hello dave toolan. do you remember me from way back? i just requested your friendship on facebook. will you say yes? havent seen you for a long long time, in fact the last time was xmas eve 2000. apparently we were both living in brighton at the same time, probably frequenting the same bars but just missing each other. bummer. im in new zealand now, a long way from the stomp. your walk sounds cool, ella just put me onto this website. hope your blisters are ok now. x
abi king
#1245Congrats Guys!
10-4-2008 17:19:01
Stuart & Dave … its your friend Treye from the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville, KY. I just wanted to stop by to say congrats on finishing your journey.

I was talking to some friends yesterday about people on cool adventures, and of course you two were the first people to come to mind. How are things going?
#1243Well Done!!!
8-3-2008 17:13:58
You are both to be congratulated on your achievement.
Love to Daves Mum & Dad.
Penny & Stuart
Penny Hay
23-2-2008 16:52:56
STU AND DAVE…..Could you both please email me as soon as you can at……I need to talk to you both about a very important matter….thanks talk to you both soon….JEFF, AUSTIN NV…


#1241Great Trip
21-2-2008 10:59:09
Just stumbled on this site kinda accidentally and have only just read through. Was at school with Dave about a million years ago (whoa Redditch) and just wanted to say great job. Nice to know adventure is not too far away. Hope Europe can match up. Look forward to the book.

Helena Parselle (was Pawson)
#1240Daves CCTV uses
19-2-2008 18:46:46
Perhaps Dave could hold up a -Single and Looking- sign. Dave needs to branch out. Maybe a spot with Jamie Oliver on the technique of the yard glass and the single males need to waz it up. Where was I going with this? I forget.
16-2-2008 19:02:04
Stuart, just wanted you to know I read every word you write. You are an amazing writer. And I will be first in line for an autographed copy of your book at Barnes and Noble. Thanks for every word. Love ,Your USA Indiana fan.
#1238Security & Privacy
13-2-2008 09:56:05
Great sum-up and thank you Stu for mentioning the role of ethics in the debate. This discussion cannot be taken on the ground of the effectiveness of surveillance vs. invasion of privacy. We have to discuss how far government and private institutions should be able to reach into our lives. To act right should be the moral choice of the individual, not because he or she is forced to do it. Then we can speak of a independent society of people, not a state or market.


#1237So here we all are
4-2-2008 00:43:05
Hi guys, followed your trip from the beginning and so happy it turned out all right for you. I look forward to the book and hope that is coming along bit by bit. You likely wont remember, but I wrote some time back that I plan to bike the ADT solo starting in May 09. I will one day hit you up about which parts would be unrideable on a lightweight road bike!

Thanks for all the entertainment,
Cheers and again, congrats on a journey well made!



#1236ps to the boys:
18-1-2008 03:52:05
you should say you have a googolplex of miles left. that would probably be pretty hardcore. zero miles to go is not very exciting. there are always miles ahead, just of a different kind.
#1235regarding the website
18-1-2008 03:48:51
Hey! Hey!
I still read the journal. 🙂
Although it is quite lame now…
(but not really, I am glad you write because that means I am still able to read and imagine adventure)
Happy day!


#1234Keep on writing
7-1-2008 23:06:39
Just happened to bring up the “walking the states” website and was so glad to see your entry. Please keep us (me) updated with your words of inspiration, as you are indeed an inspiration to us all. What is Dave up to these days?
Suzanne from Milford
18-12-2007 16:41:58
Great job guys!!!..I knew you would make it no problem…We have about 4 ft of snow here now…No fights to report….COME BACK AND SEE US SOON!!!…I enjoyed the time you spent in Austin NV and the International Bar….Until then…Happy Holdidays to you both…..Jeff, Austin NV, WWW.BMA4U.COM


12-12-2007 02:28:54
Stu, Greetings from Jamaica. I have followed your walk with interest and I congratulate you on finishing. Enjoyed the article in the Library Bible.It shows that being as librarian can be fun…if you are fit!! Enjoy Christmas John


#1231you rock and you roll!
7-12-2007 02:41:05
Hi – Librarians in Baltimore just wanna say that you 2 rock! We were so glad to read that public libraries still play such great and meaningful roles in peoples lives!
4-12-2007 13:02:21
Crazy but true, enjoy your walk
Billy Bolitho


28-11-2007 22:55:00
Incredible. Thank you for sharing.
25-11-2007 03:04:41
Just wanted to say Congratulations on finishing the walk.. It is almost sad that we will no longer be able to read your adventures of walking. But I am very happy for you both that you accomplished what you wanted to accomplish. Safe travels back to your country and Im glad I got to meet you both..
Tiffany..Strong City KS
Tiffany Wilson
#1227The “book”
23-11-2007 15:08:35
Thanks, Stu, for helping this American pause to see her own country through the eyes of another. As a scholar, I appreciated each journal entry and all your observations. When the Book is finally in progress, go back to your entry of 21/11/07 and grab the final paragraph. You captured quite succinctly, the essence of this vibrant and conflicted country.
On a personal note, I wish the best to you and Dave. Take care of yourself and keep growing. Enjoy that first good cuppa tea.
Connie Myers Snyder
23-11-2007 14:54:55
Just had to delete a really long Guestbook entry by an evangelist fella named Billy Bolitho. Billy, how did you land such a long message on the Guestbook?! Crazy. anyway, too long for here but if anyone needs some evangelism go to you know you want to.
19-11-2007 22:05:44
I am planning a trip to europe… august-october is what it is looking like. 🙂
I talked to mike the other day and he says hello and is very happy for you guys!


#1223Again with the negative waves.
19-11-2007 21:02:53
I see no mention of my beer in either list. Im crushed…or youre still working on the after taste. It can hang around a bit.
19-11-2007 18:55:44
Well Stu,
Seems we are destined to be 3,000 miles apart at all times. Im here in Newport,CA enjoying a Cali Thanksgiving week.. and you are in DC 40 minutes from Annapolis. Keep in touch, one day hope to catch up! Will check in from time to time to find the latest and greatest news from Dave and yourself. Al.
Alison the Dub from Annapolis
#1221the night will last forever
17-11-2007 21:47:54
hi boys,
now its over.
i must say: well done!
a story to tell the kids, great!
well, just keep on rockinit…
keep in touch stu, right?
c u,
#1220If you build it, they will come…
17-11-2007 18:10:25
Journal will be continued. No one likes to be pathetic 🙂 new entry just up…
#1219The net
17-11-2007 05:12:23
Are you gonna keep updating this thing? Seems kind of pathetic now the whole thing is over 😀 good to see you in San Fran. And NYC. Jetsetter.
#1218Congrats from Kansas!
16-11-2007 20:00:36
Wow, you guys FINALLY MADE IT! Congratulations on your journey through our beautiful country! It was beautiful, right?! Anyway, we are happy for you both and goodluck to you!
Billie & Dale
13-11-2007 18:57:43
Just introduced to your site by a couple friend of ours you met on the California Zephyr last week. What a neat idea. If you try the south-to-north route sometime, theres always a bed in Michigan.
Tim & Melody
13-11-2007 17:12:40
Congratulations from the Mile High City! I am so proud, so happy for you and SO disappointed we couldnt make it to the coast to greet you. Cheers and we shall drink a pint in your honor! :o)
#1215shat on by tories…
12-11-2007 13:54:57
I forgot to say – cant find the rosemary? … shall we look?
12-11-2007 13:49:07
Youve walked loads, you too have. When I went with my mum and dad to disny land, we just flew by plane .next time save up for a flight you der brians. very fabulously bravo to the absolute brace of you. si
#1213hermann missouri
12-11-2007 05:17:09
congrats, what a story to tell everyone for the rest of your lives good luck to the both of you
chris and becky
#1212inside leg
11-11-2007 19:24:56
waist 31,inside leg 440
#1211quite good
11-11-2007 19:22:55
would it have made more sense to have started at that side and worked your way back in this direction,or maybe its too late to mention.looking forward to your return,howmany cheap levis can you carry.
11-11-2007 18:27:40
Have you joined the Two Meter Club yet?
Ohio Jon
10-11-2007 16:25:04
Just a word to pat you all on the back for a remarkable accomplishment. An exciting experience that many of us behind the monitor wish we had attempted, never mind completed. Youve done well and were all proud of ya… (Dave, I hope your feet are better) hahahaha love, the Malouins dad…. :))
Papa Malouin
#1208Happy for you
9-11-2007 23:20:54

Congratulations guys. I knew you could do it. Feeling good now? You should be very proud of your accomplishment. If you ever pass through southern Indiana again, give us a holler. We are here for you. Let us know when the book gets published. Thanks again for the trip you took me with you.
Helen from Indiana
9-11-2007 17:04:21
Congratulations you two from all IFLA HQ staff. Stuart, we look forward to seeing you here soon. Peter
Peter Lor
#1206well done lads
8-11-2007 23:03:59
hey stu and dave
big congratulations, really enjoyed following your ramblings from my little home office in Oxford. Give me a shout if you pass this way when your back in the UK.
tom cox
#1205Epic Wayfarers
8-11-2007 15:10:00
Well done chaps, sterling job.
Been looking at the map and thats almost twice the length of Australia youve walked (Hey wait a minute..)
Stu you must have calves to rival the size of Matthew Norwells.
Rich C
8-11-2007 13:45:35
Im thrilled that you guys made it! I think a two-year hike is in many ways hard than single-season, and you overcame your fair share of tough times. At the end of our hike, I doubted that Id ever really want to do another one, but now Im LONGING to. Longing. Ill give you 2-to-1 odds that the same thing happens to you within 9 months.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy your well-deserved celebrations in SF; never forget that our Montreal futon is always open, and big enough for the both of you!
Jakob and Tamar
8-11-2007 01:50:15
Just wanted to say congratulations on your achievement. I just finished reading your BackTalk piece in the Nov. 1 Library Journal. It was excellent. I am so glad that you found the libraries in the US both accommodating and interesting. I hope that a book is forthcoming and that Stuarts health is good. Thanks again for a great article.
Karen Miller
#1202exchange rate woes
8-11-2007 01:39:49
Best get some more Carhartts, Stu. The Dollar suckith. Gotta luv the locals…middle fingers and all! Shoulda wizzed on their cactus. Sorry we missed the bashing. Cant wait for the photos. And has Dave booked a slot for Cannes next year? Better than Bryson I hope.
J+K in Ohio
#1201Well done!
7-11-2007 21:45:51
Glad to hear that your mammoth trek is over.Were had regular updates from the Toolan parents!
Well done to you both and no doubt well be hearing and seeing more anon
Jean and Les Price
#1200bring camera to school tomorrow
7-11-2007 07:14:07
get some footage of the school tomorrow. id call to tell you but im not allowed and a text will take 3 days!!
#1199Stellar job dude…
7-11-2007 05:55:00
The Malouin…big ups to you dude. My ankles are sore just from reading the stories. Haha. Be safe big bro!
7-11-2007 01:31:32
Congratulations doesnt seem like the right words. wow, you two have acomplished something amazing. i cant wait to talk to you in person when you come to my school.
6-11-2007 22:43:19
Congratulations! Miles to go ZERO! oh, and guys- i found your ipod in my truck. you can have it back only if you walk back to Kansas. 😉
6-11-2007 18:47:05
Or should that be YIPPIEEE! I think the “all caps” says it all. So sorry as to not be able to say congrats in person in San Fran but homeownership comes with a price. If you decide to drive the states for your encore, please stop by sunny Florida: Miami Beach, white sand, turquise water, giant man eating reptiles. What could be more fun? Leslie and Fritz
6-11-2007 09:38:27
We have loved following your journal and photos. So many great experiences and people. Your impressions of mid-America should be quite multi-dimenional. We pray that your cancer fund was really successful. We have truly warm feelings remembering the wonderful days we spent with you (and Jon)here — you made the globe a lot smaller for us. Sorry we cant join you in SF for the party, but we probably couldnt keep up with the frantic pace.
Keep us on your email list for future pubs!
Larry & Bobbi June
5-11-2007 19:32:06
Thats assuming you both die on the same day, which is not very likely.
#1193The meaning of life
5-11-2007 19:28:23
Now, when you reach the pearly gates and St Peter stands there with his clipboard and says: Well, guys, what have you done with your lives? Why should I let you in? you can say with all the false modesty you can muster: Not a lot, but we did walk across America once.
#1192good work fellas
5-11-2007 14:39:00
Well done gents, epic walking. What you gonna do for an encore? Skateboard the Andes? Hopscotch across the arctic tundra? Or maybe sit down for a bit with a nice pint? Looking forward to seeing you both soon.
#1191Walk the Walk
5-11-2007 13:36:43
Well done Dave & Stu! Its an immensely impressive achievement – hope the celebrations are suitably monumental.
#1190Juande My Prince will Come
5-11-2007 12:32:22
Well done lads – props, certainly, and maybe also papes are due for your truly epic achievement. Youre going to have a lifetime of seeing America on maps and quietly thinking “I walked across that ol boy, right there. I am the daddy mac.” Spurs wise its all gone a bit strange, although luckily the results havent changed so weve got something to hold on to. See you back in Blighty – if you fancy a quick stroll to Edinburgh Ill get the drams in!
#1189Fancy a pint?
5-11-2007 10:41:40
Hi Dave, havent seen you for a while. Have you been away? Drop in sometime – its only a short walk to the Three Pigeons. (Well done both; disappointed not to be celebrating there with you) xx
Cath & Darryl
#1188I knew you could do it
5-11-2007 05:07:20
Glad to see the pics with both of you with the bare feet in the Pacific. Its amazing that you did it. Youve seen the good, the bad, but it all makes the country what it is. I always remember what a friend once told me, adventures make for great memories and memories make for a great old age, as you can sit back and recall what a great adventure you were once on and what great friends you have made. I for one will always remember Stu and Dave, those wild and crazy guys who touched my life.
4-11-2007 23:39:51
Ooh! mama can this really be the end, to be stuck inside of Frisco with the walking blues behind
Well done boys, David give mum and dad our regards, hope to see you in December.
kevin and pat
#1184done and done
4-11-2007 19:48:03
and you guys look exactly the same in the before and after pics, just maybe a little dopier… well done cowboys.
#1183Powers in your hair
4-11-2007 17:31:31
Well done you pearls of blighty. I am already working on designs for Utah Dave and Frisco Stu dolls. You can grow their crazy hair and make them wet thier tents (they speak like Roger Moore). So sorry I cant be there. Cant wait to catch up.
Dan Les Jeans
#1182WOO HOO
4-11-2007 04:44:35
Bloody good show chaps. Now ditch your kit and party on.
Mike Haas
#1181Hi Sweetheart, Congrats!!
3-11-2007 22:28:40
I am so very glad that you have had the opportunity and finally able to achieve some of your dreams. Your pictures are wonderful and I can only imagine what an awesome adventure it was! I am not only happy for you but extremely proud of you as well. Im sure there are many people that would like to do what you have done but not many have the courage to actually do it. I look forward to seeing you, your pictures and of course Celebrating your Victory!! With love and affection, Janet.
Janet Malouin
3-11-2007 21:29:28
Well done, well done you! Amazing feet!(corny!)
The fireworks are going off in the skies tonight.
Enjoy your celebations!
Joanna, Andy, Gabrielle & Joseph
#1179Nice one!
3-11-2007 20:08:30
Congrats dudes!
Shaun Gildea
#1178Chin Chin, Cheers, Proost!!
3-11-2007 16:06:09
Congratulations Stu and Dave!!!! Maybe we can take a walk when youre back in DC. ha!
#1177congratulations boys!
3-11-2007 14:08:17
put a toe in the pacific for me.
#1176Happy Trails
3-11-2007 02:47:58
Way to go – congrats!
Kelly G
3-11-2007 01:15:27
well done. what an achievement!sounds like a great adventure.very impressive.
rosie and paul
#1174Worry Lines
3-11-2007 00:35:24
So David….. does this mean that your Mother can stop worrying now!

You dont know me but Ive been reading about your adventures…… and listening to your Mother worry! Well done its a fantastic achievement
Edwina (from St Marys)
2-11-2007 21:06:55
Hi son and Dave
Now you have completed your journey
Fireworks are going off around me now. Ring me if you can hope everybody is ok.
2-11-2007 19:16:57
My first introduction to this project was from my son who while you were walking through our small little town in Osage City Kansas came home after visiting his friend from the Rosemary Inn, saying “mom there were these 2 guys with funny accents wanting a room but they didnt have any and they are walking across the US.” Intrigued at that point I began to everyday check the website and follow your journey. So at the end of it all I wish to congratulate you on the completion of your journey.
Kim C
#1171Wow the final countdown
2-11-2007 18:23:28
Lads, great job.. lots of fun.. and some fund raising…. cant wait for the book. Hoping to see you in DC soon…. You are welcome to stay here in Annapolis I can cook you up some Irish sausages and rashers… Looking forward to seeing the party pics.

Lots of love, Alison the Dub from Annapolis
2-11-2007 17:24:38
Been following you all the way (sadly from this sad office, Im not actually, you know, like behind you…)its been a pleasure! Congratulations!!!
2-11-2007 15:50:01
I HONESTLY CANNOT BELIEVE ITS YOUR LAST DAY! I so wish I could be there to hop around in the surf in celebration with you guys!! If there are 3 men in the US right now who desperately need pedicures, its you guys! Ill be toasting you tonight, and then of course many times over again when youre back in DC! Words cant express it. Youre amazing! HAPPY LAST DAY ON THE TRAIL! (David, try the Drakes Beach Cafe if you can, near the Drakes Beach visitors center, Pt Reyes)
2-11-2007 15:14:14
Im so proud of you!
Sorry I cant be there to greet you and celebrate your arrival, but I hope I will see you guys soon.
Dave M. Ill see you next week so you can tell me all about it
2-11-2007 15:08:05
Its the last day!!!! You did it! WOW…Enjoy your last day, its almost over, can you believe it? Hey Malouin, how are your feet holding up? Well see you tonight in SF. Cheers!
Andrea Hurd
#1166Im jealous!!
2-11-2007 04:14:15
Sounds like you dont have a care in the world(besides a fallen toe nail), which you deserve. Enjoy, hard work man.
#1165Can this really be the end?
2-11-2007 02:25:36
Pete will tell you where the headline comes from. Accessed your site after the usual pitched battle with the computer, to find you a few miles from spotting your first Beach Boy. Well done! Its a fantastic achievement. If you see Dylan in Malibu, say Hi from us. PS Just got a call from someone called Putin ,asking if we knew anyone who might fancy Vladivostok to St.Petersburg next year. Cheers! John and Gilly
John and Gilly
#1164Trek end
2-11-2007 01:45:00
A long way since the bloody, scalding Utah desert, huh? Wish I could partake in S.F. festivities, but I will be poking around Mexico at a bear conference (yes, such things do exist). Bittersweet trek Im sure, but not bad. Just dont trip in the sand or something at the end, that would just be embarassing 😉 Cant wait to hear about it! Thinking of you guys!
~ Siga andando
Kari (Bears)
2-11-2007 00:56:16
#1161bust a move
1-11-2007 17:09:15
As I sit and listen to your foot falls recede, like the laughter of water washed pebbles on the beach in a waning tide, I grow misty eyed. You have walked the good walk and no one else “Can’t touch this.”
Sir M.C. Hammer
Cue Queen-“We are the Champions”
Lighters up everone!
#1160almost there!
1-11-2007 15:55:10
Wow, youre almost finished! What a long, incredible adventure. Congrats- and Im glad Daves not completly broken.
#1159To the Last Day!
1-11-2007 10:04:16
HI All
Congratulations on getting this far (and not having strangled each other) – enjoy the last day for its sense of achievement!! Now where will I go to get my fill of “nutters walking across America”?

31-10-2007 21:03:52
I am very happy to have met yall at the Pelican Inn last night on your leg of your journey. Congradulations and good luck on the last few days!!!
Geoff Lambright
#1157oh boy!!
30-10-2007 01:20:34
Im so happy you gents are almost done walking. Unfortunate Chuck and I will be unable to make it to the west coast, but please let the Node know whe you will be in New York.
29-10-2007 19:57:51
Hi Guys! Somehow my last post didnt work? Sending cheers for this last phase–cant believe it!
Wish I could be there to celebrate, but will see you in DC in Nov. I hope!!!
You amaze me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ps Go Mal, go! (miss you).
29-10-2007 17:45:08
I guys are doing a great job!
#1154Almost Done
29-10-2007 10:16:43
Cant believe you are almost done!! Say hi to Ally and Mick from all of us here in Dundee! Good luck on the last leg – enjoy the Golden Gate Bridge – I have a relative who walked across it the day before it opened to cars all those years ago!! Happy Birthday too!
29-10-2007 01:13:36

#1152almost there
28-10-2007 00:12:26
First, Happy B-day, Mr. Hamilton… finally reached Jesus age 🙂
Second, great to read stories by the new WTS member- cant wait to meet that v. kind man (hosting the guys for like ever-weeks). Love Dave and Davids pics!
Star-hugs for all. See you soon. Happy-fun time ahead,
#1151le grand bleu
27-10-2007 23:26:49
Wow guys, its crazy to see that theres blue stuff on the left side of your route map. Congratulations!!!
#1150well hello there
27-10-2007 13:22:06
hi guys, been good to follow your journey. Well done and have an excellent knees up in San Fran. Look forward to hearing about it. Been on a walking holiday myself as it happens – well more of an amble to the pub really in Isle of Wight, but there was a bit of a hill on the way there.
Richard and Lara
#1149Nearly there…
27-10-2007 13:17:26
Hi, Congratulations! Glad to hear youve almost made it – Rach
26-10-2007 22:36:54
To Stuart, has taken me so long because i am computer illiterate.
Im so impressed with yours and Daves achievements.
Enjoy putting your feet up when you finish.
Looking forward to the book.
Much Love
Sally (& Elizabeth)
Sally and Elizabeth
#1147new feet u wish
26-10-2007 15:23:24
hi guys how u doing , patrick here live in u.k . but from galway ireland u nearly home , great in wat u doing , and the message u sending out . take care ///patrick /// wats weeather like // u. b ready for acold beer man , good luck ///
25-10-2007 22:35:44
I just happened above these lads in Front of the local 7-eleven in Pleasant Hill CA and struck up a conversation…not prepared for the answer…impressive, and as I just read for some great causes as well..Hope your health continues to fight…Stay away from the food on the rotating metal rollers inside…
Josh Poucher
#1145Go go gadget
25-10-2007 19:50:01
Great to see that youre heading down the home stretch! Cant believe it was just…er…18 months ago that we were interviewing you and Dave was all uncomfortable in front of the camera! Wish you all the best in the weeks to come. Sorry to have missed you when I was out there last week.
#1144The Excitement is building
25-10-2007 15:30:41
I can get a feel for the level of excitement that you three must nw be feeling. Such a large and daunting task, broken down into small bits, is still a huge undertaking. Strong pound indeed!
#1143What an achievement!
25-10-2007 14:53:46
Your efforts and commitment are amazing! Good luck and thank you for such wonderful posts. With you in spirit – big hugs!
#1142Hi David
24-10-2007 20:17:33
Well done, foot-sore nephew. What an achievement this will be – congratulations to you both. Saw a message from your mum who was last heard of in Seattle looking for Frasier. You really should have a talk to her when she arrives at your finishing line. In fact, say hello to them both from us in a very chilly UK. Proud of you!

Paul and Yvonne [Sam & Gwyn send good wishes also].
Paul and Yvonne
#1141Good luck to you
24-10-2007 04:18:00
Dear Stuart, Dave and David,

By now you’ll be close to your first glimpse of the Pacific. It will be a welcome reward for your hard work walking across the continent. We enjoyed having you as our guests. You’re welcome back any time.

I admire your desire to walk every step of the way on your chosen trail. But keep it in perspective: my friend Wally Motloch, the historian of Mountain Ranch, told me that there’s a man buried in the local cemetery who walked across the country three times. The first time was when he came west in the gold rush. When he’d got enough gold for a ship’s passage he walked back to the east coast to court his future wife. When she came west he sent her by ship around South America because it was safer than going by land. Meanwhile he walked back to San Francisco, picked her up at the dock, and walked up to Mountain Ranch with her.

We liked the photo gallery. That shot of Dave reminds me of Indiana Jones.

Best of luck to you on the last leg of your journey.

Yours, Linc and Suzie
Linc and Suzie
#1140. . .
24-10-2007 02:05:46
go go go!

cheers from Babylon, aka the lovely Dirty Apple
deb node
#1139tick tock
23-10-2007 18:16:10
hey guys, were off to the airport and will be with you; bearing big fat excitement, in a few days. Hope the blisters abate and the wine-tasting heads are on. Take care.
Allyson and Mick
#1138Well Done
23-10-2007 11:27:43
Hi Dave and Stu,
Greeting from Scotland where we are on holiday. You must be trudging into SF as I type this. Incredible, marvellous, well done.
Enjoy the party and make sure Mick and Ally do too.
All the best
Mary (Micks mum) and Rod
#1137a hearty welcome
23-10-2007 03:46:55
to the malouin. i am glad you are able to join stu and dave and help mix things up a bit! i hope you continue to get stronger (as i know you will) and stick with the walking game. happy trails, and hopefully happy feet will follow.
#1136You two are amazing
22-10-2007 23:56:31
Stu & Dave, its amazing to think the walk is almost over. Now Im wondering what I will do, as I have enjoyed every entry. I hope the book will out soon. I would love to be in S.F. to see you finish, but I hope to be opening my new business in Milford. Le Beastro (a store for dogs) will open hopefully the time you will be cooling your toes in the Pacific. Remember, if you are ever in the area you have a place to stay. That goes for Lasse and Mikell (sp?) also. Take care and party hardy.
Suzanne from Milford, Ohio
#1135May the Malouin be with you…
22-10-2007 18:37:37
one foot in front of the other David, one foot in front of the other!

Looks like youll be keeping the faith through another world series.
22-10-2007 18:04:10
Were not blind you know. Tell Katz to post some pictures. Or did he fling the camera miles ago? Loose your way, loose your camera… Whats next, pants?
#1133David who from where?
21-10-2007 15:50:20
Fill me in as to where you are from and your connection with “the boys”. I hosted the Brits in Ohio last year and follow their journals faithfully. Just dont know the connection. Wish I could be part of the party in Frisco. If you guys have any problems in Sacremento, my cousin Ronnie lives there, and I can connect you with him. He works at the city waterworks. Carry on!
Connie Myers Snyder
#1132Met you in Eureka
21-10-2007 13:22:07
Hi Guys
We passed you on the road and then met up with you in the bar in Eureka. We had a great hour chatting about your trip, both of us were full of admiration for your efforts to a great cause. Hope the feet and knees are standing up to the last part of the trip. Keep up the great work.

Ian & Agnes
#1131Almost there..bloody brilliant
20-10-2007 16:46:03
Hi Stu & Dave….I know its been a while since you heard from me, lots of sad personal stuff going on in my life has prevented me from being the cheerleader I normally am! Finally made a donation to your fundraising.. which I could be there to donate to the “raiser” in San Fran… Fantastic achievement lads, delighted Stus tests have gone well. Lots of love Alison… the Dub from Annapolis.
Alison the Dub from Annapolis
#1130who was walking on our road?
20-10-2007 03:29:22
It was terrific to meet you this afternoon when our walk intersected your walk. You have got me charged up to do something as big as you are doing. Go for it!!! You have the flat valley ahead of you so enjoy. Good luck, see you somewhere in the future, cheers
#1129Cant f***ing believe it
19-10-2007 11:00:22
…last state boys. That is indeed incredible! I also cant believe Im going over there, but Im looking so much forward to it. Happy walking the last tiny stretch. Kudos!
#1128hi from Wild Horse Colo
18-10-2007 17:17:30
Stu & Dave, Your walk has been amazing. Sounds like other stretches of road were worse than the 94 between Wild Horse and Colo Springs. I do keep checking your progress each week. Worried about you a few times but you made it through. Keep up the good walk and enjoy SF. Marty
#1127Take Care of Little M
18-10-2007 05:55:31
Hi Guys..!! Read your latest blog with interest, especially the part about reducing the size of Daves Bag by 50%…. All the best to you guys… wish I could join ya….
The Old Malouin
#1126Milford is coming to SF
17-10-2007 02:16:24
Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that me and my cousin Chalys are coming to San Francisco. Our Flight arrives on the evening of the 2nd so we will see you guys on the 3rd. Take care until then!!!
#1125getting closer…
16-10-2007 22:01:32
Had hoped to make it to Tahoe for some pre-SF festivities, but too much is going on down here for me to get away. I look forward to meeting you as you near the city. Late night fun at Petars in Lafayette are not to be missed. And by late night I mean 9pm. Crazy.
Melissa Holmes
#1124Just tjecking in on you.
16-10-2007 20:31:47
Hey there Stu,
Just tjecking in on your journey. As you can see AC. Praest is missing your defensive skills. They must win the last game to avoid relagation. I am happy to see you so close to your goal. I really admire your achivement.
Kristian (AC. Preast)
#1123all sorted
16-10-2007 17:03:45
Hey brother,
thought i would let you know that flights and accomodation is all booked for me and mum-were staying in a hotel about 10min drive from you-that should be okay?

looking forward to seeing you soon
#1122thinking of you
15-10-2007 04:38:57
Just checking on your progress and we appreciated being able to be a part of your journey. Hope you come to Milford and see us again. We think of you often and the Busch Light Snowman is coming soon. Loved having you here, take care.
Mike and Camille
#1121Hope 2 see U guys soon
15-10-2007 04:30:55
hey guys just checking on you while sitting here in Milford having a Busch Light. Hope I can make it to San Fran the first weekend of Nov. take care and god bless you guys…
#1120cop from calif.
13-10-2007 05:16:09
met you eating dinner in eureka, honked at you just coming out of austin. if you would of been on the other side of the road could of gave you a ride. best of luck to both of you. mike and barb
#1119water lady black horse
13-10-2007 04:17:53
when you edit my pictures, make sure you tell guys Im single in nevada and a good cook
becareful in Ca.
#1118Walking anthems
11-10-2007 00:25:46
Am liking the new radiohead album alot. I think theres a good 30 walking miles worth of listening in this album… easy.
Rich C
#1117Outside Baker, NV
10-10-2007 18:07:39
Great effort! We stopped on one of the many long, hot roads just outside of Baker, NV- Great Basin Natl Park (sept. 18) to see if water, etc. was needed..You guys were truckin! Best to you on your journey!
ginger & bean
#1116almost near the end
8-10-2007 17:30:34
and god said i will send forth my son
supreme being
#1115Almost Done
8-10-2007 13:56:27
I cant believe that you are almost done!! Congratulations! now all that you need to do is find Ally and Mick somewhere in California…….
6-10-2007 20:56:37
Hej, Stuart!

We missed you in Durban.

Youll be pleased to know that you will be able to catalog a couple of the Nevada photographs, because the heading “Rumble strips” is in LCSH, thanks to my crew.

Edward Swanson
#1113You rock!
6-10-2007 18:02:39
Just wanted to say that I think its awesome what youre doing and I wish you the best of luck.
-random web surfer
Ocean Starr
#1112Good Luck to you!
5-10-2007 18:45:29
Thanks for stopping in, it was nice to talk to you. You are very interesting people and your web site is wonderful. Stay warm and be safe. If you are ever in Austin again come say hello.
Best wishes
Lady at the Library
4-10-2007 11:14:59
The countdown has begun. Looking forward to seeing you in the wine county… your taxi service awaits.
A x
#1110shiver me knickers
2-10-2007 00:53:02
We have extra clothes and fuel if your really need it. Do keep more in touch.
Jon and Kathy
1-10-2007 22:02:05
big smooches from santiago. stu, i forked over the ridiculous fee to be a personal member of IFLA so you better be in quebec next year. if you guys know of any good chilean music, please tell us because we cant find it. other than that, all is well. colin made it and is now happily house husbanding it.
#1108Needed shoes in Kansas
1-10-2007 02:59:37
Hope you got shoes.Glad we got to meet each of you.We didnt believe your story .But when we got home we checked out your web site.God bless you and wish you the best of luck.
Dave & Helen From KY
#1107Ely Nevada
28-9-2007 22:13:28
Just wanted to say after meeting both of you last night at work , That I think what your doing is awesome. If you ever decide to come back thru this little town let me know lol.
Donna V`
#1106“sticking together”, indeed
28-9-2007 15:06:12
If you stand sideways we cant see you anymore. Stick people have less wind drag?
Jon and Kathy
#1105Sticking Together
27-9-2007 18:15:50
Glad to hear you two are still going strong…and that you managed to not lose each other (or yourselves) in the mad confines of Burning Man or Vegas. Cheers!
Nira from Denver
#1104running is the new walking
26-9-2007 22:51:18
If you pass a shop could pick me up some converse. You know, the pound is strong against the dollar, thinking white, black, blue, red, yellow? No? Why not? L xx
Lucy Flynn
#1103Good Luck
26-9-2007 02:39:30
Hope things are going well. You must have made it to vegas and back. It was great being apart of your journey. I think what you guys are doing would be an incredible adventure. Good Luck
#1102walking the website
25-9-2007 16:36:22
its been a long time my friends, but i wanted you both to know that i am still with you.

supreme being
#1101Whats wrong with swingers clubs?
25-9-2007 06:56:53
Your ears should have been burning this weekend – Pam and I were back in Cincinnati for Oktoberfest, revisiting the places you and I went to. Remember Mount Adam?
Hope the tests go OK.
25-9-2007 00:17:55
We are reading your post on the night in Vegas and we are all cracking up here in Morton, IL. Indeed Viva Las Vegas!
#1099deep fried turkey
24-9-2007 01:11:47
Need I say more, October approaches quickly, beer; wine and women,bartop dancing GOOD LUCK
chris and becky hermann
#1098Hi guys
21-9-2007 13:43:35
Just wanted to say hi
#1097From Grand Junction
20-9-2007 07:00:27
We are enjoying your journal and gallery. BJ and I are now married and living in our new home. Are you still finding your UT water caches?
I was in Milford last fall where I helped install new runway lights on the Milford Airport, FYI.
Keep on trekkin, you are doing great!
Larry Ball
#1096Wah Wah Valley
18-9-2007 15:26:55
Enjoyed talking with you in Wah Wah Valley. Hope you enjoyed the ice cold gatorade. Good luck.
E. Olsen
#1095Only good things for you
17-9-2007 20:27:00
Hello Stuart and Dave,
It was very nice to meet you in person at Burning Man! My sister had told me about your adventures but I never thought you were such cool guys- hardcore party ones too. I wish I could go to San Francisco to celebrate with my new friends, but I think someone will rep the PR girls and she better tell me all about it 🙂
Only good thoughts for you from Puerto Rico.
Yazmin – Lillys sister
#1094San Fran…
16-9-2007 20:35:26
i am working really hard on coming… but i was wondering if you two would still be there say, the 9 through 11? that is the weekend after the date of the party but it would be easier for me to come. if not, i am still working on coming that weekend.
#1093forward travels
16-9-2007 16:12:09
Hi guys, I hope you remember me on the bike just over the Colorado border. I got home a week ago and have only made small progress in getting things together. I believe you have taken care of Nevada water needs, but please let me know if you need any additional help.

Len Holmes
#1092the Henry Mountains
13-9-2007 20:31:12
I talked to you in the Henry Mountains as you were making your way up to Bull Creek Pass. We were in the red Jeep. Your calves looked so impressive, that it didnt occur to me to see if you were okay. After reading your journal, I regret not checking. Glad you made it out safely. Regardless of your hardships, your accomplishments are impressive. Good luck in getting to California.
Amy Phillips
#1091the music man! i can see the music!!
13-9-2007 15:18:03
Who knew that a couple of brits would have more knowledge about american country/folk than anyone else ive ever met. oh yea, my head almost exploded when Stu played his set.
You guys are great!
Hope to see yall again soon!
#1090Were going to San Francisco
11-9-2007 11:20:49
More of an info volauvont than the requested Info Sandwich, but Allyson and I are going to be in SF from the 23-30th Oct. Dunno if the boys will be there, but what the heck.
9-9-2007 18:55:41
You dont know me, but Im out here in Milford at Suzannes place doing a presentation, much like you did this time last year on the early part of your journey.
Wishing you the best, and Burning Man…sweet…hope to make that when I hit the are next year as I continue on the ADT

Later, best
Michael D–LionKing
Lion King Mike D
#1088Hello Dusty Fellows
8-9-2007 10:54:36
Yo Stu boy & of course Davey boy too…

Sounds very dusty, just like a antique discovered by my new bestest friend LOVEJOIST. Formally known as Mr Beedle, who is looking more like McShane as the days pass. The reason for this shite message…to inform magic Hamilton that the battle has been organised at OSMC on the 15TH DECEMBER. I did email you but dont know how much intergalactic web access youve got.

Stay strong…out…
Friend of McShane
7-9-2007 17:07:33
Hey Guys~

It was so fantastic to be a part of your journey as you made your way cross the Black Rock City Desert!! Thank you for hours of entertainment and enlightenment and being super swell campmates!! Cheers and best wishes* Cant wait til you guys are back on the east coast.

Happy Travels~


Miss Black Rock City 2007
#1086post-playa love!!!
7-9-2007 01:10:23
well theres no two ways about it, youll have to come to new york since we didnt get farewells and hugs before you left. I have a big place and lots of room for you guys to crash — I await news of your arrival! Much much love and dust for the remainder of your journey… xoxoxo, Claire
#1085late nite in austen, NV
6-9-2007 12:42:54
Glad to meet you guys on the loneliest highway in America. Nothing like meeting in a little cafe far removed from the bustle of the world. Hope the water helps and that the rest of the trip goes smooth.
6-9-2007 03:13:51
Great burning with you guys, cant wait to get a copy of the book!!! (signed in person of course) Ill let you know when Im overseas, perhaps we can grab a drink some day.

Ill be following your travels, best regards
#1083dance dance
5-9-2007 20:17:18
Re Sat sets by Mr Hamilton @ BM- After all, first time dancing to his Djn was fun 🙂 I want a copy of a selection of those tracks. When is the next party, again?…
5-9-2007 19:30:35
that djs name was small change.

if you ever find a glow stick on the ground, think of us.

happy traaaaills to youuu
#1081many hellos from NYC!
5-9-2007 18:59:04
Hey guys!

I am filled with consternation for we were not able to say farewell properly to the EU contingent of the Image Node. So until we cross paths again, we will have to make do it digitally. absolutely honored to meet you two. you are both welcome to visit all of us in the dirty apple.

safe + vivid journeys,

xox d.node
#1080Good Taste!
4-9-2007 07:24:23
Dudes, we are glad to hear you were just sampled one of Americas finest happenings! And you inspired us to go sooner than later with your course listings!
Onward ho, Eli & Gabe
#1079Great idea!
1-9-2007 03:25:10
Hey guys. Found your journey and fascinated by it. And you are at my fave event, Burning Man. Let us know when you hit San Francisco – we have a guest room. Cant do much about the playa dust, though.
#1078Long time no see…!
31-8-2007 10:43:23
Hello Boys, I see you are as popular as ever, that guest book of yours is bursting! Hope all is well, Stuart, I owe you an email. There will be onw soon full of news of the laid back life of New Zealand…Much love from me! xx
#1077Playa, yes!
30-8-2007 02:58:23
Stu, Yay for news from the playa! Ill see you tomorrow. Look for Hey Lo. Are you wearing any costumes other than layers and layers of dust? 😉 Ah, hope desperately needed info was obtained – good mood reigning 🙂
Lilly G
#1076hey there
29-8-2007 22:18:50
good day! my name is amanda and i met you two cats last year in evansville, in. i am nicholass girlfriend from top spot. we were just wonder where the video is from “the cheerleading experience”?? we have been anxiously waiting to see that outcome. well, glad to hear you are all doing so good. keep on truckin!
amanda :o)
#1075multi respeck
29-8-2007 16:20:29
keep going fellas. that should help you. still intrigued, still amazed. remember – give peas a chance and you should make it safely.
Charlie (ex- dommu workdirections co-pilot)
#1074Whitewater rafting?
27-8-2007 22:31:12
Hi David, you could have stayed home June/July and rafted around Redditch or kayaked around Worcestershire or even tacked around the island of Tewksebury.
We are still following your adventures with great interest,keep safe and best of luck to you both for the rest of your trip.
kevin & pat
#1073Heard about you in Eads
27-8-2007 05:58:31
I rode my bike from SF to Boston and heard about you from Laura between Pueblo, CO and Eads. She said the 3 of you drank beers and played pool at the bar in Eads. See her picture at my “day 22”:

I also passed thru Hanksville, UT on my way east and noticed, like you, that most of the vehicles going by were trucks pulling boats.

Enjoy the est of your journey.

Mike Noonan
Mike Noonan
#1072note at Waterpocket Fold
27-8-2007 02:37:25
Hello Stu and Dave,
We four drove Notom-Bullfrog Road to Oak Creek junction. We left you a note in a hole in the first sign post on the right. I really wish that we had been carrying beer to leave for you!
You are doing a great job hiking in UT. Congrats! Buy a meal at Hells Backbone Grill in Boulder when you get there then get Cajun Blueberry Pie at Mesa Cafe. Best wishes…GottaWalk
Marcia, Linda, Carthy, Betsy
23-8-2007 23:44:13
although i am sorry im not in utah dying of thirst in the desert, i was cheered to hear you made it through. its an absolutely gorgeous state. we should have let the Mormons have MO. rumor is the Garden of Eden is outside KC. Im bound for chile in 9 days to pursue my new career as international gentleman of leisure. be well and drop a line when this mad trek comes to an end. the rumor is there is some mighty fine walking in the andes. s/th to keep in mind. be well
23-8-2007 23:43:41

Thanks for stopping by the shop! It was great speaking with you, and the flights look soo good! :). Best of luck & I will be checking up on you!


#1069Burning Man
23-8-2007 21:14:22
drugs and hedonism? tell us it aint so! Dave and I thought we were in for a series of symposiums on the treatment of burns victims. truly this is a turn for the worse!
#1068Back Door Slam
23-8-2007 10:39:51
Hi Dave,
It was so fun meeting you tonight at Back Door Slams show at The Urban Lounge here in Salt Lake City. Glad I spotted you and yelled, offering a lift. Ill be back to check in on this site when more fully alert, but I did not want to go to sleep without first contacting you. Best of luck on your journey. Quite the endeavor! Ill email you again later. I now see the link below…Too tired to go there now-2:36! YIKES! Morn will soon be here.
Take care!
Happy Trails,
Lisa Wilson
#1067Walking backwards
23-8-2007 04:44:04
I did it several times on my walk, and it makes a nice change.
To any Brits who dont know what Burning Man is: its a drug-fuelled orgy of hedonistic depravity, and Dave and Stu are Very Naughty Boys for going there.
#1066odd sunburn
22-8-2007 22:00:14
Think of the odd sunburn youd get. All chapped.
Jon and Kathy
22-8-2007 20:07:35
Just read about your journey in High Country News. Sounds like a blast. Safe travels!
Ali, Sparks NV
#1064Chelseas mom
20-8-2007 15:10:57
Dave & Stu,
What great memories my daughter will have! If you guys decide to walk back the other way again, you have a place to stay (and eat, recharge) in MO. Good luck & happy trails.
20-8-2007 00:28:25
Our field of study is best defined as “Biogeochemistry” but “Dust Researcher” definitely gets the ladies (well, gets them to lose interest). if you need any more dull details.
Cody F.
#1062Relieved Dust Researcher
20-8-2007 00:22:57
Hey Stuart! Im so glad to see you fellas made it out of Beef Basin well and hydrated. I was worried we didnt give you enough water when we lost track of your foot steps on the road out of the basin.

It was nice chatting with you, though Im disappointed we didnt get to talk about subjects pertaining to your research like politics and culture (my two favorites).

Best of luck on the rest of your travels.
Cody F.
#1061From the Zulu Kingdom
19-8-2007 15:37:06
South Africa is amazing. We found a Zulu Jazz club that youd love. A little like Oslo Jazz nights. The NPDG is having its program this Monday at 8:30 AM- will send its jet to pick you up :):) We miss you.

Much love,

Andrew, Maria, Joanna and Loida
Your IFLA People
#1060lei cidade limpa
18-8-2007 20:24:04
spurs just won 4-0. new defender kaloul looks good. jenas=pen1s. toffees bout to get fernandes!schmeical junior in goal for man city n sven.weathers gak.i have banned the telebox from my life (except m.o.t.d)new years eve:lets go cuba.battlestar galactica finally in muzzy. half way through system of the world, terrified what life will be like without shaftoe. walk faster bro, no one else can cope with my levels od cyncism. lv lv domammu libero – canterbury eagles under 34s
like dominoes
#1059Friend of Chelsea
17-8-2007 01:13:25
My friend Chelsea (shes down there) told me about you two, and I must say: its is extremely admirable and inspiring what you are doing. Your trek is one after my own heart, and I hope to do something similar. Someday. Sometime. Maybe.
I wish you all the good luck, safety, and delicious foodstuffs you can possibly handle!
Gloria S
#1058thanks for the mammaries…
13-8-2007 21:40:07
or spongies? It was really great meeting and hanging out with you both. One of the great river trips. Thanks for spending time with Max and Lene. They will always remember the 2 guys from England that walked across the states. You did great in the paddle raft, I never once prepared the throw bag. Try to stay cool and drink an old Chub and imagine the river. Your welcome on my boat anytime. We will watch your progress and keep tabs on you. Cheers-Chip
11-8-2007 23:50:29
Dave,I will squeeze your spongy breasts any time (despite the strange squareness of them).
Stuart, its like sexy went out of style, but no worries, you are bringing it back.
chelsea cobb
#1056Go back to your island!
11-8-2007 23:36:26
Had a blast hanging out with you guys. Maybe we can go and get kababs sometime, whether it be in Utah or England or wherever… except I dont think they have kababs in Utah… so maybe elsewhere.
#1055right on!
11-8-2007 08:43:32
im burning with jealousy. the thought of ever again living a mundane life is impossible. there is simply too much awesome sh=t in this world and it seems to all be falling in your laps (as the result of much hard work)! kudos.
laura stone
10-8-2007 19:26:16
Good to meet you! Take care & good luck!!Thank you for all you do!!
Allen Memorial Hospital
#1053The West is the Best
10-8-2007 18:24:04
Gentlemen, it was a great pleasure to have you along on an absolutely epic Westwater trip. A river trip which will stand out in my memory as the time the two Brits showed up and showed us what brass bollocks really are when they donned vests, grabbed paddles and rode the whitewater at Skull Rapid, Funnel Falls and SockItToMe like a couple of fearless pros. Start thinking about a RaftingTheStates trip for next year =)
Best of luck on all your travels!
“Again… it is the LEGEND!”
Danny Kobrin
#1052Hi Gents
9-8-2007 15:21:40
Dawn here in Paonia and you are waking to a day of fast water on the Colorado. Invoking Neptune would probably be geographically inappropriate, but wishing you buoyancy in any case. A pleasure to meet you in the out back. Happy trails, long times. Don
Don (& Wally)
9-8-2007 10:15:43
Mister Hamilton sorry about the lack of comunication from Syria, after 8 months in the Syrian Arbic Republic and a week in UK I am back in Denmark I am well but buissy, hope you crazy walking people are well too, more details will follow on email!!!!
Michael Seidelin
#1050Moab is my washpot
8-8-2007 05:12:07
Just thought Id say hello.
#1049Hope Rafting was great!
7-8-2007 22:06:16
From your recent entry I guess you might be out on the river now. I sure wish I were with you. River Rafting is my most favorite mode of transportation and recreation. I have done a fair amount of it and even managed to get some of the HikaNation (my coast to coast in 80-81 on a raft trip when we were camping at Harpers Ferry. And I also convinced the entire 12 person Bicycle group that I rode coast to coast with in 85 to do a rafting trip on the Salman River in Idaho. Hopeyou had a great run
7-8-2007 22:00:08
It was great to meet you guys and hear all about your adventures,( at the bar in MOAB) hope you did not get hit to hard with the rain on your river trip. Good luck guys!!!! and if i can help you out in any way just let me know.
James Webster
#1047Just saying hi!
7-8-2007 05:10:59
Hope you boys are doing well. We miss you Milford Ohio. The Junction Trail Festival is coming up September 7-9 and wish you could be here. Well raise a pint to you! Take care, Karen and Vince
#1046A suggestion
7-8-2007 02:11:50
You need Velcro. It seems you have left a trail of lost items and it seems if you put velcro on your clothes and all items, then instead of setting ipods, glasses, etc. down you could just stick them to your clothes and save yourself the heartache of being tuneless and help keep the dreaded crows feet from appearing. Im having a great time keeping up with your adventures. Just remember you are 11 states down and only 2 to go. Oh by the way it was 97 yesterday and extremely humid in Milford.
Suzanne from Milford
6-8-2007 07:55:14
Dudes…you are better than the Simpsons!!! And we love the Simpsons! We totally dig your your journey and hope you make it across the desert with cool happenings in the Pacific! If you ever come to New Mexico, look us up! But if not, know you have inspired us to walk across the UK!

Boys in awe of adventure, Eli & Gabe
#1044stuck in the feed lots
4-8-2007 03:24:50
Greetings guys.. I am one of 3 cross USA cyclists who made your acquaintance in Kansas…near a wretched smelling feed lot. It took me long enough to pedal away from the stench. I had to wonder how long it would take you to escape or be overcome. We made it across in 51 days. Lord, we admired your spunk.
#1043Worth waiting for…
3-8-2007 18:44:26
Dudes, That 4th water drop must have tasted good! I would have buried carlsberg.
Best of luck on the next desert stretch, hope all goes well.

Rich C
#1042Good Luck
3-8-2007 06:41:12
It was so nice to chat with the two of you, hope you found a place to camp on the River. enjoy your time and GOOD JOB.
#1041Wishing you the best
2-8-2007 04:28:42
So Im not going to lie…I am scared about your guys walk through the desert. I know you will be fine, but just wanted to let you know I am thinking about you guys and my thoughts and prayers are with you through the last of the walk! best of luck
Tiffany Wilson
#1040hot in utah
2-8-2007 00:09:28
just dropped you off in the heat.hope you go on all the way
#1039yeah for SF
1-8-2007 00:01:00
Good to see a time frame for the landing. Will there be prints of Daves outstanding work available?

I must say, the longer you two are on the road, the more rugged and handsome you both look. Cant wait to see what the desert brings. And just how much shorter those shorts get!
Wendy, Social Secretary
30-7-2007 05:02:10
Hello Boys! Had a terrific surf session today and the water in Manhattan Beach is a balmy 70 degrees! Remember the surf lesson I am promising you once you reach the Pacific ocean! Now THATS incentive, right? Lots of love and cool, breezes, Sarah
29-7-2007 14:19:12
Hi guys! I closely follow your journal and receive emails from Mike and Crystal Davis and their dog, Beaner (hence, McBeaners). Have you crossed paths with them. You are in the same neck of the woods. Carry on!
Connie Myers Snyder
#1036soon to meet
28-7-2007 19:37:49
Looking forward to meeting the two of you at camp Image Node. just started reading today so I have lots to catch up on.
Jessica Berg
28-7-2007 02:53:52
Hey guys, I made it to Portland yesterday! Since I met you both in Eads I have been daily inspired by your journals and thoughts of all the advice you gave me, and I hope to continue perfecting my own frugal, extroverted travel technique in your style. I hope to finish the summer on farms in the region and roll to San Fran for your triumphant arrival in the fall-best of luck to you both!
laura stone
27-7-2007 23:02:55
I think what you are doing is great! My cousin Marty and Aunt and Uncle told me about your walk and raising money for cancer, thank you, to you both! Bonnie
26-7-2007 17:03:12
Guess what..I was reunited with Dick last night at Primos! What a great guy. Hope all is well and best of luck with your journey through Utah.
#1032Hope you are well.
25-7-2007 19:00:58
Rancher John wanted me to send along his wishes. We are fine here in Eads, hot though. Bet you enjoyed the cool mountain air.
25-7-2007 15:59:07
#1030hay ho sanfranletsgo
25-7-2007 14:29:35
Using your poor line there spenser with added ramones flavouring! Mr Jeans im up for possibly getting out to san fran for the final joyous arrival also so all ideas welcome. Amazing grace (i spotted it Dave) was written by an ex british slave trader as his way of repentence for being involved in slavery. top fact!
#1029Message for Dave
25-7-2007 12:07:48
Doh !
Darryl and Cath
#1028useful water tip….
24-7-2007 07:01:54
yo stu & dave:
i thought you guys can use this youtube tip while walking through utah:
if you cant find your water stashes anymore… look for signs of the now rare high-dessert elephants:

#1027Stuff for you!
24-7-2007 05:15:30
The note from Jon and Kathy probably confused you. I have a package from them for you, its heavy and sloshes, just a hint. We were in Paonia last Friday the 20th and sorry we did not know you were there. Interesting adventures in this area! Borrow a cell phone and give me a call — 970 201 7700. lemmeno watsup. Larry
Larry B
#1026seeking redemption
24-7-2007 03:38:56
Charles, Ill try and steer them to Donner Pass. The only question is; red or white with Rack of Brit? I always thought Dave the more tender of the two. And this time I wont drop water for them.
#1025Posh pout
23-7-2007 17:55:52
I was wondering if Dave is auditioning as an extra spice girl in their upcoming reunion tour? I am noticing a lack of the usual Dave-like cheesy and an increase in the posh-like pout. Or have his teeth fallen out from eating burgers, noodles and no fruit?
#1024a nice Chianti
23-7-2007 03:44:48
Kathy says, “You two are a mess mess”, in a good way :O) Im concerned that a good wine now has battery flavor, or at best, a Vanilla Ice flavor. What was it playing at the time of submersion?
Jon & Kathy
#1023Our Great Brit Visitors
23-7-2007 03:36:35
Hey S and D, We loved meeting you and hearing about your amazing walk – glad you could spend time with us in our lovely town – and good luck on the rest of the journey! Remember Telluride when you are panting across Utah and Nevada, and keep us posted!
Dorothy Steele
22-7-2007 19:00:18
darnit Charles – we were gonna ask you to come with! youre right, somewhat unsurprisingly it is now easier to cross the US than a hundred years ago – funny what progress does for the continental crossers of the world. and yeah, water drops, man we wimped out on that one. if you want a taste of a more hardcore walk try (coming soon to a mimeograph near you!), or better yet, check – Karl might be hardcore enough for surfers like yourself!
22-7-2007 17:06:54
Isnt this kind of like what all those people did a few hundred years ago on their way to California… except way less hardcore with more technology, long breaks in nice places, and dropping water for yourself ahead of time with a car? Not impressed. If youre going to cheat you might as well just take a plane and save yourself some time.
#1020You were near my home town!
21-7-2007 14:44:33
I had to visit your site as my Mom and her friends are following you on your walk. Some of my moms friends ate lunch with you in Rush Center, KS and thought your story was fascinating. After reading your bio other fun facts I think Im hooked and cant wait to follow the rest of your journey.
I live in Oklahoma and know I wont see you in this state but good luck with the remaining states!
April Barnett
#1019The Magic of GPS
21-7-2007 03:10:06
Is there a GPS track for Dave to follow? Will he be able to follow in Stus exact path, including the getting lost part and the mud slide ride? Magic…
#1018together again
21-7-2007 02:25:07
Glad to hear your back together. Try not to get lost lol
justin garr
#1017Going west
20-7-2007 23:50:39
I am upgrading Dave for Moab west. I am assured this will work.
#1016Im laughing so hard
20-7-2007 23:33:54
You two are what we call “a piece of work”. We cant WAIT to see how you handle Moab west.
Jon and Kathy
20-7-2007 23:04:49
The Gee family and I fretted last night. Thank heavens you found each other. We didnt want to have to call off our trip to San Francisco!
Wendy, Social Secretary
20-7-2007 22:30:26
I was sighted. I am whole. all is well with the world of Walking the States. Fritz, you must join us for we are frazzling at the edges. go like Oleta Adams, get here if you can!
#1013What re-union?
20-7-2007 20:44:15
Has there been a Stu sighting? Did I miss something?
20-7-2007 07:03:59
Theres an African proverb that says, If you want to go quick, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. Wow! what an adventure to get split up in the wildness of the Rockies! Glad all is well again and that you are back together! Best greetings form E.
#1011current pun!
18-7-2007 19:09:20
Spenser, you are truly a master of the art though I see the signs of a pun addiction emerging. The first stage is admitting you have a problem.
#1010Higher than the pun
18-7-2007 12:13:43
Stu,I appreciate your punning in the last journal entry.I have a couple of other suggestions.Lets get ready to stumble may be appropriate bearing in the mind the increasingly difficult terrain you face.Lets get ready to fumble would reflect your difficulties hanging on to an MP3 player.Next time you get yourselves soaked through Lets get ready to grumble may also be of use.Lets get ready to crumble could be about a collapse in morale,or it be a diverting journal piece about apple based desert.
#1009progressing all the time
17-7-2007 22:23:18
stuart and dave
I see that you are progressing all the time – moving west
is everything according to schedule?
in norway it is raining all july
hope everything is ok with you
best greetings frode

Frode Bakken
#1008Greetings from Guffey
13-7-2007 18:15:58
Hey, Awsome website. Loved having you in our little bar.Thanks for the “plug” for our little town. The “chicken fly” was a big success. Best of luck on the rest of your journey. Best wishes from all of us! JoAnn, Freshwater Saloon, Guffey,Co.
#1007Finally sitting to relax…HA!
13-7-2007 07:04:43
Now you know better than me relaxing! The pictures are fantastic! The gang from the museum thanked me again and again for bringing you for happy hour.
I am so very glad that you detoured to Denver for the holiday. I cant wait to see you in San Fran!! Travel On!!
#1006Sorry Ive been out of touch
13-7-2007 02:32:54
I do need to catch up.. whats this about San Fran? Stu, can u e-mail me… Crazy stuff happening on the family and work front but want to catch up with some mail I want to send you and a small favor to ask. Love your latest adventures at the haunted ranch?! will catch up on my reading over the weekend. Al.,
Alison from Annapolis
#1005Some Finance Co.
12-7-2007 23:43:41
Get a loan baby. I know times are tight. I am preparing to smuggle myself in as a half full bottle of shampoo (if you want I got a mean giant toothbrush outfit).
Danny J
#1004where u @
12-7-2007 22:54:16
wut up dogs cant find u send a shout when u can boyz in ellicott
dan the propane man
#1003san franletsgo
12-7-2007 19:04:53
Yo, having recently signed up for life time of poverty I doubt I can come to party in San Fran, but I like the idea of it. Can I place an order for a similar info sandwich to the one Dan has requested, but go easy on the mayo. p.s. I realise I may have made one of my worst ever puns in the title of this message, but as I havent been in touch for a bit I thought I should do something special.
#1002any excuse to get ou of this ****hole
12-7-2007 15:05:15
Shout out to anyone either going or thinking of going to San Fran to meet Stu and Dave. How long are people staying? Do you have ideas for accomodation? etc. etc. Hit me with a fat info sandwich. I crave it.
Dan J
#1001God Bless!
12-7-2007 08:29:24
Hope your steak dinner at Quincys in Buena Vista was memorable…as well as the chocolate mousse pie, or did you have cheesecake? And that you are back on schedule. Have only begun to check out the website. So glad we met at the Post Office; wish we could have provided you with a meal and a shower at our place; Will pray for a safe and continually rewarding trip, and continued good health.
Betsy M.
#1000The guest #1000 salute!
11-7-2007 18:37:42
Hey – hope everything is going very well for you! Thank you for great stories and entertaining anecdotes, my long-distance walking heroes! I wish you the best of weather and the nicest of people.
Love from DK, Marie.
#999short shorts got me all excited!
11-7-2007 17:32:30
hey fellas! saw stus tan line and just had to write. i wish i could be sharing colorado w/ you, but love seeing it through your eyes…
happy travels! xo
#998Brazil rocks
11-7-2007 04:00:47
Ola from Brazil, the country you missed on your tour 😉 Presentation totally rocked and thanks to your notes & prior work. Yup, I´ve used all your stuff… xx
#997Aunties update
9-7-2007 20:30:16
Hi Dave, Following the walk with interest; cheers from the non-corresponding Toolans. Been enjoying a months rain (well, it was Glastonbury) before 2 glorious days in Brighton for Hanover Day, complete with Darryl stick-breaking with Brighton Morris. Sandra sends regards. Bit different from your travels; fun nevertheless. Considered waiting to be message 1000 … might re-visit. Love, Cath & Darryl
#996Enjoy Colorado
9-7-2007 18:08:26
Hi Dave & Stuart – sounds like you are making good progress! Im impressed. Hope you manage to hook up with Tracey!
Get ready for those mountains!
#995Greetings from GJ
9-7-2007 10:21:16
Hi Dave and Stuart –
I received your package on 6 July +/- a day as I remember. It was postmarked in Kans. City on 3 July, but you were obviously in Colo. by then, so Im confused.
Ill watch your log more closely now, so we can hook up again as you get closer.
See ya soon!
Larry Ball
#994Ritas Cafe Guffey CO
8-7-2007 19:20:30
We came to town for the farmers Market and a cup of Ritas coffe and look what happened…met two fine blokes from Southern England. Appreciate the convo and that you put a dot on the map!!!
Hope to follow your further advenutes. With blessing from the mountain gods!!!
cougar and bluette
#993Oh my Buddha..
8-7-2007 10:44:54
Hello boys! Ill buy you a Big Mac each if you do the last 1000 miles barefoot and backwards :0) After reading the journal I will definitely be putting in an advance order for the book Stu, and look forward to a hardback photo-journal too Dave, some truly great shots so far.
Keep it up fellas, can only imagine how vast your email address books will be at the end of this one..
Best regards,
Matt from Kbh
6-7-2007 17:30:22
Congrats on getting this far. I met your friend Mick through my friend Diane from Dundee. I sent an email to you both. Let me know what your plans are through the weekend and into the next week.
#991The magic number
6-7-2007 07:17:58
But who will be Guestbook signing 1000? Sarge? Rosemary, the telephone operator? Henry, the mild-mannered janitor? You decide.
#990Long and winding road
6-7-2007 04:08:26
Glad to see you are still at it and your travels are going well. Checking in on you now and again to read the journal or look at your beautiful pictures. Stay safe and dont let the HAARP device mess up your sleep, check into a Teslar watch for help on that one.

Love and light
Scotty and Chanda
Scotty and Chanda
#989Happy 4th of July
4-7-2007 20:53:01
Hope everything is going well with you guys!! Just wanted to say Hi and wish you a very Happy 4th of July!! Have fun in Denver with Wendy!!
Tiffany Wilson
#988Cool off
3-7-2007 01:35:34
Dear Stu and Dave, its time now to cool off in the Rockies. Really enjoy your journal, read it every day. Wish I could tag along, especially for the beer breaks. Good luck now, Helen in Indiana
#987overdue howdy
2-7-2007 22:49:07
I saw you guys walking when I was biking across Kansas a few weeks back. Probably around Scott or Ness City. I finally got around to checking our your site today and love, love, love the journal! To be honest, its the notes of good-natured griping and occasional trepidation that really warm my heart. All the best to you guys!
Liz Rempel
#986we are all on the move
2-7-2007 03:36:48
Dear Stu and Dave: Thanks for your email. It was nice to have an update on your whereabouts. Not so good news about the cancer scare, but the situation sounds optimistic.We have just moved to Kalamazoo, Michigan which is home to Western Michigan University where John has been appointed President.Will you be going through Utah? Our son and his wife live in Salt Lake City if you need a place to stay. Let us know; same email as before. Stay healthy and safe. J&L; Dunn
John&Linda; Dunn
#985short shorts
1-7-2007 14:34:32
Wow you all are wearing short shorts and Im in Mali covering up. Quelle difference! Sounds like you both are doing well. Take some pix of the legs and Ill share with the locals 😉
#984Visiting: Punkin Center, CO
1-7-2007 00:23:30
Your adventure is amazing and we enjoyed viewing your website. Glad to see you made it to Colorado Springs. We wish you safe travels through the mountains. We will continue to monitor the progress of your journey from our home in Pillager, Minnesota. Happy Trails to You!
Laurie & Pat Humphrey
30-6-2007 23:08:23
It was a pleasure taking with you both here at the Colorado Running Company! Good luck on the rest of the trip. The staff at the Colorado Running Company!
29-6-2007 17:31:03
Hey Stuart & Dave, Congrats on your crossing of Kansas and Eastern Colorado. Enjoy the mountains and cool weather, as the real adventure lies west of Colorado. The Junction Trail Festival Committee meetings always have a segment devoted to your trail explots as your Milford, Ohio fans love reading your journals. Take care and keep those journal entries coming our way.
Suzanne/Milford, Ohio
#981Greetings from Green Mountain Falls, CO
28-6-2007 21:22:01
It was a pleasure having breakfast with you at the Pantry here in GMF – “the gem of the Rockies.” Stay well and enjoy your walk to the left coast.
John Morgan
#980good walking
27-6-2007 13:11:23
Fellas, 200 miles in 9 days, good walking. But, did you carry several litres of whiskey and have a bald welshman walk 100 yards behind at all times? Thats proper walking.
I gather you have been drinking enough to make your way onto a website devoted to recommending good people to have a drink with. This a quite an achievement, and as a lapsed barfly I am envious of your reputation as international dipsomaniacs. Congratulations.
#979me again
27-6-2007 00:17:09
Hey even though i talked to you in ellicott i acutal live in yoder. You guys passed my house at 1pm and talked to you at 4pm in ellicott… You guys are awsome my hats go off to you…..
#978Ellicott, Colo
27-6-2007 00:14:53
Hey guys I hope you enjoyed the water I gave you In ellicott, sorry if my dogs scared you…You have got my support on safe and good luck….I will definately watch you as you make your way to Cali next time stop by and you can use my computer….Trish
#977Good Luck & Good Health!
27-6-2007 00:02:32
Cole and I, my ten year old son met up with the “crazy” walking guys several miles past Punkin Center on Hwy 94 Monday afternoon around 2:30pm. It was 98 degrees and they werent even breaking a sweat. We topped off their water and gave them a banana and some pastries. Just a few miles down the road we came across another “crazy” walking guy. He was walking from Boulder, CO to San Antonio, TX pushing a homemade cart. We wish everyone the best of luck and safe travels. Debbie and Cole Martin
Debbie Martin
#976Thank you
25-6-2007 16:06:13
We wanted to thank you for stopping in to visit with us in Wild Horse. We were glad Marty could help you in that long dry stretch on Hwy 94. You are nice boys and we wish you good luck.
Curtis & Leona
#975help along the way
25-6-2007 15:57:59
Hi Dave & Stuart, Just read the entry from Dave & Sheree. Glad to hear you received more water, food and beer! We were happy to meet you in Wild Horse on Saturday and to provide you with the cold water Sunday morning and the Coke, chips and more water again that afternoon. You are touching many lives and we wish you the best.
Remember you have friends in Wild Horse, Colorado!
#974Water drop completed
25-6-2007 04:47:47
Hi, this is Dan and Sheree. We found the guys at mile marker 64 around 6:15pm. We left them with 2 1/2 gallons of water, 2 apples, 4 oranges and 6 homemade chocolate chip cookies, oh, and a cold beer for each! They are more than half way through the most remote stretch of highway 94. We also left another gallon of water at mile marker 59 for them to get in the morning. Good luck and good travels.
Dan and Sheree
#973rewards await
24-6-2007 16:33:39
Your reward for walking Kansas and eastern Colorado will be the mountains. Real mountains. Like youve never hiked before. Youre gonna love it. Take lots of photos!!

Linda (photo editor for Gottawalk)
#972Hi from a CA bike rider
24-6-2007 15:29:52
Hi Dave and Stewart, I met you on June 20 just after you passed into Colorado, and wish you well.

Well check on your progress from time to time and get in touch again when I get back to San Francisco.

I read your entry in the journal at the chatterbox cafe, and Ill allow you call the bicycle riders whimps, but Ill suggest that they all have more grey matter than the walkers.

Best of ongoing luck to you.
Len Holmes
#971almost there…..
22-6-2007 23:00:15
u r almost to the land of milk n honey, youll probably be in snow soon, the west is the best, much better laid-back vibe out west and its wide-open as you know, “goin down the road feelin bad” will soon be good.
22-6-2007 21:15:24
did you know shes crazy? shes not really running away with the petting zoo…theyre committing her for a short time. were all hoping she will find the help she needs. and twyla is NOT in rehab…i said no no NO!

22-6-2007 20:53:53
so im working 4 a petting zoo, twylas in rehab **, sam is in disguise as a zebra– living at an exotic animal farm, and u 2 are walking across the united states…
sometimes i wonder
** read email for more explanation
#968Mercury in retograde
22-6-2007 18:18:48
Hello lads, thinking about you frying and BTW drops of baby oil will release any creaure from the ear canal. Mercury is retrograde now til July late and care msut be taken with electronics and machinery, so cows would be the safe bet. All things likely to go wrong will and fairies may be easily pissed off. SO point being do be extra careful and think well ahead.Leave a sweetie in wild places for fairie kith and kin to mellow by and bless you with their magical luck.
Be well.
Chanda in WV
#967Go, go!
22-6-2007 15:28:38
Just read your latest journal entry (it said you were on your way to Kit Carson) I found your observations about the dwindling populations fascinating. I have made promise to myself to read your Journal more often. Keep on truckin well walking. Shame about the heat. Best of life to you both from Alan (& Sandra).
Alan Porter
#966Back in DK
21-6-2007 21:06:33
Hey guys, just wanted to write to tell you that I got safely back o Denmark, althoug the trip home was evcruciatingly long and boring. I really enjoyed my week wih you guys ad Im looking forward to following the rest of your journey and to seeing you again, when you get back.
#965WooHoo! Colorado!
21-6-2007 01:04:46
Congrats! Youve made it to the big (high elevation, outstanding-eventually-scenery, the place where hikers go to hike) time. Look for Continental Divide Hikers when you get to the divide…theyll be amazed at your adventure!
Best wishes to both of you,
K&M…GottaWalk; starting tomorrow
PS Trail angels put out water caches on the PCT desert and I think I was sick from drinking water from a bottle that formerly held fuel but Im fine now. Take care.
#964following your adventure
20-6-2007 05:24:35
My sister and her husband met you in rush center at gregs. My sister told me about your web site and walking plans, so…now my boss and i try to check in every day to see your progress. its addicting! good luck and god bless!
#963Follow your dreams!
20-6-2007 00:54:03
What a wonderful experience you two are creating for yourselves. Jared told us about his meeting you and the good time he had with you at the Stong City rodeo and bars where he sang. Oh, to be young again. I evny your adventurous natures. Best wishes.
Jared Pete Giles Mom
#962Denver Awaits!
19-6-2007 17:11:33
Hey guys, Remember me from your trip through Denver? Im keeping an eye on your progress and hope you guys pass through town again. Would love to see you both and hear more of your crazy stories. Have fun finishing up Kansas. The real fun will start soon enough! Hello Rockies…
19-6-2007 15:26:14
Thank you for looking after all the lost punctuation. Take good care of it and use it well.
Safe journeys. A x
#960Long time coming
19-6-2007 04:45:21
Strong City probably seems like a thing of the past now, but with computer problems and moving I am just now getting to this. Just wanted to say it was great meeting you guys and I hope you had a good time at your first rodeo experience in the states. Best of luck to you both, hope to see you again some day
Tiffany Wilson
#958I was in the garden
19-6-2007 00:26:53
Dave,was it you who called to say-its me(quote marks).If not,why not.
Bye the way,I have safely retrieved Christs head from me back neighbours tree.
slim sappers
#957tap em
18-6-2007 23:50:24
“theres sap in the trees,if you tap em.”
bill callahanrahan
18-6-2007 19:15:33
Was nice to make your acquaintance this a.m. near Leoti. Good Luck to the both of you on your journey…even if you are a Pommie:P Ill keep tracking you two in your travels.
18-6-2007 18:13:55
Hey Jennifer, we had a great time. I just spent too much time explaining why the town smelt and then ran out of time (which happens to me a lot.) We had a lot of fun and really appreciate your kindness.

The video thing is still wrong though. There will be no retraction of our stance on video- accompanied dancing.

Lots of love,
Dave and Stu.
#954No quitters!
18-6-2007 15:11:54
Soooo, a month on the road already, eh? … and still rockin’
Really, after being baptized in water every other week, chasing funky things to take pictures of them (slaughter thing on the road?) and all rodeo… awesome 🙂 like, totally, like, awesome, I said!
Loida 🙂
#953God Bless
17-6-2007 07:57:06
It was so great to meet you guys. I will be praying that the rest of your journey goes well. I hope you dont forget our small town of Healy, KS. I also hope that the bloodwork and x-rays keep telling you good news about the cancer. We know how the good news feels after cancer. God Bless you!
Melissa Dawn
#952you guys are awsome!
17-6-2007 01:10:29
please take very good care of yourselves. Wish I was young enough and fit enough to go with you.
17-6-2007 01:09:43
i just read your journal entry but i was upset but i guess that is ok. sorry you didnt have any fun. it is kind of hard to go to a different place and try to dance with someone who you have never seen before and wont see again and you dont ask them. you just get up there and do it. but sorry again for the not so good time and maybe you will find fun somewhere else. see you guys someother time. bye.
#950The Bartender Dodge City Kansas
17-6-2007 01:05:03
You guys rock ! Kick Ass on your Journey and Good Luck!
#949hey guys this jennifer from dodge city
17-6-2007 00:59:47
hey how you guys doing sory i was busy when you came to say bye but i am glad that you guys are having fun and had fun last night. hope to see you again. laters
#948weve had rain too
15-6-2007 23:16:55
glad we wernt campin out like u yesterday but weve had plenty of rain too tho not as much as u.
grandma sends lots of love as do we hope all is goin well
catch up soonish
lots of love
auntie mag, uncle bob, grandma and poor little clare 😛
auntie maggie, grandma and clare
15-6-2007 22:11:17
I must say your story of Dighton and the storm was most amusing. I am originally from there and this story put a huge smile on my face. I hope you have safe travels through the remaining parts of KS. Happy Walking!
#946Hello from Lyons!
15-6-2007 19:54:24
Hey, its the reporter, Janna, from Lyons, KS…Hope your trip has gone well and the shin has gotten better. I continue to check your journal entries and keep up on your story. Two copies of the newspaper are in the mail and will be waiting for you in Maryland. Good luck on the rest of your trip and it was a pleasure to have met you.
15-6-2007 18:32:49
it was great to meet you in our little town of scott city,ks and it was especially fun to teach you shuffleboard.
#944Witness the wetness
15-6-2007 12:01:19
Very dramatic, that storm! Say hello to Martin from me.
14-6-2007 23:43:24
great pics of storm clouds in KS.
carly leaving tom for Chile, so I will soon get around to putting the maps in the mail. be well.
14-6-2007 21:08:29
improve your diet, and youll impove the diet of the kansan mosquitoes.
supreme being
13-6-2007 21:12:38
I would just like to reassure everyone that the missing punctuation from the site has not been wasted. It goes into a secure punctuation holding area and will be used for later projects.

So far we have collected ,”,.?:”)!?.,:;”.,;.,,”.
12-6-2007 17:16:22
Hiya, Hope alls going well. Just thought Id check in and say hi. Darn, just remembered Im going to lose all my punctuation again.
take care. A x
#939sleevless vest, really?
12-6-2007 13:15:53
Stu, not convinced that the sleeveless vest variety really suits but very impressed witht the T-shirt sleeve tan lines! hope youre alright luv, glad the shins feeling better! thinking of you, lots of love, jen. P.S hello to dave xx
lil sis
#938Happy Trails
12-6-2007 06:18:35
Glad to hear your bags were safely waiting for you behind “the hill” at Timken. It was great to meet you both. Enjoy the flatness of Western Kansas and say hello to my fellow “Jackrabbits” in my hometown of Tribune!
Dale & Billie
12-6-2007 02:44:23
#936Enjoyed our visit in Rush Center, KS
11-6-2007 05:00:46
We meet you at Gregs Sports Bar in Rush Center, KS. I plan to check in on your progress over the next several weeks. May God Bless you and your health be good.
Ray Patterson
#935Wow! you ate at my Nephews
11-6-2007 04:18:53
Wow, I got a call tonight about your walk…..Dale is my nephew, I live in Salina, KS. It was very interesting to read your journal. Best of luck to you.
Trisha & Don
#934Dale & Billie Mom & dad
11-6-2007 04:17:37
Was gald to talk to Dale about your walking the states. I want to wish you the best of time in your walk. Our prayers are with you all the way. I wish I could have met with you also. Loretta
Loretta Kuhlman
#933The cure for shinsplints
11-6-2007 01:35:34
Stop walking.
(Not forever, just a few days).
10-6-2007 23:03:04
It was nice meeting the both of you and I wish you the best of luck for the rest of your journey on foot and in life!! Bye:)
#931i think youll be getting alot of music
10-6-2007 12:47:45
yes boys, beer guts gone yet? stu, brother, email your phone number so i can text u ish. received mail address for music aid drops. check magusarts for how busy i have been on behalf of the streaky dane, and how much ill music i will shortly have for your delectation.
keep oilin up them quads cuz.
flame on. dom dont say the n word duchamp
domammu:orange rap retardis
#930Im waiting!!
9-6-2007 23:30:21
Have landed in Denver and anxiously await the call.

Laura and I will put together some sort of meeting once we know you are near.

Cant be bothered!
Wendy – Strong City/Denver
#929Carry on
9-6-2007 03:08:24
I am following you great hikers. Only 2690 more miles….Stu hope your aches and pain go away. I listened to MIDLAKE on MySpace, got to order their CDs. You have good taste. Bye for now….Helen from Evansville, In. (You walked past my road).
#928stumbled across this.
8-6-2007 17:46:36
i like your concept. and for your sake i hope there is a bar. good luck.
eliot bern
8-6-2007 14:45:07
Id beg to differ on the Watusi bull horn size. Even seen a Highland Cow? Now thas horny and shaggy rolled into one.
#926Happy walk
8-6-2007 08:02:40
Have a happy walk today and in coming days
Greetings from Norway
Frode Bakken
#925Is it a real shin injury or just a shin feign
8-6-2007 03:50:57
Scene: Inside the marrow of the right fibula, several osteoblast cells are sulking and whispering to them selves. Will they refuse to embed and turn their back on becoming an osteocyte? Two uniform macrophages approach and loudly demand identification papers. There is a scuffle and fisticuffs are imminent. Phagocytosis occus almost instantly. Each osteoblast is engulfed except one.

Scene: By the side of the dusty Kansas 56 a miniscule puff of dust shoots out of the side of a Hamilton shin
8-6-2007 01:17:02
Guys – it was great meeting you and spending time in Strong City, KS. Im glad you both ejoying the rodeo & all the other facets of our town. It was our treet to have you. My best wishes in your travels across our great nation.
Dougs Flowers & Gifts
#923Howdy from Branding Iron
7-6-2007 04:43:00
Well guys, Was one heck of a fun weekned. Going to the bar or house doesnt feel the same. Best wishes and Planning on CA when you arrive..

Scott Wiltse
#922Looking good
5-6-2007 09:38:45
or looking f**king great! I wish I could fly right over to you and join. Kansas seems like its the deepest you can dig into the heart of the country. Im planning my next trip over there – you better be on that coast when I get there. Meanwhile keep the bloggin on. It is “first thing in the morning” stuff and the next photos are great!
#921first, envy
5-6-2007 05:37:25
Wow–I wish I had the guts you guys do to quit my job and just go! Second, I admire your resolve to get out and actually satisfy your curiosity on your own terms rather than just shrugging your shoulders and letting other people tell you what to think. If Americans would get out and actually explore the world rather than just stereotyping it, this country would be a much better place.

Thank you for what youre doing!

#920american girls
5-6-2007 04:17:43
i hope all these cute rodeo girls havent stolen my place in your heart, cause no cute cowboys will ever take your place in my heart. hah haahaha hahahahahahahahahahah
#919Rodeo & Lots of BEER!!
5-6-2007 01:41:45
Well I am very happy that you all had such a good time in Strong Town. Please be safe on your adventure. You both made our weekend. I am sure you have some lovely pics of the randomness of it all. GOOD LUCK…
#918Happy Trails
5-6-2007 01:25:25
Dave and Stu,

Thanks for walking in to rock the rodeo and liven up the joint! You guys are a blast and we appreciate what you are doing. Come back someday and play your guitar and spin some records. Well leave the neon light on.

Karin with the sporty car
#917Watch the heat!
4-6-2007 20:57:05
Just found out about your walk through the American Library Ass.s newsletter. So glad that people are being welcoming.
Be very careful of the heat, though. Many Europeans simply do not realize how debilitating it can be. Try walking very early and very late, and napping in the middle of the day.
So sorry you are missing South Carolina. Come see us if you get a chance!
Susan S., Greenville, SC
Susan S
#916Dave pictures, Yay!
4-6-2007 17:37:27
Dave, dear, you are doing it again–Cool pics! Nice one with huge rain clouds 🙂
Looking forward to more
#915Safe travels
4-6-2007 03:25:48
I wish you safe and happy travels. This is such a good thing you are doing. More people need to get out and explore the world and help worthy causes. Be safe.
3-6-2007 22:09:06
I met quite a few of them too. Did you know Mennonite can also be a verb, as in Mennonite your way across the States? See
Thanks for your emails. Im missing the walking very much indeed, but life is still good. Were off to the UK and France for five weeks on Tuesday.
#913Strong City
3-6-2007 17:57:53
Hey there! I really enjoyed experiencing my first Rodeo with you guys. It was a great time! I wish the best of luck, and safe travels!
#912Strong City Rodeo!
3-6-2007 17:14:45
Hey guys! We had an awesome time getting to know you guys and hanging out at the Rodeo in Strong City, Kansas! Hope you had a good time. Good luck on the rest of your adventure.
Jenna and Kristen
3-6-2007 11:57:34
Hey guys, wishing you well on your journey, keep yor feet dry, passports close by and for gods sake Stu, dont try to impress the cow-girls by joining in on the rodeo! Big love from Kiwi-land.
Kristina xxx
Kristina( the swedish chick! )
#910Kountry Kafe-Galva, KS
2-6-2007 01:24:23
Judy and I really enjoyed visiting with you at the Kountry Kafe in Galva, KS this morning. (6/01/07). If you still need a room and some food just call my cell phone when you get back in McPherson Sunday night. It will not be a problem. Just glad to help. Bob & Judy Carson
Bob Carson
#909hello guys
1-6-2007 21:17:40
How were the flint hills? Did you make it to shelter before the rain?? I thought of so many things to tell you to look for after I left, then I thought why didnt I just go with you and tell you.
In Council Grove is the Farmers and Drovers Bank which dates to the 1800s and I hope you got to see it. Because of your walk I am learning to use the computer. Thank you and we will talk again.
karen in kansas
1-6-2007 17:50:00
good to see you at the hackney bash before you left, well done lads for making the effort every day youre a great inspiration. may your strides be plenty and long.

#907Good Luck!
31-5-2007 21:23:53
You guys are amazing! I cant believe…or fathom how much walking that is. ….

will you marry me?


Eureka. Ca/

Im waiting!

ta ta.
#906Starry night
31-5-2007 20:59:23
Since todays a bright day, Im hoping that youll be camped out under the Kansas stars tonight. I promise you there are more stars visible on a Kansas night on the prairie than anywhere you can imagine.
Happy trails.
#905From the Osage City newspaper
31-5-2007 18:19:36
First off…the fella from the paper that interviewed you kind folks was named Bob (which I understand I a very difficult name…).

Thanks so much for stopping in Osage City, and we do appreciate you kind words regarding our little town. Not only am I the advertising guru at the paper, Im also a City Councilman and quite glad had the opportunity to visit (and, youre right, the pie at The Copper Oven is fantastic!)

Good luck!
Jason Croucher
Osage City Council/ Osage County Herald-Chronicle
Jason Croucher
#904What about MONTANA??
31-5-2007 17:15:19
The headline simply means that here I am stuck in St. Louis, and I miss my home state of MONTANA! I reckon the librarian jobs (got the link to this through American Libraries Online) are more plentiful in this neck of the woods, but wish you could see the splendor of MONTANA and meet the friendly people there. Ill be driving my family there in two weeks (fortnight?), to ABSAROKEE (heart of Beartooth Mountains), and Im so looking forward to visiting that landscape again. Cheers to you! John
31-5-2007 16:19:20
Heres to your attempt to figure out something we have not been able to understand ourselves! I am sure your journey has been and will continue to be very enlightening. Thanks for taking us along!
#902Good Luck from New York!
31-5-2007 16:10:53
Stuart & Dave – Good Luck with the rest of your walk! Cant wait to find out what the deal is with the USA and will be looking forward to your book/movie. Saw an article about your journey in American Libraries magazine, wish I was walking too! I hope that your feet stay dry and that you are flooded with donations.
Take care!
31-5-2007 15:40:35
See, I told you Kansas was a pretty good place for hikers. Dont complain about a little rain, well even alot. Sun and Hot wind can make you feel worse than ran in that neck of the woods. Woops not much woods there, Right?
31-5-2007 14:49:07
Glad to hear youre getting back into the swing of walking, and looking forward to your report of the Strong city Rodeo experience. Any Idea where youll be mid-late August?
Song sugestion: Proclaimers – Im gonna be (500 miles)
31-5-2007 10:01:23
johnny cash – american 5
a couple of the newest carl craig mixes
bob d – the man in me
racounteurs – steady as she goes
wet willie – marcon hambone blues
eh many more do you want any ??? also got screwed and chopped
good for the green and prescription cough syrup dirty south
music man
#898keep walkin…
31-5-2007 06:00:50
Look forward to what you have to say about the US… even we dont know who we really are and what we think.
Amy in Illinois
#897Best wishes for a wonderful trip
31-5-2007 00:52:16
Wishing you both all the best as you continue on your journey. My thoughts and prayers are with you. You are an inspiration. Good luck! Cathy in Florida
#896San Fran When
30-5-2007 16:57:15
When is the big shindig in San Fran.? What are the dress requirements? Are you still going to go to Burning Man?

#895On THE road again
30-5-2007 16:27:53
Hey Stu & Dave, Its good to see that you are back on Nifty Fiftee again. I was wondering if you will go to Dodge City and see boot hill?
Suzanne (Milford)
#894slow and steady wins the race
30-5-2007 16:00:09
you boys need to take care of yourselves… seek shelter when its raining, water when youre on fire, and women when youre lonely (unless in strong city)!

dont forget to smell your cheeses!
supreme being
#893Keep going
30-5-2007 13:04:50
Keep the good work up Stu and Dave. It is nice to see you are geting Donations. Dont get to wet you might shrink.
#892stealing your friends
29-5-2007 19:26:14
hey guys!

thanks a lot. now i cant get the nagging image of your hulky blistered trench feet out of my mind.

oh, and ive recently spent some lovely time with your friends – dave, katie, and sonja. i heart them. theyre mine now – all mine! 🙂

anyway, hope youre well. i look forward to the next installment.

29-5-2007 15:45:25
Hey guys,

Once again lightened the day in a mundane grey scottish research institute, as I delete extra characters from a mega-notepad. Awesome to hear you are back on the trail…Meg
#890Good luck
28-5-2007 07:49:56
Dave and Stu,
Hopefully the stay in our pool house was enough to charge your batteries for another day of adventure. It was a pleasure to meet you and good luck in your endeavors.
#889fame and formalities
28-5-2007 06:20:31
you guys are regular celebrities; making the nightly news AND the local rag. more mundanely, where / when should tents etc. be sent? sorry to hear the ill conceived football scheme got shelved. cheers. c
#888From Council Grove
28-5-2007 03:00:44
Thank you for the enjoyable conversation at our picnic! We will be praying for you both, for a safe venture across out great land! God Bless!
Nancy, Jessica and Emma
27-5-2007 23:04:44
At last… This is what Ive been trying to explain you englishmen so many times, procrastination (“overspringshandling” in danish). I was nearly giving up on it, but I just had to find out, you know, its that time of year – exams and all that… So Anna – who else – and of course wikipedia helped me out… And there you go, here I am – my favorite procrastination, following your site instead of writing term papers. All the best to you guys. CPH
#886Saying hello from Kansas!
27-5-2007 00:37:44
Hey guys,

It was so great to meet you and interview you on Friday! Im excited to keep up with your journey and hope all goes well! Good luck and keep at it!
#885Osage City
26-5-2007 19:34:31
Greetings from Osage City. What a fascinating journey! Hope you are enjoying Kansas-as it pours rain while I type! Best of Luck.
Mandy Gibson
26-5-2007 19:28:07
I have really enjoyed reading about your journey and views on America. I hope you recieve all the hospitality you need along the way. I sincerely hope you enjoy Kansas! Best of luck on your journey!
Topeka, KS
#883Hope to see you today
26-5-2007 14:40:21
along US 56 toward Council Grove where we will spend Memorial Day. Maybe we can take you to the Hays House, the oldest continuously operating restaurant west of the Mississippi! We will track your journey and send you every good wish! (Watford Hornets fan.)
marcia/jim ransom
#882Rock Chalk Jayhawk
26-5-2007 05:01:51
Welcome to Lawrence, Kansas! Youll find this to be a more educated town than most. More people here will say that theyre against the war and will question Bush and his policies. Enjoy a beer at the Red Lyon. Have a nice trip!
#881fascinating story
25-5-2007 21:02:15
I walked behind you guys on Mass St in Lawrence and I wondered where you were going with those packs! I just read the newspaper article. What I noticed was your Welcome to Eudora brochure. Who knew Eudora had a welcome brochure?? I liked the soccer ball too. Best of luck!
#880failed soccer record
25-5-2007 20:27:57
Well, since that was my idea and it is now confirmed that Stus soccor skills are $#%&, I suggest Dave hang a Kick Me sign on his back side and following its directions. Point him toward Colorado and follow at a brisk pace. OUCH! OCUH! OUCH! Cheers?
#879Best best luck
25-5-2007 17:32:46
Best best of luck with the second part of your epic journey, good to hear that you are back travelling again. Just come back in time to meet the baby! xx
#878Survived the Devils Doorway
25-5-2007 17:17:25
Good to hear from you guys last night, we assume that means you made it past the gateway to hell out there in Stull. I cant fully express our gratitude for having met you, it was great fun. Thanks for sharing some of your time on the road with us here in Lawrence, stay safe and in touch!
#877bitter mike…
25-5-2007 16:19:46
saw u boys in Evansville IN, apparently Mike has never traveled much. Your perception on strip malls, parking lots, and religion in America are funny and right on.
Get out of the house Mike and develop your own perceptions.
By the way those Chef diners on the side of the road in England are horrid.
#876More Safety Tips
25-5-2007 14:37:06
In the likely event that you see a swirling vortex of destruction (aka tornado)while out in the open, the best thing you can do is to lay down in a ditch or low lying area and cover your head and neck. Flying debris is the number one cause of injury. Most tornados occur between 3 and 9 pm, and 1000 per year are sighted in North America every year. Stay Safe!

#875walk music
25-5-2007 12:49:39
You remember the new henrik schwarz i bought in London? Walk Music. I was always trying to find out what sample that is. now i managed to play it on a turntable which can turn backwards and yes, i was right: it is the backwards sample of aint no sunshine when shes gone! You wont believe until you try it yourself.. It was fun – i was happy. thanks mr. schwarz. more of this.

walk on and on and on.

all the best from hamburg: Max
Max Motor
#874walk email
25-5-2007 12:47:15
Hello Stu!

Stuart, fisrt of all, thanks for your back-on-the-track email! Its is always a big pleasure to read your writing and eventhough its made for the masses it is full of soul (yours). the soul is the weapon of the future.
So i liked. your mail. thanks. more of this.
Max Motor
#873Overbrook, KS
25-5-2007 04:42:50
we all hope you enjoyed your visit to the small town bar. Hope all is well and good luck on the rest of your jurney!! 🙂
staff at Conrads Bar n Grill
#872Overbrook, Kansas
25-5-2007 02:15:50
Hope you found Kansas to be a great state! We found your story fascinating! Good luck!
Kellie, Morgan, Erin Wilburn
#871arms in the air mon!
25-5-2007 01:57:26
Just wanted to let you guys know that Rory gave me the soccer (pronounced SAW-KUR for the disinclined englishman) ball and its quickly becoming acquainted with my foot.

Destination: Delaware.
Do they make passports for balls?
They should. This one is one of the more worldly ones Ive come across.
#870Holla indeed!
24-5-2007 16:10:49
The sedentary life is still as dull as ever and I am growing moobs. More power to your insoles and of course…

Keep on trucking.
#869Good luck for part II
24-5-2007 14:37:16
Good luck to both of you on the second leg of the walk. Sitting in the office trying to get the next issue of our newsletter out, makes me somewhat envious of the great outdoors and life in the fast lane (sorry youre walking of course, so no Eagles song titles here). All the best – Andrew
#868On the Road Again..
24-5-2007 14:09:11
Hi Stu & Dave,
Its nice to have something fun to check while conducting biz on the web. Delighted to see you continue your challenge…laughed when I read Mikes entry..and your response. Being Irish born and American sworn I am proud of the job youre doing! What an education you are to the folks you meet. Stu card is in the mail today! love Alison.. the Dub in Annapolis!
#867guy at the storage place
23-5-2007 20:21:14
great to meet the both of you guys. hope everything works out for you. if you need any travel tips once youre out in California, give me call.
Ryan Roberts
#866pound pound dogg
23-5-2007 08:53:15
it was such a pleasure meeting you both today…hopefully the rain will trap you here a day more, if not…ill see you on YOUR doorstep in a year!
Twyla Jones
#865Taxi for Mike
23-5-2007 00:43:43
Alright lads, hope cup final hasnt sapped your will to live. Here in Edinburgh we love to read about what America looks like to our friends, and how many top people are taking the time to make them feel welcome, so dont worry Mike, next time an American congratulates me for the fact that they built the castle near the train station Ill say not a word. PS – Stu, 5th 2 years in a row, were big time now fella. Come on the yids!
#864You went through DeSoto!
22-5-2007 06:45:24
Hey guys! You went through my town the other day :). You ate at a resturaunt that my mother works at, she was the one who poked her head out of the “office” and talked to you two for a bit. Its very inspiring to see what you two are doing and i wish you the best of luck! If you want some good Ska music try Devo or the Aquabats. Best of luck to both of you! I hope you come visit again 🙂
#863Trash talking
22-5-2007 01:15:26
Mike! Glad to know that after a quiet winter you are happy to tune back into our kind of insults – we must be doing something right. You raise some interesting points, I guess, and Ill take them on in the Journal…

Enjoy sir.
22-5-2007 01:11:08
David & Stu
Just read the West entry – made a powerful impact in setting the scene for us – just to say very best of luck to you both over the coming months. We will be following your
Love the pictures u r posting.
love from Andy, Joanna, Gabrielle & Joseph
ps. we look forward to Forest v Leeds next Season – big clubs united!!
Andy & Jo
#861Welcome back!
21-5-2007 04:57:21
Nice to have you back. I spent an entire winter without someone insulting my country. Nice to once again hear about its boring shopping centers, cookie-cutter houses, terrible food, God-fearing people, boring countryside, etc. (and thats just one entry). Of course, America bashing seems to be the thing to do these days. So gather up plenty of insults to include in your book – Im sure it will help sales around the world. Heck, maybe this entry will be used to portray the typical American.
#860Im watching you!
19-5-2007 19:48:51
Welcome back! I hope youll let me teach you guys how to surf once you reach CAli!
xoxo, Sarah
Sarah Foerster
19-5-2007 12:08:41
well we thought we liked walking but you guys take the biscuit. we have talked about coast to coast. you however are getting on with it. bravo. hope it goes well and we wish you good health and good feet. keep chipper.we will follow your progress and send further messages along your highway. its only one foot in front of the other!
jim and margaret
#858Hi There
17-5-2007 21:09:43
Hi Both -just to wish you all the luck in the world and to let you know that well be glued to the blog from now to November and dont forget Im first in line for ticket to the Sanfransisco ( scuse spelling) knees up!! Take care love you loads and keep in touch or else!
Stus mum
#857the yellow brick roads of kansas
17-5-2007 19:37:04
SB here again … i have returned Dorothy to Kansas. she is my gift to you while you are there. if you can, pick up some yellow tinted glasses so the roads of Kansas appear “yellow”. it will make your stay that much more enjoyable.
supreme being
#856Back on the Road
17-5-2007 14:00:34
Glad to see that you are back on the road!! Good luck and I am looking forward to keeping up with your travels!!
17-5-2007 13:53:25
Just been checking out the fine images of some of the awesome country your about to head into on foot – looks pretty hardcore. Intrigued by the bio-toolan power; an alternative to alternative fuels?
Bigus Mickus
#854respect from the ditch
17-5-2007 04:34:38
Massive love to the tools and stumeisterhamilton. word my boys watch them god dam coyotes dont bight your asses you hear!…..>>>>> (ted)
ted atkinson
#853On the road again
17-5-2007 01:28:02
Its great to hear that part II of the great walk of the states has begun. Now I can look forward to amusing reading of the great team and their adventures. Be safe and welcome back to the USA – we missed you.
Suzanne of Milford
#852Good luck from Nottingham!
17-5-2007 00:39:35
Following your progress with interest- imagine that the second leg of the journey will be very different from the first. All the best,Joanna and Andy.
Joanna, Andy, Gabrielle and Joseph
#851Hello from Denver
16-5-2007 20:47:19
It was great to see the photos from your trek out West. We enjoyed having you guys over while you were in Denver, and we look forward to seeing you again, the next time around. Cheers!
Arwen, Heather & Baby Roan
16-5-2007 17:02:48
Hi Stuart,

Thanks for sending the e-mail message. I had no idea that you had a serious health issue. I am hoping that the treatment will fully succeed. It is amazing that you are back at the walk. Best regards, Al
Al Kagan
#849Warm up
16-5-2007 15:29:26
Hey u guys! It really warms one up to hear that you are back on track:-)I will look forward to follow your footsteps and journeys across the states. Here in Dk life is good and summer is near so all best wishes. See you soon!!! Ivan
Ivan DK
#848Enjoy the West
16-5-2007 05:20:08
Hey Guys,

This is Lefty from NYC. Just wanted to wish you good luck as you explore the western half of the US. Youre in for some beautiful sights.

#847Greetings from Jamaica
16-5-2007 04:38:22
Hi Stu,Jamaica is only 144 miles in length and you are taking on 3000+ Wow! This sure beats working in a library! I will follow your progress with interest
Best of luck
#846Greetings Lads
16-5-2007 02:00:46
Dear Albions, so very glad to hear from you. I thought you had
returned to Churchills Fortress.
Hope you have a blast on the rest of your trek. Watch for Twisters.,
Best Wishes, Tom the cane maker,
from Albany, Ohio –cheers & oles
Tom Burcher
#845We are white lightning your way
16-5-2007 01:28:04
and sending you guidance, healing and divine intervention. All you need will be found.
We have home brewed beer waiting for your return to the east coast also. Good luck and new shoes boys.
Chanda and Scotty
#844Welcome back!
16-5-2007 00:54:09
When you get to Point Reyes, Id be happy to take you sea kayaking in Tomales Bay!
Graham Freeman
#843Hello from Philadelphia
16-5-2007 00:26:01
Glad to hear you liked the US walk so much the first time that you are back :-). Looking forward to the documentary… Hang in there!

All the best,

14-5-2007 08:10:48
I certainly enjoyed your quick visit to my humble abode in Grand Junction, CO on your return from stashing H2O in our beautiful desert west of here. What a great adventure, I am totally impressed, especially with Jon doing all of the driving. I really appreciate getting to know you and will enjoy tracking your progress on this site. Thanks for making it available. Please feel welcome to stop any time.
Larry Ball
Larry Ball
#841woopdee hollerin
12-5-2007 20:39:20
Sounds like you guys are having a blast on the back rollercoaster roads of the desert. Jon says the truck should make it back to Ohio, but I have my doubts! Im sure youll have a fantastic hike, Kansas and all. Thanks for takin care of my guy!
Kathy Rudolf
12-5-2007 02:13:26
Been waiting forever for the finish of your little project. Need to send you a money order, to what address? Just went through major stuff like you Stuart. Feeling good now.Will do the research fund too. Love to you guys.
Helen Spencer
#839i come here
11-5-2007 23:51:58
umu nna i am here stay off.

Mugu and maga.
#838Good luck
11-5-2007 15:07:09
Hi Stu, Best of luck mate.
David Brett
#837Bring your snorkle gear
11-5-2007 01:45:41
What to do in high water conditions:

a)breathe, continue to breath, repeat.
b)lace a tall gnarly root into the earth at the edge of a river
c) monitor relative position of root to waters edge,
d) plan excavation route for higher ground before the root is engulfed in a swirling vortex of water.

*It is ok to use floss to tie root to your toe (flood powered alarm clock).

#836Hike on
10-5-2007 22:47:41
Have a blast, enjoy the west (this may be why we yanks dont leave the country) and say hi to McBeaner as they ride past you.
Mike Haas
#835keeping an eye out on you boys
10-5-2007 15:30:26
watch out for little men trying to steal your maps. ill send someone in a few months, to check in on you.
the supreme being
#834Hunter S Thompson
10-5-2007 15:02:23
Seeing as you are in Denvor which by my calculation is in Colorado, which is the state where the amazing Thompsons ashes were fired out of a cannon to the tune of mr tamborine man – I thought it best to keep your spirits up with some classsic gonzo style quotes:
Buy the ticket, take the ride
You can turn your back on a person, but never turn your back on a drug, especially when its waving a razor sharp hunting knife in your eye.
Keep up the pace you crazy horses.
9-5-2007 15:00:55
Good to see you made it back to the States, and looking forward to hearing more about your adventures. You should try walking across Scotland next time – no shortage of water here.
Mick Dundee
#832ex-Slottet greetings
9-5-2007 08:58:48
Hi guys. Many thoughts from CPH. Its good to finally follow you guys from over there. Its the real thing now again, we sense, cant wait to check in on the daily entries for top-5 mornings news. Hopefully the entries will be daily (also for you Dave; more of that humourous writing!) although that might be a slight problem in the Rockies… Take care
#831awaiting more medication and fashion advice
8-5-2007 01:24:31
hmmm, great to see pics of me looking so so good after the party. Just like to say that that is actually where I live and not a mental asylum and Dave is not my full time carer.
#830Lewes “start of the trail” Delaware
7-5-2007 03:26:28
Met you at Jellystone Park in Maryland. Im the guy from Lewes. Glad youre back on the trail and Ill be following your journey with great interest. Stay healthy!
5-5-2007 22:01:52
Melissa Dollman
#828we met in Silver Spring pub w/Dave M
5-5-2007 22:01:11
Hi, OK I had 2 Cosmos under my belt when I rambled on about these things, but DO check this out the Prelinger Library in SF:
If you go, let me know and Ill email Rick to make sure he or Megan is around. They would like to meet you, Im a positive. Also…Red State Road Trip:
And a little more about something Im involved in:

ps:Mentioned my Brits in SF b/c you might need a proper cuppa by then.
Melissa Dollman
#827Welcome back
4-5-2007 11:15:28
Just in time to take over the mantle! Can you handle the responsibility?
#826Happy Hiking!
3-5-2007 17:16:34
Here is my wish that you gents have a wonderful summer finishing your trip.
Good Luck!
3-5-2007 06:14:02
Hey guys, just thought Id check in to see if youre back to it. I met you in Parkersburg a small restaurant called the Corner Cafe. I kept in touch with your progress via your website. You should have taken me up on an evening on the town that night. Anyway, good luck this year on the next part of your venture. I admire what youre doing. God be with you. Joe @ “”
Joe Ferguson
#824Back on the track
2-5-2007 23:59:52
…is what you are supposed to be. Good work making it to the second part both of you and Stu: Loved the London – more of European conquering has to happen.
Gotta ramble…
The Big M
#823Good to see you one and all
1-5-2007 19:14:55
Thanks to all involved for a great party with a real lovely crowd. Thanks to the chap who reminded me to pick up my jacket and biggup the dude that helped that old fella at the bus stop. Good luck on the walk fellas. We love you. Ill be forwarding the cleaning bill for my suede shoes.
Dan J
#822Party Insanity
30-4-2007 13:56:15
Enjoyed catching up again at the party. Satelite view on the Route page gives a decent impression of quite how insanely far youve done already. Good luck with the Rockies! Much props and rooting for you.
Charlie And Jen
#821super stupid
29-4-2007 17:56:22
Great party, and Im really glad that rather than having a kip and then nipping out for a pint, I have instead come to work. Brilliant. I am listening to my own heart beating to confirm that I am alive. Brilliant.
#820dont forget the vinyl
26-4-2007 14:32:00
dont forget to go through those backstreet hick towns for the soul gems,
see you next sam
#819Hey Guys
17-4-2007 20:29:25
Good to hear that things are going well, and I really look forward to being able to follow your tale as soon as you get to walking again.
#818Wheres Waldo
15-4-2007 15:28:50
Since Ive offered to to help keep these two sorry lads from becoming sun dried road kill in our country, caching water out west, I have also taken the liberty to set appointments for air needle gun injected RFD tags in both theyre arses so we can follow them by GPS satalite. Cool huh?
Jon Rudolf
#817sunny, warm and beautiful
28-3-2007 01:31:33
Hi from Costa Rica land of canoping, rafting and volcano-visiting. WTS gotta come to the tropic sometime 🙂
#816Your Song
26-3-2007 17:59:17

No, not Elton Johns emotive ballad! But a song I have composed in your honour lads. Dave ill be in Brighton this week are you around? email me.
Paul Gardiner
25-3-2007 03:24:51
FAO Fritz the Artist.

Estimated location in early July: Colorado.
Estimated Activity: Walking.

Would be marvellous to see you.

PS. February is what houses were invented for.
#814Estimated location in early July
21-3-2007 18:30:09
Do you have a rough outline of this years walk with estimated locations? We are planning a big road trip this summer and I wonder where you might be early July. Lovely Leslie says howdy. Chris, Becky, myself and some other folks went camping annd canoeing this Feb and it was down to a chilly -17C. Nice weather indeed. We drank wine and thought about you two. Feet and toes!
#813Met at Mojos- Columbia, Mo
17-3-2007 23:31:50
Was wondering when you were coming back, and decided Id better check in. It may not seem like it most times, but those of us that were lucky enough to meet you on your trip are still very interested in your adventures! Good luck guys! In live in Jefferson City, Mo. If you need anything when you get here-
Brice Imsland
#811Springtime in the States
2-3-2007 19:41:34
Sorry I havent checked in for awhile. Hibernating is the only way to deal with winter. Just had a bad ice storm 2 weeks back – but the wind is blowing, the sun is warm and tornados are out in the south and thats a sure sign of springtime. Speaking of tornados, you do know that Kansas is in tornado alley dont you? Better read up on how to hunker down in a ditch. Big Mike is moving to Oregon, but the Milford Trail Festival will go on. It would be great to have you back in Sept. for it.
Suzanne of Milford
28-2-2007 13:23:33
Hi guys. Just thought I wanted to let the virtual world know of your excellent presentation in University of Copenhagen yesterday. Thanks
27-2-2007 19:49:02
Yo Dave, pls check your walkingthestates email addy.

#808Roast Beef
25-2-2007 10:20:46
So glad its over! Have had lots of details of the trial from Moya.
We are having roast beef today and will think of you.Re the best roast:even though you cant really have bread sauce and stuffing with beef…..dont forget the horseradish sauce!!
Joanna,Andy, Gabrielle and Joseph.
#807A moveable feast
23-2-2007 23:01:50
Mate, dont hit that BK. It aint worth it. Youve come this far, so choose your trough carefully. Do NOT be fooled or cajoled into hitting the nearest eatery. Yours has been a journey that deserves more than a disasterous burger (I know, I tried the Macca D double quarter pound with cheese the other night – an utter disgrace. but it looked so good). make your decision wisely, and culinary heaven shall come to you. Now, where are you again, Croydon?
23-2-2007 02:31:38
not offering, but curious when we might see you again in Kansas City. planning my escape for summer break, but it would help if i had a notion when/if youll will be in town. email carly or me. cheers
#805Amercian Adjectives
21-2-2007 18:02:17
Having spent a bit of time walking in America and becoming aquainted with the lingo I feel on safe ground using Americas only adjective to describe you guys, You are AWESOME and perhaps to push my lingua america just one step further – you guys rawk. The path less travelled, a life less ordinary and all that. Obvious good luck to you both on your respective medical involvements. Stu – you are a fine writer. Dave – you should write more, you are robbing us of your talent. Awesome.
Neil McKenzie
#804Trials and tribulations
20-2-2007 13:54:56
So is being stuck in a hospital in Croydon better then being stuck in a former new town in the midlands? I cant think of a man better qualified to stay in bed for 17 days….
20-2-2007 04:59:44
#802Hi David
19-2-2007 18:24:58
reading your clinical test entries with interest and amusement, you should do more journal entries.
one question, how did a man who is walking across the usa with his world and guitar on his back pass
the sanity test?
take care, will tell Moya not to worry too much
kev and pat
kevin t (uncle)
#801bleed the tool juices dry
18-2-2007 19:46:26
Highly entertained by the tales from the trial, will be good to see you hopefully on sat as long as your beer doesnt pour out of your artificial holes like in a carry on film.
bob w
#800more blood
17-2-2007 01:16:35
dave. more on the clinical trials. highly entertaining. be well. i wonder if you have found that you can, in fact, read too much.
#799Hey Dave!
16-2-2007 05:03:18
Good to read about you. NYC is not the same without you taking pics all over 🙂

Hugs from snowed/iced NYC,
#798Daves new toe.
15-2-2007 23:43:26
Post some pictures of your hospital gown I mean living conditions. Aye Mik!
Ohio Jon
#797Thats good news
14-2-2007 14:15:52
Keep on trucking – I like what I read – no cancer is stopping no walk – that is the news I wanted to hear. See you in Denmark, Stu
#796what nonsense
14-2-2007 03:19:58
OK last entry made no sense as I tried to save letters..stop limiting chars. (characters)

Stu e-mail me..
#795lots of ideas and contacts
14-2-2007 03:17:29
Hi Stu,
will work with you to make this happen.. have found that more than enough people/organizations and medical folks are willing to help,and then there are those that would think the “hits” on this site are worth nothing .. I know one is often asked for insurance in America. (protocol). but u need 2 know I have NEVER heard or seen a person needing medical attention denied, knowing the uninsured could never affort to payback -you will finish this walk no worries Stu.. Al
Alison the dub from Annapolis
#794Winkle Bars!
9-2-2007 15:00:36
just checked out your Herne Bay photos.
winkle bars! please!? You may have clock towers but Whitstables got the…er… xfactor.
Rich C
#793myspace or not?
9-2-2007 13:40:37
Beno! got your mail buddy and reply will soon be happening. should we get a myspace page? probably. have I been bothered? not really. still, seems to me that all the kids are on Ruperts messageboard these days, so perhaps Dave and I should simply get down with our badselves. watch this space and all that. oh, and your spelling was probably decided in advance by our Guestbook software – it doesnt believe in punctuation for some reason and is very militant about it. bad robot…
8-2-2007 22:41:28
I didnt really mis-spell the word hear/here in the post below. It was just some kind of poetic decision my brain made without me.

Does anyone have anymore cider?
#791German Library Report?
8-2-2007 22:39:28
Cant you just make a myspace page like everyone else?

Hey Stu & Dave

Here me now: You guys do rock.

Hope you got my email Stu. Ill sign off now while there are still some chairs.. no wait, chars left in here. Im not sure what they are, but I guess theyre just posh chairs.

Big up to you, and all your respective massives.

#790Update from Ohio
7-2-2007 14:43:38
Stuart and Dave, I havent logged on for several months, due to the insanity of divorce. I was crushed at the CA news. Mike survived prostate surgery 8 years ago. I cant figure out exactly where you are wintering. Let me know your plans for this summer. If you come through Richmond Dale you are welcome to spend time here. I am seeking summer employment, but still have time to cook, entertain and share a beer.
The best to you, Stu, as you fight this battle. Thank goodness for being fit
Connie Myers (Snyder)
29-1-2007 16:06:33
by the looks of those new photos it seems you have made it into Spencers old den! are my trainers still there?
24-1-2007 17:25:46
Nice site, thanks for hosting ti
Tom Ciprano
#787Best wishes
24-1-2007 02:53:35
Hi Stu, glad to hear you are doing well. My son (15) had his annual physical and his Doc told him all about monthly check up of the lads as testicular cancer is on the rise and a young mans illness that is easily cured.. you fell into the age group of success! Sam told his Doc about you, so I just thought I would share with you incase your ears were burning last week. Can the folks at AICR help you find sponsorship in America for screening. Im sure there are Docs that would do it to help.
#786I hear you on aniseed…..
15-1-2007 23:37:34
Hey Stuart! Ive been reading your blog and been meaning to write–give a little whoop whoop from Cape Town. When you mentioned aniseed I couldnt resist as I too have just had an awful experience with that flavorant. Have you ever tried a rusk? Its essentially a hard cookie-bread thing (basically a shoddy biscotti) that the South Africans have claimed to have created. Lost in a mountain range, the Drakensberg, and so completely exhausted, Jeppe and I only had aniseed rusks to chew on…yum!
#785hamburg machines
11-1-2007 13:43:57
hahahaha that photo of max, bjorn and mauritz is boss; the bear seems to have undergone a techno metamorphosis & evolved an arm that comes out of his mout so he can tweak traktor while hailing teuton master ravers. genius
the almighty domammu duchamp
#784Happy New Year everyone
7-1-2007 02:53:15
Oh Dear, I seem to have left a bit of an off key message formerly which may have stopped the flow somewhat. On behalf of me and my psyche I appologise. Great new pics by the way.

Dan the former Mbuti Miluvyu
#783In my dreams I was astrally interrogating you
4-1-2007 20:39:29
Dear Boys, Happy New Year to you. Dave it was lovely to lose you and find you in the most bizarre way truly befitting the DannDave show. Hope its allright being home. Stu, I know you rocked it nice in Hamburg. I have no doubts you will be up to full fitness soon. My one concern is that you may be prone to walking in large circles.
Mbuti Miluvyu
2-1-2007 19:21:14
Dear Jazzy, this is great news! Thanks for sharing!
#777Hello Boys!
31-12-2006 20:26:34
Hi just wanted to let you know God loves you so much…so much that he sent his only son, Jesus Christ, to die on the cross for your sins, so that you could spend eternity in Heaven. Call 1888Needhim to learn more.
#776Happy New Year
29-12-2006 23:15:44
Stuart, (And Dave)
I was at the Junction Trail Fest in Milford, OH when you were there. I just thought I would check in and catch up on your journal, and am so sorry to hear about your illness. Youre on my list for prayers now.
Hope you can make the rest of your walk in 07
#775Happy new year
25-12-2006 01:44:34
Oh no it hasnt. Apologies for traducing your wonderful site.
#774Happy Xmas
25-12-2006 01:43:33
You really must do something about that punctuation thing. Its left out the ring over the A in Borås too.
#7731b does that mean one ball?
20-12-2006 16:55:49
Hey it will be easier to walk now with less binding and a lighter mass to transport. Really, just poking fun at a serious thing. Stay strong and remember the Tour De France is now a possibility. Remember Joe and Ally in Hermann, MO. He is now one short as well.
#772good to hear you made it
15-12-2006 22:33:51
just writing to wish both of you a happy holidays and hope to catch up with you in 2007
turkey fry chris and becky
#771Yeah, go on…
10-12-2006 03:14:29
…turn it into a cancer diary. Ill read it. I expect most of the other people will too.
#770Glad you are home
8-12-2006 19:49:07
Hi Stu,
Glad you are home and resting. Keep strong, news sounds real good in relation to health. Look forward to meeting you next year. Alison.
#769get off the internet lep
8-12-2006 17:26:00
stop eating my biscuits
drink some water or im telling your mum
self medicate:headphones(dwight trible)2groin area=jazz joy sperm mbase
london aint lettin you leave you yo
domammu duchamp
#768Take care
5-12-2006 17:54:09
Hi Stuart – I read Alisons message over at Phil Goddards website. Sorry to hear your news, but Im sure treatment will prove successful. You are all doing and amazing job and have a great number of people thinking about you. All the best, Jack.
Jack @ AICR
#767Best wishes from Vietnam
5-12-2006 15:06:24
Hey Stuart,
Mikkel told me about the cancer. Shit, those are scary news. I feel so sorry for you, having to deal with that. It sounds like its going the right way though, and Im glad to hear.
I hope you are keeping your head up and the people around you are treating you good.
#766Bloody hell..
4-12-2006 13:12:32
Stu, I can not believe it, well unfortunately I can believe ugly cancer has raised itself again it seems to be every where. I have held back on my project to send buddies travelling to bring awareness to cancer prevention – I still have the 2 bowel buddies named for yourself & Dave, thought I would send them to you over the winter to give you something to write about. It looks like you will bring awareness to cancer through your own experience. Good Luck, stay strong they Odds are with You!
Alison the Dub from Annapolis
3-12-2006 02:48:07
be well stuart. shitty news, but at least in amerika if you can pay, a highly qualified cutter will be put at your disposal. hope you guys have made it home and are recovering. let us know what we need to know come april. get better.
#764Holy crap batman
2-12-2006 06:17:28
You are my second friend with testicular cancer and the first is fine (and argumentative) and it all happened long ago, and its all finished and over and done and I hope that helps. Before we know it youll be winning the tour de france with the help of all those groovy drugs youre going to get. Wouldnt Spence be jealous? Seriously, I dont know what to say. Love to you both.
1-12-2006 00:17:40
#762happy trails in the other direction you brave men
30-11-2006 21:04:15
if you could have written a script in 2 parts, i doubt you could have come up with an ending to part one that could hang from cliffs like your adventure now reads… im looking forward to the real sequel. i pledge to cover “some” distance with you when the walking starts again.
#761hugs and stuff
30-11-2006 04:21:45
hey stu – youre in our thoughts.
28-11-2006 10:36:40
I really like youre writing Stuart, looking forward to the book…
#759I did not know it was like this- super!
22-11-2006 21:44:50
Hi, I am Yazmin, Loida’s sister

I love your adventurous spirit! My sis told me about your project and after reading your site, I’d like to know if I can join you 🙂

PRican hugs for you two,
#758Even your break is good work
21-11-2006 19:10:02
Hey. Still enjoy following you guys. Your down-time in NY and D.C. is well-deserved, and I hope you make the most of it!
Martin Steiner
21-11-2006 15:58:16
oh yeah .. my email is
#756Yo whad up?
21-11-2006 15:57:37
lol how you guys doing I miss you. I cant wait to see you guys again. Its for sure that I graduate in May and off to Europe I go i would love for you 2 to show me around let me know what the schdule like. so Hows it hangin?> Lovely
#755Old neighbours of Stuart from Beltinge.
17-11-2006 12:40:59
To Stuart (and Dave too of course)
Had a curry with your Mum last night and she was telling me of your exploits!, hope you are well, keep on walking. regards from us all.
Viv, Fred, Matthew & Rachel Tutt
#751The real thing
16-11-2006 06:28:57
No, the president in 2040 is Lisa Simpson.

I met a Bloke from Coke a few weeks ago, and confessed my penchant for stealing his companys electricity. He told me that some machines have thermometers in, so that when the weather gets hot the drinks get more expensive.
Woolly woofter
#750Beached but not on wales
16-11-2006 00:07:20
Gentlemen, continuing to follow the exploits of a pair of English vagrants after their departure from KC, I came across a particularly brilliant Dave (Bailey) photo of a beach in NY. Hope you dont mind (copyright and all that) but I save a copy for meself. I am guessing it is Coney Island? And not a hotdog in sight! Great shot Dave and if I can get back into putting paint to canvas will look great on the parlour wall.
Neil the Displaced Brit
#749inspired, brighton
15-11-2006 15:14:16
hey stu, came across this by chance. well done on the effort so far boys. good to see people acting on a good cause rather than talking about it…anyway last time i google yank sl*gs on tour

paul seymour
#748Dont it feel good
14-11-2006 00:13:51
Alright Stu, Good to see you are having some hard earned rest. I know how it feels, and it feels good. Drop us a line if youre back in blighty. Walkers reunited and all that. Currently in Bordeaux with the old man having to drink the red and relax in front of the log fire. Well done guys!
#747Brooklyn, NY
12-11-2006 19:42:35
Hi yas hope your NY stay is turning out well, enjoyed your conversation. Goodluck on your trip, maybe if you come back to the big apple, will meet up for some drinks. Will be checking out to see how your doing. Cormaic
#746Are you there yet?
11-11-2006 21:07:08
Dear Lads , hope this finds you near, or at the end of your trek.
Do you like Kansas?Ive never
been there. Had some relation
move there . Take care Cheers,Tom
Tom Burcher
#745Emilys Dad
11-11-2006 04:34:26
Hey, Em of Louisville told me about meeting you guys. She was impressed, & inspired. So am I! When you come back, make her bring you to our cabin in TN. Youll find stillness in the gentle stream outside our door. Let your spirits guide you. dauc cha
Ed Age
10-11-2006 17:07:13
How great to see you two have made it to your first season end point! I saw you at the Junction Trail Fest and I was interested to see how well you would do. Good work gents!
#743Wooly Woofter
10-11-2006 07:27:41
Carrying a batteryless laptop is like carrying toothpaste and no toothbrush (we carry neither.) Frankly it is for wooly woofters. Next year we will probably carry a couple of spare batteries each even though we dont need them. We are very hard.

Im telling Coke on you.
#741Lighter laptops
9-11-2006 03:11:42
I left my battery at home to save weight. Ive never missed it, and theres always Coke machines to plug into.
#740Hi there
8-11-2006 16:31:33
Hi Stuart.
Chris here, who you met briefly in Slovakia. Mark put me on to your site. Interesting project indeed!! Hope you come back with some real insight. We could do with a little less stereotyping in the modern world. (Although you do realise dont you that the French really are cheese eating surre….. oh, ok, perhaps not!)
Take care and enjoy.
#739you need to come back
7-11-2006 21:23:52
I understand that I didnt make jefferson City very appealing but you should definately come and visit some time after expedition. I should have my massage license by the time you come back to the states (wink wink)
nancy from the black hole
5-11-2006 20:11:37
I think I just lost another pair…
5-11-2006 08:37:56
Phil, youre our hero (pardon the inevitable lack of punctuation.) Allyson, pardon the inexcusable lack of punctuation. God Bless not walking.

Ive lost 1. Stu lost 2.
#736OK, be honest…
5-11-2006 01:55:19
Just how many pairs of sunglasses did you lose?
Ive lost one if its any consolation.
3-11-2006 13:28:37
where did it go? I was all beautifully punctuated…
#734caught up at last
3-11-2006 13:27:34
hiya, just spent an almost-epic time catching up on your last month (selected highlights were mentioned by Mick) as Ive actually had to work recently. Glad youve ended successfully, bummer about Stus blister, but looking forward to catching up soon. Scotlands dark but friendly at this time of year… Take care. A
#733Happy Birthday
2-11-2006 21:58:51
Happy Birthday Stuart. I envy your trip across the USA. Since you got the “trapped in a closet” DVD for your birthday you should check out Weird Al Yankovics “trapped in a drivethru” parody on the Straight outta Lynwood CD.
#732we met ya mom in finland
2-11-2006 13:06:57
we met your mom and she said she hope your doing well
#731Belated happy b-day wishes!
1-11-2006 15:10:25
Congratulations with your birthday, Stuart! My b-day is actually on the 28´th of october. Funny. If you like that kind of fun, that is ;o)
#730Lost and Found
1-11-2006 05:12:18
Well done! We liked the thought of you stopping in Independence.Tonight we found some blue Smith sunglasses tucked between chair cushions. (Shows how much time we spend in the living room.Shall we mail them? or hold on to them and give them to you at trails end in CA? Happy to do either.
Glad to know you made it safely and soundly. Your journal entries are great. Cant wait for the book!
Best regards, J&L; Dunn, Carbondale, IL
John& Linda Dunn
30-10-2006 13:27:24
Well done Boys! Had my doubts, but youve made it this far with your ususal mix of derring-do and strange odours. Looking forward to catching up and seeing the much hyped Roadkill Gallery.
#728Au revoir
30-10-2006 05:21:44
Many, many congratulations. Youre now over 400 miles ahead of me, though I think I may have caught up by the time you restart, providing I can tear myself away from New Orleans. Have a great time back home, and keep in touch.
30-10-2006 00:34:24
Just a quickie to say a big happy birthday to the Big Ham and how much I am looking forward to catching up. Well Done fellas! I suppose now you will be wanting to return home and shag some fans whilst cracking walnuts twixt your thighs.
Dan J
#726Next Year
29-10-2006 20:29:33
Cheers to ya for traveling this far. Be prepared for amazing weather across Kansas next spring. You WILL be AWED and HUMBLED! Storms such that you have NEVER seen 🙂 Not like those wimpy sea-baked things in England.

Best of Luck…
Chuck @ Des Moines Met Office.
#725You Did It !
29-10-2006 01:48:35
Dave/Stuart- Happy Birthday, Stuart ! Cheers! Congratulations on a successful hike!
I have the “Crazy Brits” credited for hiking 2,056.8 miles of the ADT. Your estimate of 1,600 miles is incredibly modest. I used mileages for each state crossed as shown on our ADTS web site at with only 24.2 miles left to do in Missouri. I realize you pioneered the new “PUB ROUTE” which strayed from our official ADT route a bit. I figured you actually hiked farther than the ADT route.
Dick Bratton
#724Happy congraduday
28-10-2006 18:54:43
A combo message: birthday wishes and a tip of the hat to your momentous adventure! I still hope to track you down and tag along bit next summer. Rest, stretch, and make lists of possible conversations to have on the next leg.

Fritz and Leslie
Fritz and Leslie
#723Higginsville,Mo Visit
28-10-2006 18:11:40
All of Higginsville think David and Stuart are fine men with impeccable manners. You will always be welcome here. IXOYE Connie
Connie Dille
#722happy birthday
28-10-2006 11:38:21
Happy birthday Stu, and well done to both of you, half way across the states without killing each other, its quite an achievement. What plans for the winter? Will you be gracing Brighton with your illustrious presence? The city waits with baited breath, should we get out the bunting? Shall I inform the good people of Wimbourne?
28-10-2006 11:01:21
America is a very confusing and hipi-critical country. I am sure after your return, your opinion of the contents will be very uplifting and heart-wrenching all in the same.Political, predjuidice, and poverty are not oblivious to any other culture.I as an american citizen have the same curiousities as you.
When we are born and when we die- we both have so much in common.
#720What will I read in the winter?
28-10-2006 10:59:44
Congratulations lads. Job well done and all that.
Its always the people, not just (although largely) the people you meet but also the people you are.
A lifetime and a half of memories in just 6 months that you can spend the rest of your lives taking out, misremembering, dusting off and grininng inanely about at unexpected moments – all that and its only time for the half time orange. I doff my cap and say thanks to you and everyone who has shown you kindness, looking forward to Part 2.
Neil McKenzie
28-10-2006 10:44:03
I was not aware of the b-day! My mothers was today also.Thank you for “walking buy” KC is boring to a certain extent thats why they need me!!! I will just not have it. If ever you return please pop in and I will make sure Kansas City will never be forgotten!

Best of luck,

#718happy bday
27-10-2006 19:53:14
heya stu how ya doin?

just here to wish you a very happy birthday. sorry we couldnt get a card to you but look forward to talking to you when u get home next month.

going to see grandma tomorrow and lunching with vickie. this message has been sent courtesy of my secretary aka clare, and everyone here sends their love.

take care.

lots of love

auntie mag
auntie maggie
#717miss you
27-10-2006 17:08:27
Sorry I missed getting to visit with you when you stopped in Alma, MO. You were finishing up and leaving “Cathys Country Restaurant” when I entered. I run the local paper and was approched, right after you left, by several people telling me I should have been there sooner to talk with you. Hope your visit was a nice one. Best wishes for a safe trip.
#716C, Torquay, final answer.
27-10-2006 16:59:58
regarding the eclipse, Hannah and Ronald the german and I went across for the eclipse (in Micks car, he met a girl called Sal that night). Once we got into Devon we consulted the I-Ching on top of a wheelie bin and it told us not to go to cornwall. Looking at the map and trying to interpret the reading I said torquay and sure enough at the very moment of totality the clouds cleared comepletely for about 3 seconds. We saw the corona for a full second.
27-10-2006 14:51:37
Hi Stu,
Hope all is well, keep checking to see all is going well.

Happy Birthday for 27th October.
Luv Rosemary and Frank
rosemary herod
27-10-2006 08:34:09
Dubstep i s the new nexrt thig. U better geet used and aprreciate. True souh Londin!
Mtrkl MF
#713Clintons Soda Fountain
26-10-2006 21:22:58
I hope you found your friend! It is awesome what you are doing! Keep Going ang Keep Warm!!!!
#712Hello lads!
26-10-2006 19:39:19
Hello again, lads! This is Shane, a/k/a Ashley, the attorney you met while trekking in the vast wilderness of Southern Illinois. Just wondering what your plans are after phase 1 of the hike is complete. If you make it back through the Carbondale/ Marion Illinois area, Id be glad to host you for a night, and prepare you some stupendously bad food, or, I could let my wife cook and wed eat well. My email address again is:
Drop me a line & Ill seek perission from the wife.
#711Waitress from Crazy Cone
25-10-2006 21:42:36
Hello again,
Glad that you all had a great time in Higginsville, but i must say Im sad to see that there was just a little about the wonderful restaurant of Crazy Cone(but its okay because Im sure you have a lot talk about)…Hope all is well and wish you all the luck in the world!!!
25-10-2006 17:52:17
You are so close to KC that you should be able to smell the BBQ. I hope that the hat is keeping you warm and that you are keeping up with the Cardinals. They are up 2 games to 1 in the big “world” series. Go Birds! By the way, if they win on wednesday and then again on thursday, the rioting and general hooliganism can begin immediatly thereafter!!!
#709Nice job.
25-10-2006 15:27:51
Hey, Just wanted yous to know. I think its awesome wot youre doing. You met my cousin Hollie a couple days ago in Higginsville, MO and she told me about your quest… and your site. Good Luck! And stay warm!!!
#708cant wait to see you!
25-10-2006 15:12:10
Am keeping up with your exploits but just thought id let you know I cant wait to see you when you come home! Looking forward to that pint in the pub!
lil sis
#707Be safe
25-10-2006 13:44:07
Guys, glad youre enjoying the midwest. Have a safe trip back home for the winter, hope to hike with you in the spring again.
Mike Haas
#706Brighton or St Just
25-10-2006 06:35:54
soory I hadnt finished – anyway half an hour at least. I suggested that evn though the eclipse was not complete at Brighton the clear skies gave greater contrast. BUT who was at Brighton and St Just concurrently to know the difference? Why is it called BRIGHTon I ask? Does Dave have rose coloured spectacles? Would they have made a difference? The point of this being that I so miss such trite and yet wonderful conversations. Thanks a lot guys; it was our pleasure really. Night see you for curry.
Neil continuing
#705We survived the laundry
25-10-2006 06:31:31
Finally got a chance to add more verbage having been sent to Philadelphia (by the way Valley Forge Heritage Site is REALLY interesting). Needless to say it was bloody great having Dave and Stu to stay just so reminded me of home. The highlight being down the local (The Living Room) where a debate between them centred on whether the last full eclipse was actuall brighter in Brighton than Cornwall!!!! I pointed out that Brighton was without cloud but Cornmwall was – so light difused, half an hour!
Neil – Even more misplaced
24-10-2006 19:33:09
I have never been compared to a dog before and am slightly intrigued gents!!! Laters
#703Good to go
24-10-2006 16:43:09
Your rockin it boys. So exciting an end of the first long chapter and so many questions: Will you make it to the trivia night? Will you suffer from pneumonia when they are done? Will you be able to be put back into civilisation?
Mikkel Holst
24-10-2006 14:02:18
Still going then lads!?! I wont mention Leeds Dave…well not in this message anyway :)Well bloody done lads and keep up the good work. I hope you are properly armed to deal with those hicks you will no doubt come across. Dag nabbit!!!!!
Paul Gardiner
#701RE: Punctuation
24-10-2006 03:55:13
Phil you stickler! Strue, the apostrophes look appallingly lacking to the uninitiated but to those in the know like us…basically, we can only have punctuation in the rich text editor part of the site – the journal. on every other section the apostrophes disappear (Bastian, Alex, are you reading?!) leaving both Dave and myself frustrated because, yes, we are grammar nazis too…soon we will change this system, and conquer the punctuation world. ahahah etc.
#700Reporter from Higginsville, Missouri
24-10-2006 01:03:32
Pleasure meeting the two of you today in Higginsville. Best of luck!!
Hollie M.
23-10-2006 07:00:42
I think you should spend your winter break working on the apostrophes on your website.
#698cold night in MO
23-10-2006 04:22:31
Glad you guys stopped by last night. We enjoyed the visit and hearing about your travels across this land of ours. If was not wet and so cold we would rope some steers for you, let us know when you come back next summer and we might have a rodeo close. I hope you have a safe trip to KC and back across the pond. Keep in touch we will watch the web site.
Seth & the girls
#697Wishing well
21-10-2006 13:48:34
Hi guys
Hope you are enjoying every footstep in the US. Here in Denmark its very nice. We are preapring for the fall (that hasnt really shown up yet) I am looking forward to see you soon around here Stu:-) I feel sorry that spurs arent doing better and hope theyll get better soon. Take care over there. Ivan
Ivan DK
21-10-2006 02:13:48
you stopped and got water at my house along the way and seen the tire horse. It was nice to meet you and hope you have a safe and fun trip. talked to the lady in Blackwater and said she would be open for your breakfast in the morning. Have a fun and safe trip.
#695Just in case you missed it…
20-10-2006 23:37:46
Leeds Utd 1 Leicester City 2
Glad to see you guys are going well after the “Initial” problems.
Keep it up and by the time youre done you can watch Leeds in League 1 ;o)
#694Head West
20-10-2006 14:35:28
So pleased to hear you are moving forward after yet another debauchery filled evening. Go Cardinals! I have contacted another Hermann friend TableTopTom who resides in KC and may be able to help you navigate the urban areas of KC and/or offer support. Check your email for his phone number. How is the hat holding up? Go Cardinals!
Fritz the Skunk Head.
Fritz The Artist
#693Great Progress!
20-10-2006 12:25:14
Ok, I put together a program that Im tentatively calling “Dave and Stus Guide To Better Living”. Its sort of a survival guide by which the homeless get on simply by being, or in our case, acting, English. I intend to share the profits with your cause. So far I have two bags of cans, a half pint of Wild Turkey and some rolling papers- which Im thinking of sending to whats-her-name, as shes so handy with them. Id like Dave to do the cover art and Stu to do the filing bit. Let me know…
#692Try to keep warm
20-10-2006 01:32:01
Hope the drink kept you warm. Good luck on the next 3319 miles.
J&M; Automotive
New Franklin, Missouri
J & M Automotive
#691Getting Close
20-10-2006 00:17:46
Lads, I think you spoke to my mate Ray at Brits International in KC. He in turn spke to Marlene in Sedalia and so hopefully you have her number. I am in Marshall about 28 miles N of Sedalia but wont be around Friday until Sunday evening. Give me a shout however on 886 2329 if you need anything – cheers Neil
#690until tomorrow..
19-10-2006 18:04:37
Hello gents,
The littlest hobo was canadian which is a coincidence because Im in Ontario for three months. I just wanted to say that Dave, although it still pains me to compliment you given your inability to turn your guitar down, your pictures are getting very good. 🙂 to you both.
#689Hobo Style
19-10-2006 15:58:46
Barry Superior
19-10-2006 15:18:06
If you keep up this speed you might at well call it Walking The States 2006/2007/2008

Salaam habibi
Kristian (AC. Praest)
#687Damascus greetings
19-10-2006 15:12:34
Hello there Stu,
A small support message from Damascus.
I miss you down at the BloomsdayPub for a good Spurs beating.
Kristian (AC. Praest)
#686Still reeling from the fun…
19-10-2006 05:21:47
Hey Dave and Stu,

We were thrilled to have you as our guests last night. It was lovely to share stories, music, beer, cigarettes and affections. Hope the walk to Rocheport wasnt too dreary. We thought of you as we napped mid-afternoon.

The kitties miss your curious odor.

Sara and Lisa
Sara and Lisa
#68524 miles EVERY day?
19-10-2006 03:25:50
Dont overdo it, will you? Mind you, it probably doesnt matter if you do, as youll be back in civilisation so soon and can have any major surgery you require, free of charge at the point of delivery.
Im off on another little side trip, this time to New Orleans, where Im doing some volunteer work clearing up after Katrina.
Do give me a call if you get time before you go.
Another stinky Euro-man
#684thanks for the cup of joe
18-10-2006 20:28:19
Hi Stu and Dave

I wish you both could have had more time in Columbia, I would have loved to hear some of your walking stories first hand and (dont read this Dave) more discussion of library-land. I now have a bug for international library work.
Travel safe and best wishes to you both.


P.S. the coffee is on me next time
#683Marshall bound
16-10-2006 20:37:26
If you are on the Santa Fe trail you are going to come very close to my front door. Give me a shout on 886 2329 so we can meet up and quaff and ale (assuming we could find a decent one) Would be great to chat to someone who doesnt keep asking you to repeat things!!
Neil the misplaced Brit
#682brits club
16-10-2006 20:29:51
hi guys, hope you get to meet cousin Ray of the Brits Club in Kansas, hes a nutty ex pat, almost as nutty as us that live in Brighton, sussex. have fun
16-10-2006 18:17:32
Dave and Stuart..It was excellent to have met both of you. We had some great times at Chris and Beckys bonfire. Also at the Barrel for a little drunken debauchery. 😉 I have many pictures from the infamous night! Check them out on Just do a search for my name to view them. Do you know when you are going to be in New York? I will be there 10-13 Nov. Maybe we could get together for drinks! Take care. Be Safe and happy trails!
Karissa Krull
#680Miss American Pie
16-10-2006 03:12:17
Fritz and I took a journey from Hollywood, Florida to Hermann, Missouri for Octoberfest – little did we know that our trip would include a close encounter with Stuart and Dave! Our time in The Barrel Bar singing, “bye-bye, Miss American pie, drove my Chevy to the levee, but the levee was dry, them good old boys were drinkin’ whiskey and rye and singin’, this’ll be the day that I die” will remain one of our fondest memories of the walking Englishmen. Thanks for the laughs!
#679Walk like the wind!
16-10-2006 02:55:58
Soon after I started my second bottle of wine in Hermann, I got a strong whiff of “STINKY EURO-MAN”. I looked over to see two hikers settling in for beer and baseball. A quick nod to them, then back to the wine. A short time later, I looked up to see them leaving, but then they hesitated briefly just outside the door. I jumped up to provide assistance. To make a long story short, within the next 24 hours our intrepid hikers became alcohol-drenched, tryptophan-juiced , double-washed and walking much slower to the west.
16-10-2006 02:37:13
hey whats up guys, i seen you in the bar in hermann mo. bought you both a beer… good luck to both ya….
16-10-2006 00:49:27
15-10-2006 23:16:04
enjoyed haveing you stay at the house stay on the good foot
chris and becky hermann
#675Well done…
13-10-2006 19:38:50
Ironic that the wealthy suburbs are as much of an obstacle to you as the Missouri river bridge. Glad to hear that you have made it to the KATY trail. You will continue to encounter small river towns right across to Jeff City. We continue to talk about you here. It was wonderful to be part of your journey. Sorry about the turn in the weather. Wont last long, most likely. Hope that you enjoyed those British chocolate bars…

All the best,

Tom at the Huck Finn Youth Hostel, St. Louis
Tom @ the Huck Finn Youth Hostel
#674Hey guys
12-10-2006 17:59:09
Glad you got over the bridge in MO. I was wondering if that worked for you. Couldnt get to your personal email for some reason, but this worked, so what I wanted to tell you is if you need to generate some extra $$ for your walk, go to and check it out. FREE to sign up and it could generate income where ever you are in the world. The enroller code you need is 103313. Let me know if you want help with ideas to make it easily work. Text ok
Be safe God bless
#673Keep it up
12-10-2006 17:53:43
Hey guys…Met you in Defiance, Missouri last night. Hope you enjoyed the dollar wing nite and some enjoyable company. Also hope you didnt freeze out there in your tent with temps going to the freezing point. You are doing a great thing. I pray your travel continues to be safe and wonderful.
#672You guys are awsome!
12-10-2006 16:54:31
What a wonderful thing you guys are doing! My brother met you lastnight in Defiance and called me with your website. We wish you both the very best and keep up the awsome work!
#671from bob evans in chesterfield, mo
11-10-2006 21:08:51
i seen you just as i crossed the boone bridge outside of chesterfield, glad to see you made it across safely. it was so neat to meet you this morning as i served you breakfast. be safe in your long journey across the states. i will keep up with you.

#670Thanks for making our day
11-10-2006 16:04:57
Hey Guys, Sorry I missed seeing you off yesterday. Thanks for staying with us…you are the reason we started running our Youth Hostel…interesting, committed travelers with no particular agenda waiting to see what develops next…keep up the right attitude and enjoy the KATY trail. Our thoughts go with you…
Tom at the Huck Finn YH
11-10-2006 04:27:33
It was so nice meeting you, Stuart! You guys are amazing, and I do believe Ive told no less than ten people about you since yesterday morning when you stopped by for breakfast. Good luck walking…and with your brown sugar intake!
Alex (from the Soulard Coffee Garden)
#668Super feet
10-10-2006 17:06:42
I heard that you stopped at the Alpine Shop in Kirkwood and my daughter Angie fitted you for a new pair of Superfeet. These will help you in your quest. Your feet will feel great! Thanks for making her day she was very excited to help you. I will be watching your progress boys!
Good Luck
#667run, stuart, run
10-10-2006 10:52:43
stu – i am glad to see that you are training for the new season in DAIs A-raekke. you must be in pretty good shape when you return for the the new season. so hurry up and do the last 3000 miles before april. yalla yalla.
salaam from the middle east.
ac praest striker…
9-10-2006 16:29:19
I read with interest your trail log of 7-9-06, concerning a visit to Harlan Hubbards home. I am so grateful that Paul Hassfurder is taking care of the old homestead. I would definitely like to visit that home someday and I might try to contact Paul. If you are still out there Paul, give me a yell at . I think Hubbards “Shantyboat” was one of the most delightful books I have ever read.

Bob Pond
#665Near Misses
9-10-2006 04:00:20
Hi Guys,

We have continued to follow your jouney across the states since you left this little town of ” Santa Claus” , Indiana. I read your recent post about “near misses” and Andrew Card. Thought I would tell you about another near miss. Remember that small town of St. Meinrad where you stayed before being forced to stop in Santa Claus due to weather. Well, only days after you left, a couple there was chosen for the Extreme Home Makeover Edition. It Was Huge!
#664Carbondale Guy
6-10-2006 23:32:16
I wish I had known you were coming through. Im always the last to know whats happening, it seems. All the best on your trek!
Tom C
#663Illinois Pix
5-10-2006 23:54:39
Made me right proud. Beautiful images, Dave!
#662challenged by dates
5-10-2006 23:40:21
Hi! We hope you are making progress in your journey. Our daughter alerted us to the fact that we said you visited October 30 instead of Septmber 30! Wanted to clear this up so others did not think you were some kind of time travelers.
Still working on a connection for you to contact in St. Louis. How are the blisters? Take care. J&L; Dunn, Carbondale, IL
Linda and John Dunn
5-10-2006 03:51:12
#660Eating, Of Course!
5-10-2006 01:24:08
Hi, met you at The Depot in Murphysboro, IL Sunday, Oct 1. We left while you were relaxing on a bench. Good to meet you. Best of luck on your journey!
Bill and Karen Szedlar
3-10-2006 21:06:10
Er, sorry Shane – have amended the Journal accordingly. Many thanks for the offer of help, at the moment I am in need of two fewer blisters on my left foot. Help?
#658my email address
3-10-2006 20:17:57
Hello again! I wanted to give you my email address:
(I ran out of space in my last post)
Shane Aden
#657a slight misunderstanding
3-10-2006 20:15:57
Hello Guys! This is the attorney that ran into you on the bridge on your way to Carbondale. For some reason, you name me “Ashley” in your journal. Not to worry, Ive been called worse. Anywho, I just wanted to renew my offer to help you in any way you need. Do you have any supply points that a Good Samaritan such as myself could send a few small luxuries to? For that matter, do you need any small luxuries sent to you? Take care of yourself, guys. I hope to run into you again. God Bless!
Shane Aden
#656Well, I missed you, too bad
3-10-2006 04:30:49
As a fellow Brit(expat)from Cambridge and now living in Evansville, IN, I was thrilled to see the article in the Courier & Press about you both. Too late, Im afraid. And I even had PG Tips on hand…Splendid job, both of you, and those legs and chests…magic!!!! Good luck on the rest of your journey. Ill keep track. Thanks for everything. If you come back next year to complete the trek, look me up at Or any time. I can offer you a cuppa!!!
Barbara (aka babber)
#655We enjoyed your stay!
2-10-2006 23:49:10
Thanks so much for accepting our offer to stay with us the night of October 30. We are envious of your youth and sense of adventure…and bravery. We look forward to following your progress and hope that we can keep in touch. It really would be fun if we could make it to CA and witness the end of your excellent adventure! Take care and be safe. Your Carbondale hosts Linda and John
Linda and John Dunn
#654saying hello
1-10-2006 19:37:55
Hey Guys,
I jus wanted to say i hope you 2 are doing well on your mission to walk across the states….Was very nice meeting both of you…
Lots of wishes and prayers from me to you..
“Shawneetown Quik Mart”
#653FRI 9/29/06
30-9-2006 04:20:47
#652Hope you injoythe football game
29-9-2006 18:04:33
It was so nice to talk to you at the creal springs mart. I hope all goes well with you as you continue to travel across the country. I will keep checking with the site to keep track of you.
al My email address is
al lester
#651Fast Eddys “Thong Thursday”
29-9-2006 00:34:04
sorry we missed you guys…to see what you missed on Thursday, check out and !! You two could have been our “booty testers”…Be Safe!
dj jon b.
28-9-2006 19:39:05
Talking with you both in Evansville was a tremendous experience. It was so refreshing to hear about so many things from your points of view. Any reporter that misses out on the opportunity to talk with you should be tarred and feathered, then boiled in oil!! Will send a C-D of all that we used on our five stations. Thanks again!!!
Dave Lyons
27-9-2006 06:55:07
#648from Santa Claus,IN
27-9-2006 05:02:49
We saw you walking near Holiday World this past week, and then read about you in the Evansville paper. I wish we had been able to stop and chat but we were headed to preschool. Good luck on your journey! We will follow your progress. Jeanne
#647two guys walking…
27-9-2006 04:39:01
I was so hoping youd come through New Harmony and on across into Illinois and on into our litle town of Crossville. You would have had lots of hospitality here as well – and I make a mean taco soup and baklava! Have fun on the quest, keep your socks dry!
#646Have fun
27-9-2006 00:23:26
Sorry I missed you when you walked through Evansville. I would offered bread and board. I am so interested in your walk across the U.S. It was nice of our newspaper to feature your hike. I am also following Randy and Sheri on the Trail. They are in Colorodo today, and its cold and snowing. They came through here earlier last month. I am enjoying your Website now. Keep on keepin on, and have a cold one now and then. I have hiked on the Appalachian Trail,know what that is all about.Trail on….
#645Wondering Where You Are Today
26-9-2006 18:46:37
A friend, J.D. Tyler and I met you all at a parking lot in Mt. Vernon, Indiana and invited you for an evening meal. When he and I talked on the phone we discussed you all at great length – hope you are fine and also hope our paths will cross again. GOOD LUCK
Evalene Savage
#644Just checking on you guys
26-9-2006 17:22:28
Just wanted to say that I was Honored to have met you two gentelmen. Hope that in the future our paths will cross again soon. Well make every preparation to try to attend the party next year, as Im not sure we did enough of that this weekend. Stay safe in your travels, Melissa and I look forward to having Chin Chins with Busch lite in our hands some day soon. Melissa isnt here right now, but Im sure she would say hello and be safe so do just that guys and well see you soon. walk strong
J.D. & Melissa
26-9-2006 06:51:44
I read about you both in the newspaper as you passed through Evansville, IN recently. I wish I would have gotten the chance to meet two handsome, intelligent, and inspiring men such as yourself. I think it is amazing what you are doing. I have thought about walking the trail myself one day and hearing about others doing it makes me want to all the more. Good luck on your journeys, and may God be with you everywhere you go.
jehmie barrick
#642good to meet you ;o)
25-9-2006 17:04:20
Stuart and Dave~ Very nice meeting you all this weekend. You two cracked us up and intrigued us at the same time. Good luck with your travels and god bless you with good weather. We will keep in touch. Maggie says hello also.(Especially to Dave!)
By the way, dinner was great! Nicholas even ate it :o)
Amanda, Nicholas and Maggie
#641Good to be home
25-9-2006 14:14:52

Hi Stu/Dave

Thanks for your comments on our little walk through the UK (only 1000 odd miles!). As no web access for 3 months just going to start looking through your site – seems like a little bit of catching up to do but looking good. Hope the weather improves and will drop a line once Ive digested exactly what you crazy dudes have been up to!! Take care
25-9-2006 11:53:19
25-9-2006 10:56:45
Well, it has been an absolute pleasure spending the weekend with the both of you. Stop in anytime!Hopefully Stu, you are enjoying your new sleeping bag and Dave, that the torch lights your way. I seriously doubt that your dinner tonite(lipton-all the choices!)is better than the lovely dinner you cooked for the crew! It was a pleasure to have met the both of you and I wish you well in your travels. (did you hear that accent I have picked up?!) Good weather, good health, and good times! Besafe
#638V impressed
25-9-2006 10:17:24
Hugely impressed by you guys so far…not only the walking but maintaining humour (at least in journal). Keep going!

Megan (friend of Allyson and Mick)

P.S Liked the stag photos of Mick, hee hee.
#637Glad you enjoyed Evansville
25-9-2006 05:15:36
Hi – never met you, just read the article in the paper – found it interesting! Hope you had fun in Evansville & didnt find everyone to be red-necks. Good luck on your journey – what a trip!!! God Bless!
#636Car Show
25-9-2006 02:45:42
I talked with you all today in Mt. Vernon, IN at the car show about our friends that live in Cratfield, Halesworth, Suffolk England. I plan to send him an E-mail including the story and picture of you both in the Evansville paper today. Sounds like you are having quite an interesting walking trip. Good luck with your journey!!
Ruth Ann
#635How are ya lads?!
25-9-2006 01:46:01
You 2 are flipping nuts (ok Ill step out of censorship…) fecking nuts! It struck me today for the first time, that both of you and Phil are managing to condense my 13 years view point of living in America int almost as many weeks… I think it is lovely that you have experienced such great laughs and hospitality while getting a condensed view of American politics from the ground level. I have not doubt you will one day argue on behalf of the US when in a Pub back home… lol Al the Dub!
#634Have enjoyed reading of your journey
24-9-2006 13:27:09
I grew up in Carrollton, Kentucky – just a bit upriver from Madison, Indiana. I read with great interest as your passed through the geography of my younger life- Cincinnati, Madison and southern Indiana, Louisville, and on. I also spent four years at Hanover College, and hope you had a chance to see that beautiful campus as you passed through that area. I hope to continue to read of your ongoing exploits. Take care, and may you find good weather and health the whole way. – Mark
Mark Graves
#633Evansville Folk Rock
24-9-2006 03:42:05
Dave & Stuart it was a pleasure to meet you two fine young men. We are very excited to have notes from you to put in the Timecapsule.Hope you will come back when we dig it up. Good Luck to you in your travels. It will be a Sunny but sad day when you leave tomorrow. Love from the Mamma Jude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I will be following along with the family. You two are welcome to be a part of our Family always. Be safe!!!!!!!!P.S. tip of the day “dont eat yellow snow!” Powerball Winners!!!!!!!!!!
Mamma Jude
#632Old Friends
24-9-2006 03:07:22
Remember me Im Madisons best friend. I hope you complete your acomplishment.
Gods speed
24-9-2006 03:01:03
Hi remember me Madison from my sister Melissas house? Just thought you might want to hear from an old friend. So how are you doing? Im doing fine myslef.
Madison Mckinney
23-9-2006 09:26:38
Yes. I figured I would jump upon the bandwagon and sign yalls guestbook. Isnt that absolute bollocks? ha! Im using it. I met you fascinating men this evening, and even conversated with you well into the wee morning hours…and Im very glad that you are here. Its been very wonderful to meet you both. It will be sad to see you go. BUT.. in the mean time we will have some good ol Evansville fun. (Whatever that might be). Take care,.. and see you soon!
Amy of Top Spot fame.
#629Greetings from Florida
23-9-2006 02:08:51
Oops! I seem to have taken a wrong turning.
#628Thong Thursdays in Evansville, Indiana
22-9-2006 20:46:53
Im sorry to hear that you did not make it to Thong Thursday!!! I hope you have enjoyed your time in Evansville, Indiana. Be sure to stop by Grantham, England and make your way to “The Greg” when you get back home….. and you should really think about getting a myspace page!! I told you I would check this out!! Good Luck with your journey!!

Lizzie Ross
#627You made a wrong turn
22-9-2006 04:06:39
Hey boys, you went the wrong way from Newburgh to Eville. You should have gone on the trail by the levee. You missed Angel Mounds State Memorial – A indian burial ground with all kinds of early indian stuff, plus you would have come into Evansville from the scenic side along the river. Oh well, sorry you didnt find the fiddlers to be outstanding, but are you brave enough for the BRAIN SANDWICH?? Take care and keep those journal entries coming. Its keeping us all entertained.
Suzanne Stagg
#626Private for you and you and you
22-9-2006 02:18:21
If you take the hairy one, Ill take the one with the big nose.
God fearing person fearing person
#625Sorry, but…
21-9-2006 17:21:10
Dear NKECHI, well, its a tough one alright. Im really sorry to inform you that Dave and I are not available for a long distance relationship right now – its the walking and all that. However, I wish you all the best in your search for a reliable and god-fearing person. As Fergal Sharky said, a good heart these days is hard to find. Good luck!
#624private for you
21-9-2006 15:08:23
Dear ..

Permit me to inform you of my desire of going into a relationship with you, I got your contact from a foreigners guest book in my earnest search for a reliable and Gods fearing person whom I can entrust,not only that,but to have you as a good friend.When I got your email I was motivated to go down on my kness and prayed over it,later I was convinced by my instict to mail you.

I am MISS NKECHI ABBOT, the only daughter of CHIEF and MRS ANITA JOHNSON ABBOT, My father was
#623Good Luck
20-9-2006 15:08:00
I met you two in Subway in
Santa Clause. Infact, I made your food. It was a pleasure to see someone to interesting walking through town. I wish you both the best of luck on your journey.
19-9-2006 23:34:20
Dave & Stu,
Sorry for being late on signing the gb but I just wanted to wish you luck on your journeys. Karen and I enjoyed the “lively” conversation at Suzannes place and the George T. Staggs Whiskey a little too much. 😉

Go Spurs! (For all of those reading not San Antonio, Tottenham!)
Vince & Karen
#621Best Wishes!
19-9-2006 21:54:03
First I would like to say that Im honored to have met you both. I think you are doing something amazing, and hopefully you will experience the best of humanity on your journey.

Im really excited that you were able to meet Muhammad. When I met him, I was so moved by his presence. Im sure you two understand exactly what I mean. But Im glad I could help you accomplish one of your goals for the trip!

I will continue to visit the site regularly. Best of luck on the remainder of the trip!
#620Farewell from Santa Claus, IN
19-9-2006 06:38:49
Hey Dave and Stu. Thank you for stopping in when there was so many other attractions in our large town.(haha) It was nice to share a little time with the both of you, and I hope yall enjoyed it. I wish you both the best of luck in the rest of your journey and may everyone you meet see your qenuine character.

The greatest gift you can give someone is your time.

Hunter Heiney
#619Santa Claus, Indiana
19-9-2006 06:00:46
Hey Dave and Stu!Thank you for stopping in tonight and letting us show you all of our many animals.I had fun talking with you guys and yall were great company.You guys have inspired me.I hope you enjoyed Santa Claus and its many attractions offered (lol),goodluck with the rest of your trip and I will follow it along the way.Have fun and be safe!
Ryan Heiney
#618Alpacas & Parrots
19-9-2006 05:50:12
Hi Guys!

Thanks so much for sharing some of your trip with Ryan , Hunter & me! My boys were as fascinated with your venture as you were with seeing way too many parrots in a house and a yard full of alpacas! We have friends in Kansas and will watch your website, because if you get close, we will try to head you their way! Thanks so much for visiting us and sharing your journey.

Lu Heiney
#617Ahh..the Thomas Merton quote
19-9-2006 05:20:55
Your journey certainly brings this quote to mind:

“In the end, it is the reality of personal relationships that saves everything…”

So maybe theres hope for us Americans if you crazy Brits keep walking the states.
#616Sorry, Im a little late
19-9-2006 02:31:17
I am sure have already pasted this place but i thought that you guys minght have liked to go to Holiday World in Santa Clause, while your were in Indiana. P.S. Now that I have looked at the web page I wish I would have talked to you all more then I did. Well I hope you guys have a good time. May be you can go there next time.
Kelly Riley
#615Met you guys at Subway in Santa Claus, IN
19-9-2006 00:00:05
It was very nice meeting you today at Subway in Santa Claus, IN.
I read your story of where you have been and where you are headed and it is very interesting! I wish you the best!
p.s. (I am the grandma that was with the two cute children in Sub-way)
#614Have you got blisters?
18-9-2006 20:42:49
Right, I know this is working now!
Saw Rich C at Katherine Harrisons wedding in July and he said that I could get you this way. Would be great to be back in touch.

How is it going? My bro cycled from Landsend to John O Groats over the Summer to raise money for Nye, but that all seems a bit tame now! How is it going? Are you managing to write?
Anyways, take care both of yous. Hope youre having a fantastic time and Ill keep checking this site now I know where to find you.
lotsolove aimx
#613Testing testing
18-9-2006 20:38:37
Just wrote a long message and it didnt seem to work. Has this one?
#612Bon Voyage from St. Meinrad!
18-9-2006 15:23:58
Dave and Stewart, It was WONDERFUL meeting yall last night and talking late into the night about our shared love for George W., empathy for Tony Blair, and our plans for the “End.” (kidding!). Hope Trey remembered to set you up w/ the Terrorist Power Bars (Triple Threat!!). They will be good for your journey today. Cant wait to read more of your website when I am not at work. We were really blessed to meet you and share your company. Thank you for your friendship. Good luck!
Karen Sheets
#611Mohamed Ali – What a Treat!
18-9-2006 12:23:47
Hi Dave – cant believe what a time youre having! Mick told us your tale and I checked the site today – great write up of the event! Was telling my boss the story of your meeting Ali & he said that he met him when he was 6 and had his photo taken sitting on his lap! Pity the photo is lost somewhere now!

Glad you are having a great time

17-9-2006 17:10:54
Have been green(with envy)for the last 24 hours. You met Ali. I didnt. I may never recover.
17-9-2006 14:24:51
Hi Lads,
Havent checked in for a while and couldnt believe you actually got to meet the Greatest Ali! I remember there being a comment about wanting to meet him.. too funny. I have found living in the States that if you just dream it up it actually happens.. so keep thinking of adventures you want, post them here, and watch them unfold! Glad to hear you are having a wonderful time, keep safe.
Alison, Dub from Annapolis
#608Sulfur Indiana
17-9-2006 03:37:53
Hi guys we just met you at the gas station in Sulfur In. We were the ones on the motorcycles, you looked great, keep going and we wish you all the luck. Let us know when you make it to California. Also, we were the ones who asked you about if you were in your first pair of shoes. My name is Angie, good luck!
Rick & Angie Bright
#607have you lost weight?
17-9-2006 02:38:16
best of luck, and health on the
remainder of your trip. you brits
are tuff, you made the mould and
made america great. wash your feet before you go to bed! cheers , tom

tom burcher
#606The Greatest
16-9-2006 15:24:47
You guys are “the greatest” in our book! We thoroughly enjoyed your visit and are glad we could be a part of one of your most memorable experiences in the states. We look forward to reading about the rest of your journey. Thank you for reminding us to keep a little adventure in our lives 🙂 Wishing you safe and exciting travels (and good beer of course!)
Stacy & David
#605Re. Ali
16-9-2006 03:01:32
#604Glad to see you got some good food
14-9-2006 16:31:14
Enjoyed the brief visit. Shared with other folks what you are doing. Glad you met John and got some New Albany food and spirits.
#603More dog
14-9-2006 02:48:15
Its a good life being a stray dog in the US, as the streets are paved with roadkill and half-eaten junk food.
14-9-2006 02:44:26
How weird! I had exactly the same dog experience as you today. He followed me for about 5 miles and kept walking out in front of cars so I had to tell them “Hes not mine”. He was light brown and of indeterminate breed. I even looked up where you were on the map, but he would have needed wings to be the same dog that you met. Im about 90 miles SW of you.
#601Wish we could take you to school
14-9-2006 01:53:39
Ben and I saw you both walkin on hwy 111 and had a talk about adventure. What a wonderful surprise to have you arrive on our door step. I hope you enjoyed the drink and popcorn. I am glad to see yu survived the golf cart tour. Safe journey ! we will follow your adventure on the website. Thank you for a very memorable wednesday evening!
Eileen,Ben and the dogs
#600Miss You!
13-9-2006 16:17:10
I miss you guys already!!! More later, I just wanted the #600 spot!
13-9-2006 13:02:02
Hey guys, Why did you leave on the side of the road. I just wanted to walk with you for a few days
#598Rainy Day in Milford
13-9-2006 02:58:29
Stuart & Dave
Got up this morning and the skys were crying. Milford is missing the Brits. Had a great time and remember the door is always open for you in Milford. Dont forget to try fiddlers at the Knob Tavern west of Newburgh and the world famous fried brain sandwich in Evansville. Remember its the regional food that makes the memories, not to mention the regional beverages. Ill keep the Stagg Whiskey ready for your return to Milford. Be safe and enjoy the states.
#597Hello from Indiana
13-9-2006 02:19:51
I just read some of the very funny comments that the people have written,and since I cant come up with anything so witty, I just wish you both a good and safe Journey.It takes guts to take this looooong walk across this country. Great website,I enjoy reading about your trip Good luck and god speed Herta
#596Good time in Milford
13-9-2006 01:17:02
Stuart and Dave,
I see you made it to New Albany. I had a great time hanging out with you over the last few weeks. I hope the rest of your walk goes well.
Mike (Cringer)
#595Best of Luck!
12-9-2006 19:45:23
Hello Dave and Stuart,
I just read an article in the local paper and checked out your Web site. I like looking through folk’s photo albums, great pictures. I just wanted to wish you luck and ask God to bless you because this is a Christian land you are experiencing. Speaking of experiencing…I can only say I wish I could join you or do this type of thing myself…well maybe someday. I love hearing and or reading of people taking the time out of the typical 8-5 to really live life.
Mark Eberhard
#594Great Presentation
12-9-2006 05:23:43
I heard your talk in milford and was vastly entertained, and found your impressions of this country to be very interesting. Despite your worries of the presentation being a “shamblefest” it was brilliant. Could be the topic, could be your PhD training, but more likely the fact that you are both friendly, down-to-earth folks. I wish you many happy times(and beers)on your journey. I look forward to reading more journal and “Project” entries. Look forward to the book, movie, Action figures?
#593Are you gettin any lovin?
12-9-2006 00:57:07
Well time to dish the dirt boys, have you found someone to lovingly prepare your rehydrated meals. Feel free to call me on my private line (may be recorded for training purposes). Great photos, hoping at some stage to come meet. Have you seen the littlest hobo yet?

#592Stand up camedians
11-9-2006 23:50:12
Hey guys! I was at Nature Outfitters when you gave your presentation. It was great.Very interesting hearing your take as you have met a variety of people. You mad us laugh. Cant wait for the book. Hope you will stop in Milford again!!! Really our police mean well in Cincinnati!I hope we did not start a trend. Cincinnati, Indiana, ?. Happy trails to you both.
Karen Huff
11-9-2006 17:23:02
Glad to see all is going well. Give our love to your Mum & Da , David, when you contact them next!
Penny & Stuart Hay
Penny Hay
#590Tanners in Henryville Ind.
11-9-2006 15:26:42
I dont remember if stuart will remember me or not but i am the girl that was working at tanners in Henryville, Ind when you guys had someone looking for you. I hope everything is going okay for you guys. Please be careful and I will continue to check in. Good luck and I think its awesome what you all are doing. Please be very careful

Lots Of Love From Henryville

Zandria ( from Tanners)
#589hi, boys!
10-9-2006 01:38:38
Just checked out the web-site. Nice! Heres wishing you much success in getting to the bottom of the seemingly endless human psyche, and heres to sharing a more shared experience.
tootsie and tamaura
#588take a walk
9-9-2006 21:04:02
Thats a crazy hike. Im dave Malouins cousin, and he told me about you lunatics walking across the country. Im very impressed. Good luck and have fun.
Caleb Comptois
#587Dear Jeff…
9-9-2006 00:10:38
Many thanks for your superb offer. Dave and I would be extremely grateful for any tailored suits – Dave says hes an extra large/vast. I am more moderate, leaning slightly to the left if there is a stiff breeze. Please pass on my regards to Selina Scott.

PS: The Dr Who Dat? album is right good.
#586I think fashion is important
9-9-2006 00:00:31
Hello Fellas,

Your antics where brought to my attention by a balding ginger bearded DJ in the lovely town of Chatham. He suggested that you could do with some fashion advice. I would like to suggest that I come out to meet you sell you some of my suits that didnt make it on to the Clothes Show.
If youre slighly concerned about this prospect please dont be as I recently tailored a suit made of unwanted foreskins for Tony Blair.
Jeff Banks
#583Amused in Cincy
8-9-2006 17:19:59
A friend sent along your exploits in the Cincinnati area. She and her husband just returned from hiking the Swiss Alps. Americans have to have formal “trails” to walk that have rules and restrictions plastered all over the once beautiful scenery. If a bug stings them on a trail that backs up to a farm or house, they sue the farmer or householder for being attacked. Stupid, yes.
Guess the woman that reported you to the authorities didnt think of actually “talking” to you!!!!
8-9-2006 07:53:41
I just wanted to let you know that I love what you guys are doing. Thanks for taking us all along with you. Also I noticed that in your last picture of the Ohio section you are crossing bridge to a twin towered building. That building is the Procter and Gamble world headquarters. I just thought that was interesting since I live in Ohio and work for Procter & Gamble. Thanks again and good luck
8-9-2006 05:34:57
Gentlemen, I just read an article about you two in the Journal-Press from Aurora, IN. We wish you the best in your travels and please return to Hoosier Hospitatlity!
G. McIntosh
7-9-2006 13:51:03
What about “Watch the Pallino”? No mention in the journal of the main reason we (ok maybe my main reason) all headed to Toluca! you can link to the website at Hope you guys are doing well in Indiana.

#579Great to meet you!
7-9-2006 13:28:17
Hi Stuart and Dave. It was great meeting you in Toluca and reading your description of your week-end there! Best of luck as you head to Kansas and beware of the tornados in the spring!

Stephanies Aunt Carla
Carla OConnor
#578Looking good!
6-9-2006 22:58:10
Hi Stuart,
Your project is so amazing – and a bit underligt (as we would say in danish)! Glad to see that its actually happening. You look abfab with the suntan and happy smile 🙂
Take care…
#577librarian spam
6-9-2006 17:05:28
5-9-2006 22:42:57
Hello boys, no pics of Switz, except that dreary one on the homepage, bit rubbish, but never mind. I like the photos, obviously carefully edited to give the impression that youre having a good time. The ones of Dave with the odd grin on his face remind me of that tory poster of Tony Blair from 97, you know “new labour new danger”, maybe its my eyesite. Our TVs on the blink by the way which is the only reason Im wasting time with this cakarama…you know Im jesting. Take care. Love Shone.
5-9-2006 20:21:51
Are you guys still in Indiana? I am one of Bramble and Bushwack (fromOhio)s friends and I live near Indianapolis. I did the AT with them in 2001. If you need anything holler at me.
#574Hey guys
5-9-2006 03:36:12
hey dave and stu just saying hi. it was fun hiking with you all through terrace park. hope you all have a safe finish. Joe
Joe Haas
#573just saying hi guys
4-9-2006 04:21:18
hope you guys are well, and not hungry, hope youre safe. been thinking about you guys, love the picture, hope to see you soon
terry (wv) meeks
#572Hows the bocce ball?
2-9-2006 22:41:35
Do tell… still following your adventures virtually. The journal is good fun. Although I live in North Carolina (far from your route) my familys in California, near Pt. Reyes. As you get closer, I may be able to offer some tips on local eateries and earthquake tours. And I can hook you up with the library in Pt. Reyes Station. Meanwhile, have fun in the corn belt.
Monica the librarian
#571near cincy gotta try it
1-9-2006 18:01:36
eat goetta when your near or in cincinnatti. its a local breakfast meat you can get at the grocery ask and everyone will know what your talking about. and if you want a good american beer go to the rock bottom brewery downtown cincy.
#570hi guys
1-9-2006 03:08:27
Hi Dave and Stuart, enjoyed meeting you,I wished we would have had more time to talk. Ill be keeping up with your travels on your website. Stay safe, Randy Holland, Canaan,Indiana
Randy Holland
#569Mikes right…
31-8-2006 23:43:19
…the Buckeye Trail is not all straight boring roads. It has the amazing Hocking Hills area and other places we have really enjoyed. Its true that we detoured a lot in the state (especially near the end because we had to meet the Danes) but we did really enjoy ourselves and certainly dont leave the Buckeye Trail with bad memories. Hope this clears things up!
31-8-2006 05:27:56
Glad to see you enjoyed your trip through the Buckeye state. Didnt get to put you up since you detoured around my area, but whats important is that you enjoy your trip. Would like to let anyone that is considering a hike on the ADT/Buckeye Trail know that it isnt all straight, boring road as the boys complain about frequently. If you stick to the marked trail you will experience a great variety of trails (which is seldom straight). Good luck to both of you as you continue your journey.
Mike Vogel
#567Dillsboro, IN
31-8-2006 02:36:21
Hey Dave, Stewart, nice meeting you at breakfast, wish I couldve had more time to hear some of your experiences. Ill be keeping up with your trip so keep it interesting….lol. Good luck and Godspeed.

Darrell Price
#566Way to Go
31-8-2006 01:12:18
Congratulations on cracking the 3000s!
#565Hi, From Dennys Doghouse(happy hour 8am-10am)
30-8-2006 20:58:57
hi guys hope everything is good with you.I hope you enjoyed yourselves at our bar in waverly,ohio. I also hope you are enjoying all the pics you took while there. we all enjoyed your company. continue to have a great time no matter where you are.
#564Mike Stern
30-8-2006 20:35:31
Hi guys,
good to hear youre back on the beloved Fiddy. And great to see that people appreciate your company! I walked past this tiny bar in the village yesterday, and realised Mike Stern was playing in there. It was like a 50 people crowd, and he was hanging out in the bar afterwards. Got a signed CD! This city keeps surprising me! Best,
#563Project musings
30-8-2006 19:12:29
Stuart, I am so impressed with the quality of your writing and the feel you have for Americans and our way of life. I have been a student of Appalachian culture for decades, and you are right on the money with your take on religion, politics and our culture.

I look forward to seeing you guys in Milford. Call me a few days prior. Andy Skurka is having lunch with me Sept 8, then we will both make our way to Milford.
Connie Myers Snyder
#562Yo Snowy
30-8-2006 18:19:52
Your still keepin me entertained back in blighty. Keep up the good walk.
#561Best wishes…
29-8-2006 22:17:08
Hi Dave, I went home for Bank Holiday on the Saturday to see my Mum and Dad. We were just putting the coffee on when your Mum and Dad stopped by on their way to Stratford shopping – your Dad did groan a bit at the thought of shopping and hoped that he would get back to Redditch in time to watch the footie match! Anyway it was lovely to see them after many years (they look very well) and they told us what you were up to. Just wanted to say hello and wish you and Stu well on your travels. Rach.
Rachel Laidler
#560Wandering Indiana
29-8-2006 21:19:37
We here at Weber Sports in Aurora, IN wish you the best in all of your travels. Nice meeting you guys. Be safe.
#559Still following you guys
29-8-2006 15:49:49
Wazup guys seems as though your having a great time still meeting goood people and walking the states. Was hoping to see you all at the easyriders fess this weekend. Give us a call if you need anything at all. Be safe on your jouney and chat to you guys later. Peace Out
Tim & Joe
#558B&Bs; B&B;
28-8-2006 23:03:22
Hi gents!
Hope you’re able to dodge the raindrops today. It’s not exactly a good day for hiking, but it’s an excellent day for aprez-party clean-up! We had a wonderful time with you and Lasse; glad you could come to our village for a spell. You even got a football fix…sorry the outcome wasn’t better! Good luck on the rest of the voyage; keep us posted.
Kathy and Jon
#557Loved talking to you
28-8-2006 22:20:17
It was fun meting you! Thanks for stopping in the store. Well be watching your progress.
The staff at GSOutfitters
28-8-2006 20:07:49
Hi guys,
back in NY slightly stressed after I got used to the wonderful slowness of the walking and your presence. Thanks for beer-drinking, slack-packing, singing-while-walking, meaningless and meaningful conversations… It was a real adventure. And to Jon, Kathy, Mike etc. thanks for putting us up and giving us such a great time! So grateful.
#555US and A
28-8-2006 14:14:17
Hej Boys, still following your walk and still impressed. Seems like you have a great time. Will you ever be able to stop walking again? Nice to see some danes on the pictures! Mikkel should send some words over the ocean! Greetings from Hamburg (still rocking, next weekend: next big party [more than 10 acts playing – still impressed]) Move on and on and on..
Max Motor
#554Welcome to Indiana
28-8-2006 04:44:19
Just read your Aug 28th note. But today is the 27th. Howd you do that? Just started reading about your trip tonight. Ive hiked a few of the forest trails youll be on this week, but not the roads. The trails are good ones. Looks like the weather is supposed to cool off a little this week. I hope you enjoy your hike through southern Indiana and that your walk across the states is wonderfully successful. Have Fun.

#553like photos
27-8-2006 22:59:16
jo &mick;
#552You guys
25-8-2006 18:22:57
Mikkel checking in just wanna thank everybody that made the stay in Cincinnati and surroundings unforgettable > Wes, Randall, Dottie & Ray, J.R., Skippy, Moose (and the rest of the bar massive) of course Ulana our new found friend, Mike from the shop, Susanne, Mike Hass, Britainy, the Cincinnati Police dpt. and of course thanks to the main characters of the adventure Stu and Dave. Good meeting again! Never to often – see you in Noember.
25-8-2006 00:20:47
Roland from Chicago back again, thinking about Missouri (my home state). Do you guys know about the Katy Trail? Its a gravel hiking/biking trail that runs from St. Charles, just north of St. Louis, 150 miles west along the Missouri River. Its an old rail line – so smooth grade and very lovely scenery. It would take you to within 80 miles of Kansas City before it bends and heads south to Sedalia Missouri. If you googled “Katy Trail” youd get the route. check it out!
Roland Kulla
#550Older Ladies Rt. 50
24-8-2006 02:57:46
Hi Guys, It was great meeting all of you. We hope you have a safe and
fantastic journey! Gods Blessings from Owensville. Take Care,
Carol,Lena,Phylis,and Carol
Carol ,Lena,Phylis&Carol;
#549Hike with you
23-8-2006 18:33:39
Hi guys, we had a great time hiking with you. Looks like you got to meet the typical SUV driver. Too much money and time, too little sense. Oh well, glad you had a good time in town anyway. Enjoy the rest of our country. Until our paths cross again, happy trails to you.
The Haass
#548Love from Seoul!
23-8-2006 06:53:45
Hey Stu! Hows everything?
We just wanted to say hi to you!
Seoul is great, but we have to agree with your NPDG colleagues, it just isnt the same with you around!
Lots of love,
The girls.
The IFLA HQ girls
#547Hello from Seoul!
22-8-2006 17:53:33
The IFLA experience is not the same without Mr.Hamilton- we miss you! NPDG had its meeting today and it was good 🙂 Wish you were here (although you are having quiet a great time in the States…
Loida, Andrew, and Jo
#546Love from the Green Man
22-8-2006 01:55:02
Well hello my little adventurers. I was at the Green Man Folk Festival in Brecon this weekend with Rodders, Beck, Dave, Mickey, Lisa and baby Sonny. It pissed down most of the time but was otherwise wonderful and your names were mentioned many times, Dave you would have loved it especially. Anyway do you have any folk tunes of your own to report? Seems like perfect fodder for it. P.S. particularly liked the entry about basking in your spunk. Vive La Difference!!
Dan J
#545met u at dennys dog house
22-8-2006 01:02:23
just wanted to say hi and hope that every is going great. we will keep checking on you and your journey. hope to hear some great stories.
carlene and teresa
#544Hello Guys!
21-8-2006 22:13:14
Alright Dave and Stu! Its Ed here from rainy old Brighton. I bet that seems like a million miles away in some obscure dimension to you at the moment. Just wanted to let you know (on the off chance youll get this message) that were all thinking about you (the lips punton, illdan etc). Ive even named the bass Dave in your honour. Keep up the good work. it looks like youre doing fantastically. We look forward to seeing you on youre return. Good luck and all the best! Have fun!
21-8-2006 04:25:26
What are you guys on when you write your journal entries? Can I have some too?
Talking of substances, have you found a mosquito repellent that works?
And is my blog still being censored? I promise I havent written anything rude on it.
21-8-2006 02:40:06
Superbulous duel bongers for hire.Home visits .Disgracion assured.Reasonable rates.Tripubilists welcome.
Call Sandra 0468 296969
#541Met you at Gateway
20-8-2006 19:08:59
Hi guys,
Just wanted to sign your guestbook and tell you how cool it was to run into you guys at the Gateway in Owensville last night. We are the ones that showed up on the bike late and chatted with you on the deck. Wish we would have had more time to hear more of your journeys, but well keep check on you on your website. Nice site by the way. Best of luck to all of you and Happy Trails.
Sue & Gene
Sue Pitzer
#540ADT maps etc
20-8-2006 16:34:10
Hey there-
Your maps should be in Cincinnati by Weds. Beautiful pix of Ohio! Hope your throwing arms are in shape…know your legs are. Toluca awaits.
#539meet you in Owensville OH
19-8-2006 23:26:13
Hey, just checking out the website. It was really cool meeting you today. Good luck on your trip.
John Mckenxie
#538Gatoraid on Jackson Pike!
19-8-2006 21:27:09
Thought I would check out your website! I hope you guys enjoyed the gatoraid today! Good luck with your hike!

Jake Northrup
AKA Old Spice
GA-ME 2000
Jake Northrup
19-8-2006 19:51:57
hello david,

Im at Pauls house – was at your dads yesterday – and am following your progress on your walk in the USA. Hope all goes well with you and your feet are OK [you were suffering a bit, I think?]
So, good luck on your travels and Im thinking about you.


Grandma T.


ps. love too from Paul and Yvonne – donation awaits. Who do we send it to and when?
grandma toolan
#536Hello Dave from some old friends
19-8-2006 13:32:16
Dear Dave, We have just had your parents around for dinner, last night. They told us about the site. We are seriously impressed. Hope everything is going well. Well pass the website to Rachel and Christine. Good luck with the rest of the walk.
Best wishes
Bob and Pat
Bob and Pat Laidler
#535Mt. Orab Hospittality
19-8-2006 06:07:33
Dave and Stu Here is hoping you woke up on friday ready to walk Ha Ha Wanted to thankyou for good friendships and stimulating conversation. WE wish you well in your endevor and being a heart patient myself I hope you raise a lot for the foundation. Your welcome and my modest home anytime you make it this way. contact me at and will get you my number in case you might need anything. Hope to hear from you be safe and my prayers are with you . Hope you enjoyed your Mt Orab Stay
Randall and Wes
#534Heyguys Wazup
18-8-2006 06:23:09
We got to thinking of you guys and was wondering how things are going for the two of you. Hope you are having a great journey and meeting lots of good people. It would seem as you have from your journal. Still hope to meet up with you guys in ohio end of the month. Take care call if you need us love to get together. Peace Out Tim & Joe
Tim & Joe
#533Mistrettas Deli, Athens
18-8-2006 04:51:40
Hi Guys, Enjoyed having you in for breakfast during your stay in Athens…Good luck the rest of the way!!
Bill Clancy
#532good luck
18-8-2006 04:01:07
I just heard from Kristen (Joshs finance) about you guys. I hope you enjoyed the beauty of Adams County and best of luck with your journey.
Amanda Smart
#531how ya doin?
18-8-2006 02:31:27
stu and dave, i glory in your spunk
youll probably meet some backwoods
mountain folk on your trek. i looked for you on 32 west, but you
were gone. i bid you godspeed, Tom
tom burcher
15-8-2006 21:59:58
Hey guys, A good friend (Leila) told me about this and Ive spent the last hour (ack!) at work reading about your travels, the Project, etc. I lived in Brighton long ago and am Brazilian – so Im finding your musings about the USA especially a propos. Thanks for sharing all of this…
Best of luck!!!
P.S. About football… thank GOD the Cup is over and thank GOD S. Africa is closer every day. Cheers!
15-8-2006 14:15:29
Arent you a wee bit sad not to be getting on a plane for Seoul today, as I will be doing? On the other hand, the two of you sound like youre having a ball. Just remember, to get to Saint Paul all you have to do is turn right when you get to the Mississippi.
Edward Swanson
#528How are you?
15-8-2006 10:29:31
Hi guys,
we´re longdistancewalkers too. We had been to Santiago/Spain 2 years ago starting from Germany. Now we´re looking for a new adventure so this is how I found your page. I already can see new wide horizons infront of my inner eye. How is life with buying food, finding a place to stay with tent? The route itself, are there parts you have to climb( more or less) I would be delightet to get an answer to
Have a good trip, no blisters
Yours nathalie
#527We Want You in the News!
15-8-2006 05:55:43
Hello. I am the editor of the Pike County News Watchman. I heard you passed through our county today, and stopped to have lunch at the Garnet A. Wilson Public Library in Waverly. It is great for you to have made a pit-stop in our neighborhood. I, myself, am out of the office having just undergone an appendectomy, but would love for our staff to talk to you about your travels. If you have the ability to contact our office, please do so!

Jennifer Cooper/740-947-2149
Jennifer Cooper
#526Emmitt House Restaurant
14-8-2006 21:17:23
Hope you enjoyed your lunch today. Very nice to talk to you. I hope you have great weather and meet good people to help you along your way. You both are a great inspiration to all that meet you and I hope that you exceed your goals.
Pam Justice
14-8-2006 21:02:13
hay..this is ally stayed at our house last night..i would like to say tht i had a lot of fun…i want you to see my website i put your picture on their to tell evrybody…hope too see yopu guys again!!!! – ally thomas
Ally Thomas
#524Pleasure meeting you!
14-8-2006 18:08:24
Hello Gents:

Thanks for stopping into the library today. It was a pleasure meeting you, and best of luck in your travels across the United States!

Tom Adkins
Garnet Wilson Public Library of Pike County
Waverly, Ohio
Tom Adkins
#523Blister fighting!
13-8-2006 20:51:33
It is folk knowledge that peeing on jellyfish stings helps the pain, and I therefore suggest you try this method with your blisters – and for the scientific value, post some pictures of it. Good luck!
#522Some Adventure
13-8-2006 14:34:59
Hi lads,
You are having quite the adventure. I love your Aunts advise “put Brandy on the blisters” however, judging by your proven love of the gargol I dont think either of you will be up to wasting brandy in such a manner! lol. Delighted to read your adventures, keep on moving on!
#521Wet weekend in Colchester
13-8-2006 11:48:18
Hi fellas, just read your latest blog sounds as if you are having a great time, have your mum sitting beside me Stuart, which is probably why its poured with rain all week-end. Took her to see your latest second cousin yesterday,and then we went to the jam factory at Tiptree, where we had a cream tea and bought some jam,not quite as exciting as your adventures but then we are old!!!! Good luck with the rest of your trip, look after the blisters,try putting brandy on them, bye for now love Auntie
Auntie Sue
12-8-2006 19:22:00
Hi Stuart and Dave
I am so glad to see that you are both still trucking! I look forward to seeing you both when you get to Columbia, Missouri.
#519find you at Tar Hollow
11-8-2006 13:57:16
Guys, tried to find you at or near Tar Hollow. Might have. Hope you found the treats. If you missed them all, sorry; Im a friend of Ken and Marcia Powers. Good hiking. Give call if you got the messages.
Jon Rudolf
11-8-2006 04:12:54
Sorry we didnt get to spend any time with you. Sounds like the cabin worked just fine and provided a well earned nights sleep. I admire your efforts and Ill follow your journey as you walk across America.

Miki and Jay Brooks
#517Yeah Athens
10-8-2006 03:08:30
Glad to know you guys ended up having a good time in Athens. Wazup Stu, Wazup Dave…. Sure wish we would of gotten more time to spend with youll, we really admire your spirit. Be safe on the roads and let us know if we can help youll. We will follow your jouney all the way bros. Hopefully we can meet uup at the easyriders campsite end of August in Ohio. Take Care be safe and chat at youll later. Peace out….
Tim & Joe
#516Hello and keep trucking
10-8-2006 02:45:23
Keeping an eye on your journey,going to all the right places
Jack Larrabee
#515Wishing you well !
10-8-2006 02:35:03
I read about your adventures in my hometown newspaper (Philippi, WV.) I live in Ohio now. The newspaper had a nice picture with the article. Happy trails !!!
Janet Toth
#514OK LAD
8-8-2006 22:28:35
GOODDNESS… well thanks for that english experience.I must say it was quite random,how you just walked in to jac and Is life… its crazy. I had a great night i wish you complete and succsessful trip as witness things im sure i might never ever get the chance to. Good luck finding Muhammad ALI, tell him i said “hey”… please keep in touch i would love to hear the wonders and thoughts of you two wonder-balls
rememeber when the english ***** is over its”compleish”
#513its very hot here!
8-8-2006 14:00:07
hello you crazy brother of mine!(and dave!)am updating myself regularly with your escapades and have decided am dead jealous and wish i was with you! keep going and be careful (to echo the words of ma and pa!)take care, lots of luv and missing you lots, jen xxx
stus sister
#512We met in the most random of circumstances.
8-8-2006 10:23:32
I had an awesome time. I just got home, and meeting you two almost seems like a dream. Jamie and I were wondering if it even happened. Call 1-740-593-7586 before you get too far if you can. I want to talk to you, if not see you guys, before you leave Ohio. I think Im going to go have me a nice, little kip.

#511Also welcome to Ohio
8-8-2006 02:44:48
Glad you made it to the Buckeye state. I echo Mike Vogels message. Ohio is the best state along the trail. I am supervisor of the Williamsburg section of the Buckeye trail and I sure hope to meet up with you when you get into my section.I will send another Email with contact details.
Happy Hiking
carabiner guy
8-8-2006 00:49:22
Tim& Joe
#509We support you
8-8-2006 00:40:20
Guys really glad you made it to Athens hope your having a great time. Wish we was there with youll. Its raining outside now For alittle I would come get you guys treat you good in parkersburg and stay at my house. If you can call me I will hook youll up for the night and treat you good got plenty on the grill now. Call me if you get this Well come get you guys. Your an inspiration to many across the world that Im sure of. I spent little time with you guys but you made a real friend for life
Tim & Joe
8-8-2006 00:08:36
I cant believe Im missing Herne Bay Carnival either! Darn walking the states…
#507wazzup guys
7-8-2006 20:24:38
Hey Guys hope you made it alright yesterday. Wondered if you went to Athens or not. smiles…. I know Dave would of liked to.. Sorry you guys had a bad time in Parkersburg.. We was reading your journal. Beings thats where I live just stop by my house next time through Ill personally make sure you have a great time, you guys got my card and my number. Be safe on your journey, if you need anything just call. Im at work well chat some other time. love to see the pics of us…
Tim, Joe
#506Hi from The Bay
7-8-2006 11:34:42
Hope you are both having a whale of a time,following your progress with great interest.Cant believe you would want to miss the Carnival here Stew!Look forward to hearing about your adventures. Be Happy x
Lynda Gardner
#505Vincent Ohio
7-8-2006 00:18:13
Hey guys we met in Vincent ohio. I whas with my friend Alix. We just wanted to see how you guys are doing.Alix and I are 12 years old well I have to go and we hope to hear from you agan my emale adress is samambrose123. if you get the time write me back. good luck.
Sam Walker
6-8-2006 05:37:09
As the two of you will soon find out, Ohio is the most hospitable state that you will pass through (although I was actually born in S. Charleston, W. Va). I would like to welcome you to the Buckeye State and assure you that we will take great care of you on your journey through our state. You will soon begin your trek on the Buckeye Trail. I am the West Union Section Supervisor and will have a room, shower, washer, dryer, food, and unlimited Bud Light when you reach pt # 26.
Mike Vogel
#503Another friend in WV
4-8-2006 20:29:06
Hey guys, just wanted you to know what a pleasure it was talking with you today while you were waiting for your lunch at the(Corner Cafe)in Parkersburg. I think its a great thing that youre doing, and takes a lot of courage to take on such an adventure.You said something about staying in the area tonight … if you need anything , directions, a ride, or advice from a local give me a call. 304-494-5303. Im glad you enjoyed your trip thru WV and pray for your safety for the rest of your journey
Joe Ferguson
#502Check it out~!
4-8-2006 02:46:13
Hi lads,
Still having fun.. sure we all wish we were with you. Did you get a chance to check out our project. We want to name 2 characters after you both..Can you contact us?
#501Good luck!
3-8-2006 15:57:57
Stuart & Dave,
I just wanted to say that I am glad I got to meet you and I enjoyed our brief visit. I hope that your travels go smoothly and that you will be safe. I will check your progress from time to time. Perhaps well meet again.

God bless,
Terry G. Jones
3-8-2006 15:45:21
Why would you say such nice things about the people of West Virginia and how beautiful it is, Then You Made Fun Of Us In Your Photo Gallery. WHY DID YOU NOT TAKE PHOTOS OF THE BEAUTY OF WEST VIRGINIA NOT EVERY THING IN WEST VIRGINIA IS THAT WAY!!! I have lived in WV most my life I have been to may places and there is nothing as beautiful as WV and the people in it. Yes there are some rednecks, but you have them no matter where you go. I hope you have a safe journey, and I wish you both the best.
#499Big Brother is watching…
3-8-2006 06:44:05
Hi there!
Im still following your progress – Im at Wheeling, about 50 mi N of you. Im convinced there are whole armies of us traversing the country – I keep getting told about other people whove passed through. Maybe we should form a club.
If our paths do converge again, are you on for another beer?
#498Check it out
3-8-2006 04:16:32
something cool is about to be born.. and both your names are attached… keep checking
#497check it out!
2-8-2006 18:34:58
the malouin
#496Going Well
1-8-2006 22:32:49
Hi Dave,
Weve loved reading the journal its good to know youre meeting so many kind and friendly people. Good luck, take care
Mary and Rod
Mary (Micks mum) and Rod
#495Hello Lads !!!
1-8-2006 14:46:15
Great website! Just a quick line to say how much I enjoyed meeting and talking and drinking with you at “The Ordinary” in Clarksburg, WV. Im sure our dreary little town is a bit more happy since your visit. I will try to keep up with your adventures by visiting this site as often as I can. All the best, Mark
Mark Cawthron
#494Great Meeting You!!
1-8-2006 03:39:21
HiStu & Dave,

It was a genuine pleasure meeting you 2. Were only sorry we couldnt show you more hospitality. Unfortunately we didnt have any warning of your coming. We hope you trip will be a pleasant one and that you to continue to meet folks, like us, who wish you the very best. Good luck, and keep up the good work.

Gary & Marlene
Gary & Marlene Perdue
#493Keep going
30-7-2006 17:04:23
Hi lads,
Great to see your progress. Yourself & Phil have inspired us to do a fun project for colon cancer awareness – well keep you posted. Have fund.
#492hi there
30-7-2006 07:00:46
just thought i would sign your gestbook while i was online! hope your travels are going well! sorry to say that we wernt able to find your tent pack, but hopefully you found it among your other things….(between you and me, i think you should ask bob about it…)
29-7-2006 20:54:06
Just off to Turkey for 2 weeks to read 21 books in between snoozes. Will miss Redditchs first game though. Glad to see the walking is going strong – will catch up with you when we get back. Aunty Sheelagh is impressed with progress.
Mum and Dad
#490best wishes
29-7-2006 16:42:12
Glad I ran into you guys and could help what I could. Nice to bend your ears and talk hiking shop and best of luck to you both.
#489There will always be beer for you at Moes
27-7-2006 08:14:26
Once again great meeting you guys, and I am just glad that I may have helped you out.
#488Good Times
27-7-2006 06:21:24
Fellas.. good times at Moes tonight.. I hope to find you two tomorrow, well go see some live music in Clarksburg!!
Todd Wiseman
26-7-2006 11:04:59
Sounds like youre getting into the swing of things. Take care and have fun.
#486Hi Guys
26-7-2006 04:11:01
We were delighted to meet you both and direct you to the campsite. sure hope you enjoyed the cookies and snacks.Enjoy your walk and we will keep you both in our prayers.
alice and kids
#485Canaan Valley Resort
26-7-2006 00:28:52
Met you guys in front of the resort. Most people would avoid WV. Thanks for visiting. I was the fellow with the cross country team attending a running camp.

God Bless! Be safe!
Dave Fields
24-7-2006 23:12:08
the kid-filter wouldnt let me get onto your website at school so i thought Id leave a message now. Sounds like youre having a great time. Glad the injury is getting better, rach
#483Good Luck
24-7-2006 01:20:36
Welcome to America. You have a lot of courage. Enjoy yourself.
#482wishing you the best of luck
23-7-2006 22:40:44
hi guys. glad to see the progress youre making. was happy to have you at the bar. it was a pleasure meeting and talking with you. have a good and safe trip. ill be keeping in touch. good luck!!!
sandy from the white horse
23-7-2006 02:16:12
Well, I am out of state for almost 3 weeks so I am probably going to miss seeing you, but I will check as soon as I return to see where you are. I was actually in Canaan on a retreat last Wednesday and drove up on Dolly Sods thinking I might see you. Skweek
#480thanks for invite, eh..
22-7-2006 20:27:42
Oh, drat, my own expense? People on the river happy to give, so thought perhaps it could be done sans cash. Anyway, “Fat Man Walking” finished his trek in the opposite direction, a few months ago. A couple of guys did their Run across the USA. Their sites could probably give you some pointers as to what to avoid or look for. You guys are lucky to have each other to share the adventure. Cheerio.
#479youre so lucky
22-7-2006 19:01:14
What a couple of lucky guys to have been hosted by my dear friend & colleague,Bill Signor! Yes,his home brew & verbal sparing are wonderful. Im fortunate to have been a recipient of his hospitality & was allowed to camp on his property back in April & experience viewing the beautiful expanse of WVA.Im happy you were able to experience this yourselves, especially coming from across the big water! See! There are still beautiful places in America & kind & generous people!!! Keep truckin!
Barbara J. Bryant
#478newspaper lady
21-7-2006 14:40:35
Nice meeting you guys. I give you alot of credit. Me & some friends only make it about 2 1/2 miles before we are ready to colapse. Thanks for your time and our brief talk. Stay safe and good luck.
The girl who chased you down.
keep in touch, anxious to see how far you go each day.
#476Along the road from Keyser to Antioch
20-7-2006 21:31:18
It was nice meeting up and talking with you guys this morning while I was out on my bicycle.Hope you enjoyed the apples.Know that Ill be praying for your health and safety.
Veya Con dios, Mark
#475Book – great read for Project
20-7-2006 04:01:51
Heres the link to Carols book;=7
#474Greetings from Annapolis
20-7-2006 03:59:52
Hi Lads,
Ranging I missed you when you were in Annapolis. Im from Dublin but living her 13 years. Stu check out Alleluia America by Carol Coleman she is the Irish Journalist who Bush was not to happy with! Anyway she visited a lot of the places you will be visiting and wrote a book about religion and her impressions post 9/11 it was great. I will try to track down a source for copy for you. Have fun lads, will keep checking in. Glad you liked Annapolis, I love it.. enjoy the U S of A
#473Candlywyck Inn Bar
19-7-2006 21:16:45
Hey Gents.It was a pleasure talking and drinking with you. I thoroughly enjoyed sharing hiking stories,as it stirred up many fond memories of my journey on the AT. You guys are experiencing a thrill that not many people get to experience, so embrace it. Make sure you drink lots of whiskey and everything else will fall into place. Best wishes, be safe and remember to put one foot in front of the other. Keep in touch!!!

Matt Kenny (the barkeeper)
Matt Kenny (old boy)
#472Candlewyck Inn Bar
19-7-2006 18:26:16
Cheers! Great meeting you lads – and totally random, since Im not supposed to be in Keyser either ;). Give me a shout when you get near KC and Ill do my best to hook you up with some cool people. I may also be able to connect you with someone in Illinois and Colorado. My email is; feel free to hollaback whenever. Good walking!
Eric Hemati
#471Enjoy the trip
19-7-2006 18:07:26
Enjoy the journey lads.. found you through Phils website, small world isnt it. We wish you well.
#470Springfield, W.Va.
19-7-2006 16:36:20
Hey,Yall!!Im the girl from the Country Store in Springfield.I WAS GLAD TO SEE YALL walking down RT.46 toward Keyser yesterday.Ill keep track of yall through the web.I admire yall for what you are doing!And yas,I plan on donating money for your cause.Stay safe and Godspeed!!!Til next time,Rose
#469Good Luck
19-7-2006 16:27:49
Glad you enjoyed the ride, hope you had fun playing with the magnet hair girl. Best of luck.
PS. glad you didnt take my Jeep, with all the stops from Fountain to Keyser. lol
Nunzio Barbera
#468V.funny photos
19-7-2006 14:22:19
Hey bro- have just checked the site after quite some time. glad youre making good progress, just wanted to say I miss you. take care xxx
stus sister
#467Good luck from Keyser, WV
19-7-2006 13:56:42
It was so fun meeting and talking to you guys at the Orioles Club. We are very impressed with what you are doing and will stay posted on your progress. Hope you enjoyed your stay at the Candlewyck Inn! Stay cool and drink plenty of water!
#466Phew! That was a hot one!
19-7-2006 01:47:36
I halved my speed, doubled my fluid intake, and made it to Frostburg. Im in Grantsville now, in my cheapest-ever motel at $38.
Ill be keeping a close eye on your progress – good luck and (I think one or two people may have said this already) it was great meeting you.

All round good fella
#465Keep up the good work
18-7-2006 23:36:21
I work with your Mum at St. Marys David. Just to say the best of luck and enjoy!We are following your progress.
Helen Tyrrell
#464Good Luck in WV
18-7-2006 19:29:16
07/18/06 – Just met you and gave you water. Good luck on your trip. Be careful in the WV mountains.

Mary in Keyser
#463virtual hiking
18-7-2006 15:43:01
I may be one of the few readers of your site who has not actually met you — I heard about this trek via the IFLA listserv. Sounds great. Welcome to the US of A and enjoy the trail. Stay hydrated. – Monica from North Carolina
Monica the librarian
#462Duff to Spurs (Tottenham not the yank version)
17-7-2006 18:16:33
Good work boys, youre making a herculean trek sound like an academic dissection of American daytime TV! Stuart – just in case youve missed it Damien Duff completed a medical at Spurs over the weekend and looks set to join in next 48 hours…
#461Keep it cool
17-7-2006 16:27:07
Hope you guys are not suffering too much with the temperature – over 100 degrees!! I will send many good thoughts your way so people continue to be generous to you. x

4th of July P.R. girl
#460back to Lewes from Boo Boo Blvd
15-7-2006 18:17:29
Best wishes for the rest of the journey. From our home near the start of the trail, we will follow your travels with great interest.
#459hey guys hope the water was good
14-7-2006 02:34:33
hey there you two i hope you enjoyed the water, better than that orange stuff you had. i will be following along with you guys, good luck to ya.
13-7-2006 21:31:26
Penny Pittman
#457me old muckers
13-7-2006 13:40:10
Ive finally got round to adding my name.

is Chip still with you? did he bring a can opener as well?

lots of love from Brighton (its just not the same) xxx


lara browning
#456chez malouin
13-7-2006 03:40:55
chez malouin has been very quiet since youve departed. the neighbors are starting to wonder…. and one more thing, you still owe me a mow (thats got a nice ring, no?)
the malouin
#455have fun
12-7-2006 20:50:34
Was wonderful to meet two such great guys traveling the states on foot. Ill be watching your progress. Have fun meeting all the terrific people here. Good Luck!
#454Blue Moon Cafe Williamsport MD
12-7-2006 20:18:30
What a great pleasure meeting and serving you two today in my cafe. Have fun and enjoy the states. Do stop by again someday. Ill be following your adventures.
#453Nice break from work
12-7-2006 10:59:31
…to read your journals and watch the pictures. Good to hear that you are on the road again! Keep those journals (and pics) coming in.

Best wishes,
Nanna from Copenhagen
#452Quite interested in your experience
12-7-2006 03:29:16
Thank you for letting me know about your website after you ate lunch in Sharspburg today. (I am one of the workers that was there). I have just spent the last hour or so checking out your site and your project. Looking forward to hearing more about your experiences and observations!
#451Good work Butch
12-7-2006 03:26:00
Butch, your eagle eyes are impressive. We are very disappointed no one else spotted our deliberate mistake. Please can you all try harder?
11-7-2006 22:40:27
Greetings cousin David. Dad has just told me about your current quest so i thought id have a little peak. That is quite a stroll you have ahead of you…a most brave but commedable thing it is that you are doing. Have loads of fun and take care. Perhaps you could get in touch with Sufjan Stevens and give him some material for his next few dozen albums.
Cant believe Leeds have sold Simon Walton. PAH!
Steve Toolan
#449one step at a time
11-7-2006 19:42:24
Hey. I finally got off my butt and started walking. Im strictly an urban hiker right now but, hey I can dream cant I? I started looking around and found your site. Im already thinking of doing what youre doing. Would love to talk to you someday. Have fun. Ill check back in and see how youre doing.
#448What River?
11-7-2006 18:38:41
Hey guys, that is the Potomac River that is flowing toward the Chesapake Bay that you are walking along for 160+ miles. At least you got the Monocacy right?

#447From IFLA HQ
11-7-2006 11:54:16
Hi guys, great site! Keep walking. Greetings from IFLA HQ staff.
Peter Lor
#446Hello David
11-7-2006 00:36:00
Greetings from Nottingham. Are you flying back inbetween to do the Robin Hood 1/2 Marathon? You can kip here and then get the plane back to Frankfurt-or an alternative destination west.
All the very best David. Thinking of you.
Andy,Joanna,Gabrielle & Joseph.
the Wrights
#436Wonderful time with you in Harpers Ferry
10-7-2006 15:13:54
Had a very nice time in downtown Harpers Ferry at the Armoury Pub with the lads listening to the guitar of Ed Barney and hefting pints. Wish the night was longer so as to have more time to talk. Be on the lookout for “orbs” and dont forget to “ground” along the way on your great adventure.

Scott and Chanda
Scott & Chanda
#355Spam spam spam spam
8-7-2006 20:30:08
Having just spent ten minutes of my life deleting Spam from the Guestbook I would like to say thanks to each and every one of the visitors who believe we all need to hear more about online poker opportunities. If you werent all robots Id come round your houses and have a word.
7-7-2006 21:48:30
You became Green Monsters the moment you stepped on the pitch for us, BOTH of you. Yes, walking is important for walkings sake; but even more important, your fellow Monsters need you. The team we play Sunday is especially evil, worse than Portugal. Dont abandon the Monsters in our time of need! Your rides to and from wherever your feet have carried you are guaranteed. The Big Green Monster wouldnt ask if it werent vital to our survival as a team.
Big Green Monster
#239good soccer read
7-7-2006 02:48:04
7-7-2006 02:15:30
So the football was a complete balls up again. Mind you getting a swede to communicate is a bit tricky, I dont think people realise. Swedes, they just shop at ikea and go round naked in the snow, right? OH NO! think japanese, think complete inability to deal with anything contentious. Passion equals shame. Prawns who think they are lobsters. 30 degrees and I got the flu camping in a fjord. Anyway, France and Italy need their football, after all, just look at their music. Voyage Voyage!!
#237good job…
6-7-2006 18:46:55
Hi Stu and Dave,
So I heard about you guys(Wisconsin terminology)from my friends Robin (and her mom) who are hiking the ADT right now.So since I have no patience to wait for her reply,I need to know have you contacted her or is she the sleuth?I am an Oshkosh Wisconsin native(but I think a little more worldly than the general midwesterner)ooh running out of characters.I am close friends with two Brits who are currently living in Osh,Ill be reading your blogs would liketo hear from you,good luck
Pam Schuster
#236On the road again
5-7-2006 17:26:59
Glad to know you are back on track; but sorry your team didnt make it, Stu. I was looking after Veronica last night and she wasnt too happy so Ida and I thought that watching the match would somehow help. It didnt but whether she cried because of Germany, I cant say. Good luck and stay cool – which is impossible in Copenhagen these days. Cheers, Susanne
4-7-2006 12:01:54
4-7-2006 10:08:33
Sorry Stuart for England!(you know I am for France and I will maybe join your affliction on Wednesday!:-))I send my encouragement to Dave!Kind regards from the Montreux Jazz Festival (under hailstones yesterday evening!)Bon vent les mecs! Bisous
#233Great Game
3-7-2006 03:57:56
Great soccer game there tonight Stu! I was surprised to see you again this week. Are you walking enough if you are playing two soccer matches a week? Good luck and youre welcome in Costa Rica (
#232Walking Stewart
2-7-2006 22:37:33
Its funny with these Walking Stewarts: How about Rory Stewart, Scotsman, who travelled entirely by foot across Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, India and Nepal between 2000-2002 ( Afghanistan in the dead of winter 2001… Now, THERES a people with a strong view on Westerners. Great account hereof in The Places in Between. Anyway, we continue to yearn after the day when the names Hamilton & Toolan are spoken of with equal deference.
2-7-2006 17:47:56
Walkingthestates hates Christian Ronaldo. Young Ray Liotta lookalike, stepover merchant. We deserved little, and got what we deserved. Feels like a great weight has been removed from my shoulders though. What else? Anna, thanks for the tip on journal entry, in mitigation, I plead wine. Finally, darn Portuguese.
#230and another thing
2-7-2006 17:34:35
Why is it so difficult to hit a ball between some sticks whilst avoiding a man with gloves on? 3 out of 4 british footballers feel unable to do it, the only one who can plays in germany. Is our national psyche so fragile that the prospect of kicking a ball whilst people watch reduces our finest men to quivering wrecks? Once we were warriors, now we are worriers.
#229no good
2-7-2006 17:25:46
Cobblers.Isnt it? Gloom spreads across the nation like a gloomy spready thing, britain is officially rubbish. I wish Rooney had stamped on Ronaldos nuts as well, if your gonna get sent off you might as well take a few out as you leave. Rubbish rubbish rubbish. And Im at work and thats even more rubbish.
Looking on the bright side, at least I dont have to work through any more england games.
Glad you have your ankles back Dave, Im sure theyll be useful on the walk.
#228Mixing up
2-7-2006 16:38:16
I know that yesterdays defeat was a particular heartfelt kick in the groin (if thats not mixing up metaphors..!) – but is it really enough to want to fast forward thru an entire year, as seems to be the case in the first prophetic entry from out boys on the go (or on the couch) for July 2007?
#227shaping up
1-7-2006 01:48:37
Dave, excellent use of the phrase rabid glee and Stuart, a wonderfull account of how monks and disco can come together.
Dan J
28-6-2006 19:21:03
Hi Lidia. Blimey, this smacks of the great dried foods controversy back in 193. Just to clear things up, there are 2 Ronaldos; one ate all the pies and plays for Brazil, the other is a greasy step-over-monger who gets kicked around playing for Portugal and Man Utd. Hope that clears that one up.
#224World Cup
28-6-2006 17:32:44
Hi gentlemen! I dont know which game you were watching (it was early in the morining!), but Ronaldo plays for Brasil (yes!yes!Thats were I come from!!!great country!), so he couldnt possibly be playing against Holland. Well, well, the Dutch are back home to enjoy what they call summer here… But WE will make it. Oh, by the way, I hope England KILLS the Portuguese!!! And perhaps they have to face US ??? Hows the walking??? We love reading your Journal here at IFLA HQ !!! Keep it up !Lidia
28-6-2006 16:20:42
I cant believe you left me out of your gallery shots. Showing such blatant favoritism toward Ellie is really just so unfair. Its because you had to pick up my poo, isnt it? Men. Sleep with them for three days and they forget all about you the minute a tall skinny bitch walks in the room.
#222Off the road for a bit myself
27-6-2006 02:50:37
When I heard about the storms, I wondered if you were out there in it. Glad to hear you werent! I thought of you two as I crossed the country–4000 miles in 8 days instead of 8 months. Now Im in CA for the next few weeks before heading back up to Portland. Dave, I hope your tendons cooperate! Take care, both of you–Siri
#221poseidon adventure part 2
26-6-2006 19:06:44
…… element of water. The sky opened up for much of the evening and was responsible for the dark and stormy adventures which stu mentions in his journal entry. It was a classic tale of respite and rescue; a truly memorable evening. A BIG THANKS to stu and john (another friend) for saving my belongings from the great basement flood of 2006! ..and to Dave too for being jolly during it all and for capturing the moments.
Dark and Stormy = Ginger Beer, Dark Rum and Lime Juice. Cheers!
#220poseidon adventure part 1
26-6-2006 18:50:51
goodness gracious… and the rains came down
i feel like part of the stu and daves adventure. they keep me abreast of the soccer (futbol) matches and i make stu play on my recreational soccer team. we must seem like turkeys out on the pitch but hes been a great sport about it. last night after a post match dinner complete with food (stu ordereded a stew, and another teammate dave was served a reuben from reuben), brews and conversations about lactation, Dave, Stu and I battled the……..
#219Oh Dear
26-6-2006 08:54:40
Wotcha Dave, hope the leg thing doesnt spell the end before its all begun. Atleast you get to see some footie, and at a more reasonable hour than in Indonesia. Allyson says to keep your Pecker up.
#218Get better soon
24-6-2006 19:06:27
I am very sorry to hear about your foot problems. I liked your reading list and thought that I would add to it. Ray Jardines books are the bible for distance hikers…the How to Hike the Pacific Crest Trail has all the basics that you can apply to the ADT (especially the part about adapting your shoes to work for your feet) See what Jon Vonhof says in his book or site “Fixing your Feet”.

Then for fun check out all the gear sites: Gossamer Gear, Henry Shires Tarp Tent, ULA, Sixmoon. Best
#217Hope you get well soon Dave
23-6-2006 13:07:24
Hi Dave.
Sorry to hear your not to well, Is there any chance that while your off your feet and near a PC you could do the B&Q; repors for me???
Sounds like your having a great time keep it up (your foot that is) From All at Leeds Retail Office :o)
Initial Retail Leeds Crew!
23-6-2006 13:01:06
Hi Stu and Dave. How is it working out with you camcording,. You got your camera now? Are you using it? Have you found some interesting scenes to shoot? Let me hear from you guys.

Here in Copenhagen everything is proceeding as planned. A bit of sun, a bit of clouds and a bit of rain. But you guys are british, so you must know that feels.

Sorry to tell you that Argentina will send your heroes back to the pubs after the quarter finals..

David Rue, Copenhagen
#215Hi lads
22-6-2006 19:44:15

Just wanted to say all the best obviously and Dave! Liza got your old job 🙂 good for her, i think? well you would know he he I shall contact you again in exactly 75 hours. Over and out (Paul G ex Initial)
The Quiet Eye
#214re: sunglasses and fanny pax
21-6-2006 21:39:20
sarah and pamela,
please send 3 fanny packs and 3 pair of sunglasses to 4004 madison street hyattsville md 20781…..
21-6-2006 20:03:59
Guys! This site is quite an accomplishment! I hope Steph is the hostess with the mostest. We Foersters are well trained. See you in California! Need sunglasses? I have a contact at Jen Optics for some rad polarized shades. Just let me know where to send them. xoxo, Sarah
Sarah, Stephs Sister
#212Ill buy that for a dollar
20-6-2006 18:57:35
Dear Pamela, this sounds like a marvellous idea and as Dave and I are currently sitting around all day with time on our hands, might I suggest that you and friends drop by Madison Street and drop the packs off?
#211fanny packs
20-6-2006 18:54:27
I heard you guys were looking for a sponsor to hook you up with some fanny packs…between me and my Baywatch friends, we should be able to find some for you (wink wink nudge nudge).
Pamela Anderson
#210Good Luck!!
20-6-2006 13:50:37
Just to say Hi, sounds like youre having fun out there, hope you enjoy the rest of your walk blisterfree!
Kate (cousin of Dave).
#209…i´m impressed!
20-6-2006 13:22:43
A part of me is envious about this great project.
#208Get well soon Dave
20-6-2006 01:06:37
Stay strong boys! its all a matter of adapting. Jim says that he heard Bob in a box rootin for ya the other night, and trust me he knows all about adapting.
Father of Bob
#207Rest them legs!!
20-6-2006 00:18:10
Hi David,
Sorry to hear your tendons are giving you jip. Rest up well before you carry on – at least the footies on, hey? I seem to remember Andy broke his leg when the last world cup was on……must run in the family!Hello to Stuart too,
All the best,
Love Jo Andy, Gabrielle and Joseph.
Jo Andy Gabrielle and Joseph
#206british 101
19-6-2006 18:02:20
really great getting to know a couple of boys (mates) from the other side of the pond… im learning a bit of british humor and some fascinating english colloquialisms… delighted i can offer support.
19-6-2006 02:24:11
Who is this woman, I think Im in love! I would like to request a breakdown of the local bourbons please with recommendations on how they are best to be enjoyed. Also how about local dances. I think this is an area you have overlooked. Please be good enough to relate.
#204Hot Damn
18-6-2006 23:42:55
Hi there,I met you amounst a group of 46 all women naked bi-bicyclists,I was the coy one with the outsized saddle.Good luck with the hobble.
#203Missing(exclaimation mark)
18-6-2006 23:36:21
Missing.Much loved family pet,shiney black coat,slightly lame,answers to the name of Dangerous.
Hornpipe slim
17-6-2006 10:17:14
Hi, hope youre back on the road soon! During my exam reading your page turns out to be excellent procrastination – and I can then circulate between your page, my email and a newspaper, and spent hours without reading. Anyway, personally I could walk anywhere listening to Sticks and Stones, on “Thats What I Say: John Scofield Plays The Music of Ray Charles” (2005) .. but thats just me. Greetings from Copenhagen.
#201Good Luck
17-6-2006 05:05:51
I met you while on a bicycle trip with 5 other women. I am the one who has also walked across the USA. Have a great walk and enjoy all the interesting folks you will meet along the way. It will be a great adventure. Hope you have good weather. Take care.
16-6-2006 03:41:05
An American Poem – damn, thats a fine choice! Fela could be interesting…need Dave to tap out 20 minute rhythms while I rap bout corruption. Ill let you know how it goes…
#199Where is our picture?
15-6-2006 22:37:19
Hey its your future brother-in-law here. Hows it going?? I see that you have covered thousands of miles already! Damn, thats quick! Keep up the hard slog ahead of you, we are all behind you 2. I suggest that you 2 get some pogo sticks that will help on the poor feet!
Take care we will have a great party in San-Francisco..
Marc and Jenny
#198Have some rubbish advice…
15-6-2006 19:05:14
I can only offer one piece of advice- and that is when your merino (or other wool) bobbles, you can shave it with your razor. Also I believe Uniqlo sells a lot of it. I wish I could be more practical, but Ive never even been inside a tent…oh! and you can use Sudo Cream on anything. I think Nuclear War by Alex Attias & An American Poem by Those Guys would be good walking songs- maybe some Fela?…good luck!x
15-6-2006 12:49:39
ola,we didnt talk but ive seen many things throw the windows of your eyes…emotional landscapes,taste of liberty,thanks for being free.tcho!good wind!
#196What a pasta assumption!
14-6-2006 14:43:45
It is true as my Learned friend Malc states that both pasta and rice are indeed dried from thier original wet state. Any claim contrary to this is indeed most erronious. A cow is also wet but mostly dry on the outside. Glad we cleared that up.
Dan J
#195Fascinating website!
14-6-2006 11:59:04
What a great project.Stuarts dad Alan directed me to the site. I hope you get all the enlightenment you are hoping for(and blister-free walking!)
I will be checking in and following your progress.Good luck!
#194dried food
14-6-2006 10:49:03
Pasta is dried food, it comes wet, just ask Mr Jeans. The stuff normal people eat is re-hydrated, one encourages water to diffuse back into the pasta by boiling it. Yes Im bored.
#193Largely Dried Food
13-6-2006 17:10:26
“largely dried foods such as porridge oats, pasta, rice, dried fruit etc.”
In my mind rice isnt considered a largely kinda food.
A dried COW or horse jerky i would consider largely dried food, but not rice or pasta.

Maybe its time to update your FAQ section ? 😀
#192Sorry about the “FEET”!!!
13-6-2006 17:01:05
I can certainly relate to your painful feet. When we started in San Francisco we walked 1/2 mile on the beach and then on the concrete sidewalks of San Francico for hours getting lost because I couldnt keep up with the leader which was our only means of knowing where to go. The next day 7 miles across the Oakland Bay Bridge and then another 10 miles on the sidwalks of Oakland. I suffered blisters until we got to Colorado. When you leave DC You will have 167 mi. flat dirt & shade. Hanginthere.
#191Join us!
13-6-2006 15:42:24
Dan, we need you! And your cow-shaped tent! Rest assured that when your walking feet are ready (Id get soaking them in white spirits now to avoid the blisters) well be looking for you over the horizon and awaiting your presence. Join us!
#190You make me feel mighty real!
13-6-2006 11:01:58
I am sorry to hear of your foot problems, though I have it on good authority that with time and enough distance they will evolve into fearsome manfeet of the highest order. Thank you for keeping me sane with trancendant adventure pepper on my bland dish of fulltime employment stew. I miss you guys and send you big love and blessings from the most high. P.S. Still planing on joining you!
Dan J
#189Bowie librarian
13-6-2006 00:52:58
So glad you guys stopped in! I hope you make it to Hyattsville alright – in one piece and all. Your bios are hysterical and I wish you lots of luck on your journey. Ill be checkin in…
#188How are those feet…?
12-6-2006 22:26:26
Been following your journal, loving the story of the wallet ( nice one Dave! ) and the racoons. Its lovely to see so many new names in the guestbook, without a doubt youve made an impression on the “folks” over there. Keep up the good work!
Lots of love and be safe.

ps oh, and Casper, if youre reding this, Happy birthday from the swedish chick!
#187Happy Trails!
12-6-2006 22:18:01
Hi guys! Thanks again for the stimulating conversation and delicious food. I do hope our paths cross again on the West Coast! Take care of those feet, Siri
PS-As of 2:30, the moving container was still there. Grrr.
#186walking in Milton De
12-6-2006 03:40:52
I saw you two in Milton De then you passed my farm on Burton Rd. My dogs barked at you. You were only on day 2 of your trip. I just want to wish you luck. I wish I was going with you but I would have to be in better shape for that.
#185Keep on Trecking!
11-6-2006 22:41:39
Im very supprised you actually went through with this crazy idea! In my head I had many doubts that it would be called off for some reason or another! Good luck

ps dave, i hope your heels get better soon!
Gabrielle Wright
#184How did you cross the Bay Bridge?
11-6-2006 18:15:43
Hi Stu and Dave! I stopped you while I was with my husband and 2 friends having cheese/crackers and apples (which you were offered) just east of the Cross Island Trail yesterday. We looked for you as we approached the bridge. I know Annapolis very well, and hope youll love it. If you have so much fun that you decide to walk back across on the way back, you can stay in our wooded yard!! 😉 The best of luck to you both on this adventure. I hope that all the people you meet here treat you kindly!
Claire from Millersville
10-6-2006 17:23:18
Did not see the match but know of the result – congratulations to good old England and cheers, Susanne
Susanne Seidelin
10-6-2006 09:58:39
Hope you 2 enjoy your self. Hope you have a chance to watch England play today – good walking and good luck for England
Michael Seidelin
10-6-2006 00:44:12
Interesting that you want to view North Americans views of Europeans. It seems you have forgotten that the USA was inhabited first by British immigrants. Hence, many “N. Americans” today are actually descendents of Brits (& therefore European).
Come see us in Lake Havasu City (300 miles e of L.A.).
Claudia Timmann, Academic Librarian
#180Lost opportunity
10-6-2006 00:40:05
My friends, the Rolfings, emailed that they had met you at the local coffee shop, Ivys Cafe in Queenstown, and I remembered seeing you walking through Tuckahoe State Park yesterday. Regret I was racing off to a boring meeting and missed the opportunity to stop and wish you well on this amazing trip. Look forward to following your adventures. Please let fellow travelers know they should visit Adkins Arboretum when they are traveling through Tuckahoe State Park. A pretty place & friendly staff.
Ellie Altman
#179Ivy Market Cafe in Queenstown, MD
10-6-2006 00:08:13
Thanks for the photo op! Now that I see you are gonna be/are famous, I wish we had done a really cool portrait. Will send photo if you would like. Ann and Richard
R.A.R.E Photographic
#178Email contact
9-6-2006 22:26:25
2 people from Ohio have tried to contact you by Email, myself and another. The emails were returned as possible spam.Can we contact you ever by phone?. Of course I dont know if you can reply by means of the guestbook.Perhaps one of your other contacts could advise.
carabiner guy
#177Suns a Shining
9-6-2006 20:51:49
Hi there lads, sipping a beer in the back garden in sunny Nottingham (UK). Happened across your site. Good luck hope it all goes well. Ive bookmarked you and will keep coming back.How about a live GPS track of your progress?
Swamp Rat
#176Sister of Sarah-Denton
9-6-2006 15:15:32
Hello gentlemen,
Sarah (waitress in Denton)clued me in on your journey. I will be crossing the Bay Bridge (no foot traffic) on Saturday June 10 to Annapolis and would be happy to give you a lift over the Chesapeake Bay. Let me know – call 410-819-0386 – leave message.
#175Sister of Sarah-Denton
9-6-2006 15:14:48
Hello gentlemen,
Sarah (waitress in Denton)clued me in on your journey. I will be crossing the Bay Bridge (no foot traffic) on Saturday June 10 to Annapolis and would be happy to give you a lift over the Chesapeake Bay. Let me know – call 410-822-8531 – leave message.
#174worldcup update
9-6-2006 10:04:44
today it begins, wish you were here tho: but anyway rooney looks sort a fit, maybe for sweden game, war between fergie and erikkson. but rumour mill has it that gerrard crocked back in training, not good news. carrick can fill in tho. hmm world cup, and you thought your back was important. rocking the dutch away kit today trying to inspire some beautiful football for the next month. soul power up from me to you brothers. and yo got damn that picture of you and folks at the airport is a keeper.1
#173Zagats guide to…
9-6-2006 05:54:14
I just checked and there is no Zagat guide on libraries. This is obviously where you should get sponsor money from. You could rate according to factors such as Internet access, location in town, book arrangement system, presence of otherwise banned books, number of books on how to protect your food from racoons etc. Its a business plan bound to succeed.
#172hang your food
8-6-2006 22:35:29
Not until its dead. A good rule is 10,10,10. In a bag ten feet off the ground, ten feet out from any tree limb. Tie some parchute chord around you food bag, attach a rock and toss it over a tree branch. Protects food not only from raccoons but chipmunks, skunks and all kinds. Never keep food in your tents.I hope to see you in wild and wooly Ohio when you get here.
Good luck and enjoy America.
carabiner guy
#171route map
8-6-2006 22:03:28
Good work gentlemen. Route map not yet working though, so lets get it together, or Ill send Napoleon after you.
Illya Kuryakin
#170from college
8-6-2006 21:41:45
this is mel at the college and your dad just told me about the raccoon dont you the rac ethnic animal
8-6-2006 21:01:48
Amazing, fascinating, fantastic, real. Its truly great to read your journal Stu; its a real page-turner. Too bad there are no more pages to turn. I guess I just have to wait for tomorrows exciting new adventurous stories of Delaware distance being travelled by two still young… stop. Anyways, lots of envious thoughts from Amager AKA the pooh-island…
#168route map isnt working?
8-6-2006 15:26:58
We (librarins at Ohio University) were looking to see if you are coming by Athens, Ohio, but not enough details on your route map.
sherri saines
8-6-2006 12:58:52
Are you sure that you are nto researching for a new series of travel books on Libraries of the USA and their role in society ? Are you collecting compliment slips of your visits ?

Keep up to the walking and dont forget to carry a pionted stick to fend the racoons off with.

8-6-2006 04:24:06
Dear Colleagues,
Congratulations! Its a shame youre not going through Florida. I work for the Broward County Library System and would be happy to “host” you and promote your journey here. Best of luck,

P.S. We met in Buenos Aires at the IFLA Conference in 2004 and its good to see that you keep promoting our profession so enthusiastically.
Janine Rodrigues
8-6-2006 03:37:52
You “boys” must be a hoot. Your project is interesting…I sent an e-mail. You should be this way in about a month.
#164I meant Socially Responsible
7-6-2006 23:15:03
Intellectual freedom fighters, progressive and social activist librarians.
Katharine Phenix
#163Radical librarians in Denver
7-6-2006 23:13:13
Will keep track of your progress and try to find some social responsible librarians to say hello when you get here. Best of luck!
Katharine Phenix
#162Good luck guys!
7-6-2006 20:28:36
As a fellow librarian, I have to say that its too bad you couldnt get to New Orleans for ALA!
You are embarking on a great journey which will no doubt forever change your lives.
All the best to you both on your project – and to both the US and England in the World Cup!

“The charging restless mute unvoiced road keening in a seizure of tarpaulin power.”
-Jack Kerouacs favorite line from On The Road

Greg Hardin
Denton, Texas
Greg Hardin
#161Getting it straight …
7-6-2006 17:36:36
Hi Dave
So, we spoke 2 weeks before lift off & you had no passport or visa, now reading the blogs I gather youre crossing the states with no wallet, sleeping bag or waterproofs, your sole posession being an umbrellla – right? And I spend Saturday evening telling a sceptical John that you had it all sorted! Got to phone your dad now for full story. Darryl just pretends not to know me when I walk with an umbrella …and on plenty other occasions. xx auntie
#160New York is still cool
6-6-2006 23:22:35
Glad to know that the Northeast is treating well the guys. It was good to read that there are still some cool NYC taxi drivers … nothing like this city 🙂
From NYC, L
#159Not your wallet!
6-6-2006 23:19:55
Was tempted to comment on your lost wallet – but youll only remind me that mine was pick-pocketed in Prague while yours wasnt! Like father like son?
NB Umbrellas are ok for hiking now – Mel used one in Italy. Keep dry; limp on.
Daves dad
#158Go West
6-6-2006 22:39:11
If you decide,once you arrive at your destination, to cross the bridge (how could you not?), visit the San Francisco Public Library!
#157Them Boots are made for Walking
6-6-2006 21:59:21
Hope you have good strong walking boots. Good Luck for your trip, have fun.
Sue and Brian Moore
6-6-2006 21:31:44

Genius fella on the wallet front! Textbook activity from the Toolan
I shall keep you posted on Stockport County news so dont panic on that front!
6-6-2006 21:08:33
HI I THOUGTH it was your wallet not dave glad u are doing fine

think of you
6-6-2006 19:10:22
I applaud your project and your dedication. One suggestion: could you set up an RSS feed for the journal?
Karl G. Siewert
#153we meet you before
6-6-2006 12:55:26
we meet you at a campground in Delawer. We saw you at the eagelsnest camp ground right next to the bathroom.
Joshua, Stacey
#152Salut les marcheurs
6-6-2006 10:10:24
Nice to read your “legbook” and happy to see that your british humour is intact …et promis, le whisky sera meilleur quand vous reviendrez aux Diablerets ! 🙂
Bisous et gardez LA NIAC!
#151Wallets & Walking
6-6-2006 02:19:29
Wow you made it to actual walking! And here I thought it was a big hoax to avoid, yknow, work. Were following the wallet narrative most keenly as paralleled closely my own weekend experience except my wallet ended up on backseat of taxi somewhere around 5 am Sunday morning. Panic-stricken and hungover, I received phonecall from my no. 1 favourite NY taxi driver, hurrah! But why would he have to call AFTER a closed my credit card? You see, its almost exactly like walking 10 miles a day.
#150Im taking your life over
6-6-2006 00:38:23
Hi Dave, Cant be arsed to eMail you now, but I guess youll read this. I played footy over preston park with Jim the other day. The rest is rubbish.
Mark Anscombe
#149the moment is a gift
5-6-2006 20:59:12
following on from an earlier enrty and in a somewhat lighter vein remember:the past is history, the future is a mystery and this moment is a gift, thats why its called the present! loving the blog-walk safely and god bless.
stus mum
#148Op-date & hello
5-6-2006 18:59:08
Hope you boys got well off the coastline. Very exciting to read about the leaving. Now your in the wild! Actually its so exciting and I dont want to miss I thing, so I have just signed your page up for email notification everytime something new happens on the site. Its trough, and I hope it will work to my satisfaction. Check it out every hikelover monitoring this website. By the way – enjoying the records very much, Stu and to your information Casper turning 30 on thursday.
#147Why no sleeping bag?
5-6-2006 18:07:11
Well thats mighty lucky – the wallet was found – bet he did it on purpose just to add colour to the start of proceedings!!

Cant quite imagine a cross-America walker with an umbrella! Did I miss out why Dave has no sleeping bag or waterproof?

Curious of Dundee
#146website link
5-6-2006 03:17:24
Hello Dave – Ive put a link to your site as promised. Im pretty impressed by it and Ill definitely read your journal regularly. I hope youve managed to sort out the lost stuff business. Take (lots of) care and keep us entertained!
#145Eagles Nest Shower
5-6-2006 00:20:22
Hope ya had a good shower and sleep at Eagles Nest Campground. Enjoyed meeting you and was glad to be of help. Starchild, my dog says hi to ya too! Good luck. Enjoy the adventure! Will let ya know when I get to Europe next year! Smiles, Luv and Laughter, Lorraine
Lorraine Hudson (Rainbow)
#144oh dear
4-6-2006 21:50:13
now realise that was not you losing things- sorry, am as bad as dad!xx
#143how to panic an old man
4-6-2006 21:46:58
well done, bruv! bear in mind dad has new mobile and only just got your text saying you have found wallet cos i opened the text-otherwise panic was asunder!! Take care and dont lose any nore stuff!J XX
#142Is this your coat
4-6-2006 20:59:11
Found. one red or orange coat. Possibly water proof probably.
Unworn. With hood. Also memory recovered, tarnished.
All inquiries 12 Bear Rd, Brighton (between 12 till 3)
CAN POST (probable to middling)
scotland slim
#141dave dave dave
3-6-2006 13:00:06
OK, so it sounds like Dave messed up, but what we want to know is did he get anywhere with the costa rican woman in dundee? I hope it works out OK and that dave starts to blog too.
Chaos Theory
2-6-2006 23:34:20
Ill try to take that on board.
2-6-2006 22:09:46
#137Good Luck!
2-6-2006 18:48:42
Hello! Just to say hello and good luck really, sounds like its nice and warm for you then! 🙂 Have fun, speak soon..
The Swede
2-6-2006 12:11:06
Dear Stuart,
our best wishes for your fine effort – we just looked at the nice website and we are impressed!
Peter L, Danielle M, Daisy M, Genevieve C, Tuula H
IFLA WSIS contact group
#135Some holiday !
1-6-2006 21:27:23

Remember to send us a postcard in sunny Herne Bay . Good luck lads.
John & Liz
#134First step is the deepest
1-6-2006 11:55:32
Good that you arrived! How did you get that seat with leg room? I often try, but then all are gone – may I refer to you next time and say I will walk accross the US, would that help?
Anyway: take care and do as if it were 12 degrees (like here in NL).
#133To the freaky one!
31-5-2006 22:55:21
H Danny J, u can contact me on…
and once again… GOD REJSE STUART
Mads Pilt
#132On the road?
31-5-2006 19:08:49
Assume you have now arrived in the States but are you walking? In any case enjoy – what I do, I am editing,and editing, and editing… needed a break. Cheers and take care
#131Welcome to the States!
31-5-2006 07:22:54
Awesome to have you here! Let the good times roll …or stride forth. June Third is National Hiking Day in the US. It would be appropriate if you hiked on National Hiking Day; can you speed up? 😉 Also, you may not realize that Summer Solstice, June 21st is HIKE NAKED DAY. Seriously. Youll have to check out hiker journals. Jonathan Ley got lots of free beer at the end of his Hike Naked Day Best Wishes! Hike On!
#130Lycklig resa!
26-5-2006 19:17:03
I know, its Swedish instead of Danish. Nevertheless the sentiment is the same. I still think its too bad youre not coming through Minnesota, but you know you have a place to stay if you decide to make a northerly detour when you get to the Mississippi. Have a great trip!
Edward Swanson
#129Heres a freaky one.
25-5-2006 03:05:01
Hey what a small place the world is! I was playing pool in the Nellie Dean with these two strangers and one of them was from Copenhagen. So, cos I was drunk and in the everyone should know each other when theyre drunk frame of mind I told the story of Stu and Dave. Turns out this girl Nilo is friends with Mads Pilt (see message below) and has heard about you through him. You guys are practically household names it seems. On another note, can you let me know how you will be contactable.
danny J
#128Stu said that triathlon is pure madness…?
24-5-2006 22:39:52
Hi stuham, Im glad that I could help u with seeking the right companies for sponsering, sure you find the germin usefull if u lose the track of the water:) hope I can manage to chace u down somewhere along the walk,….ill be bringing little Mr. Laurits.
Denmark Lost a DJ and the US soon have a mad man walking5057…, god luck mate
Mads Pilt
#127Hail Tissemand
24-5-2006 17:35:20
Hallo mate, we all miss you in Denmark, and remember to say hallo to Morbid Angel and born again christians from me when you cross the land of free
Michael Seidelin
#126Resolution 1682
23-5-2006 21:49:55
The Security Council,

Recognizing that walking across the States is sheer madness,

Reiterating its hope that the UN troops will meet only few grizzly bears, plenty of bars and no Texans,

Decides to extend the mandate of UNUSA for another two years, if nothing else then for its entertainment value;

Decides to remain actively seized of the matter.
Kofi Annan
#125Chit Chat
21-5-2006 15:25:12
Hi Stu, Good luck and perhaps you will come and visit us one day with your dad. Take care.
Rosemary dads sister
Rosemary Herod
#124Walk the Walk
20-5-2006 09:49:21
It wont be easy!
Hot Rod was disappointed he wasnt invited along…
Funny, all the pens and post-it notes have gone Walkieeees as well??

Good luck Chaps
18-5-2006 23:52:53
Oi! sausage sack. You better be getting your warm buttocks down to [re:fried], as Ive advertised the Bay Area invasion. PS: I hope you didnt peep at Mr Kinnock whilst he was washing his specials in the sink.
Luther Vandross
#122Are we all slightly mad?
17-5-2006 14:19:35
Hi Stu,

Hope you guys are going well. Ill get my bro to put a link on our site to yours. We wont have internet access until after September so will check in with you then. Strange world with all these people doing strange things…Got a wild friend in California so remember to drop us a line when you get there and Im sure hell show you the crazy side of America youre looking for. Good Luck, Justin –
#121Hello from Leatherhead
16-5-2006 21:44:20
I am sitting with your Dad round our house, being introduced to your wild idea. Good Luck and Jeff says you should have stuck to war gaming. We will keep track of your trek.
tracy (your Dads cousin)
#120Hello from Copenhagen
16-5-2006 17:14:33
Wonder where you are right now – Switzerland, Wales? In any case, big hugs and cheers, Susanne
#119Big up from Salonen 😉
15-5-2006 13:30:32
thanks for all the good tunes – you will be missed behind the decks(allthough not exct missing Barry yet..) Enjoy!! Stort knus
#118Best wishes
13-5-2006 23:05:16
I look forward to following your progress, I am with you but only in spirit thank God. I know how to walk but only for a few metres. My best wishes. Enjoy it some how!
Alan Porter
#117go on son
9-5-2006 23:01:08
Hi its paul from ocho sports good luck lads hope you make it i know you will dont forget to keep us updated
#116daddies keeper
8-5-2006 12:43:02
looking after daddy while u are away good luck and hope to meet u on your return u are a nutter reborn and i admire u for all u do enjoy
4-5-2006 11:37:46
I am inspired by your idea. I am thinking of walking across some countries myself. My current options are Andorra, San Marino & Monaco. But I think the Vatican City might be the best option.
Ill keep you updated on the football, even though you are a Spurs fan so football may not be the correct word.
Kieran (Blooms)
#114Farewell DK
3-5-2006 19:16:39
Massive goodbyeparty in DK. Just the right amount of melancholy and good tunes. A loss of a good DJ compagnion and friend. Catch you on the messenger at some point. See you in august for mAJor rewind.
Mr. Holst
#113Youre mad!
1-5-2006 12:15:21
Have fun. Try to get back with all your bits in the same place that God intended them to be. Stu, Id have a pint of Hoegarden for ya, but I cant stand the stuff!

Come on Barca!!!!
Paul (Chelsea Paul!)
#112You are Crazy
30-4-2006 17:15:35
But of coz in a nice way!!! Many wishes about the best luck for both of you..Denmark will be a little less without Stu around. Dont forget to visit In & Out burgers in CA…Tasty!!!! Watch out for the Snakes and the wild animals. Ivan
Ivan Poulsen
27-4-2006 20:50:39
goodluck on your venture across america hope it all goes well
melvyn carey
#109best of luck
27-4-2006 20:42:47
what you are doing is fantastic and i hope more people and companies will sponsor you. i would if i could, but am on benefits. we need more people like you
frank forman
#108Good luck
26-4-2006 13:11:32
Make sure you get a fat burrito when you hit the west coast. Youll be needing it. Not to mention a bowl or 2 of humboldts finest. enjoy the trip.
#102Go go go!!!
21-4-2006 08:44:16
Very impressed with the idea and the charity (the BHF sponsered my PhD). Good luck for your walk. looking forward to hearing about the progress!

Megan Davey
#101Too late (or too early?)
20-4-2006 10:11:23
Too late, because I have been looking at this site most of the days of the past few weeks. I wanted to be Guestbook inscription #100.
I wish you both the very best and will be following you on your quest in the months to come. I hope you will be seeing/visiting a lot of LIBRARIES during your trip.
I would like to make a donation to BHF for every library postcard that you can lay your hand on and will be emailing separately to Stuart about this.
Wishing you good feet, hearts and good luck !!!!
#100Cool concept
19-4-2006 22:20:19
Hey Stuart and Dave!
Just want to wish you guys a great trip. I am not the least bit envious.. I am going to love staying at home in Denmark:-( No… Goddamn you guys are lucky… Talk about the american dream… I promise I wont tell anybody that you will be riding a bus for most of the way… My lips are sealed.. See you on the 30. of april.. Take care and have a great walk… Chris Matrikel
#99Go for it guys
19-4-2006 22:16:36
I just found this website by accident. Are you guys really walking across? Well if you are I will definately keep a track of you and try to hook up with you… Have a great trip and take care of yourselves… Go for it!!
#98Hey cous!
19-4-2006 21:46:40
Hey Stu. hows it goin? Cant believe your doin this, good on ya! id do it with you but im allergic to americans plus im really lazy. You look well from the pictures on this site n im really likin the homeless person look uve got goin on. That means youll fit right in over there! Good luck again and look forward to seeing you sum time when you get back. Clare and the others say hi and good luck. From your beautiful cousin, Martyn (p.s. dont get lost)
18-4-2006 19:50:55
Take it easy y guys!!!!
#96so what defines a jazz hat….?
11-4-2006 20:59:08
So Stuart who-i-laughed-with-on-a-plane, you were right, the website is great! So this is me wishing you and Dave all the best for your trip, Ill make sure to follow your ” moves “… Oh, and you cant tell but ” the hand ” is definately cheering you on!
Good luck to both of you.
Kristina Vinberg
#95Watch out for fainting goats..
11-4-2006 12:55:05
Hey Stuart,
I hope you have a great trip, looking forward to being kept up to date on this fabulous website. You will be missed here in DK.. Then Mary says to stuart “Stuart you should stay” and Stuart looks at Mary and he says: “No, Mary – Im gonna walk across the-e staaaaaates…!”
11-4-2006 03:59:07
Just, you know, consider it.

Finally decided to find out where in world US is and how walk would be. Mate, that is FAR!
#93Havent seen you since the last centuary
6-4-2006 20:05:06
Hey, long time no speak. Tom dirtyboy Cox sent me the link to this website. Totally amazing stuff, in fact Id swear but think my language might be too colourful for this website. Puts my trip to NZ in the dark.
Hope youre well.
Lucy x
Lucy Flynn
6-4-2006 00:10:12
12 year walk round the globe? Thats just showing off. And frankly not very British (unless of course they fail admirably and then make a terrible single featuring Ed the Duck.) We have no need of such an ostentatious show of valour.

Also, given that we are both going to be missing the world cup, I put our level of sacrifice and achievement on a par with theirs. Harumph.
#91so you are coming to America…
5-4-2006 17:59:53
Best of luck to you two on this new adventure!
As a good library girrrl, I must mention Karl Bushby & Dimitri Kieffer who are on a 12 yr walk around the globe…

May their stories inspire you when thirsty, tired or fighting with the weather.
*Walking the states sounds like fun 😉
Hugs from NYC, Loida
#90Paul, all is forgiven
5-4-2006 00:25:41
except for that peanut brittle stuff you came back with once. What were you thinking? That was the only peanut-based product safe for people with severe nut allergies due to its complete inedibility. It was neither Snickers nor Picnic was it. It was unclassifiable.

Good luck with the counselling.
#89me again
4-4-2006 20:34:52
Me and Dave had a good working relationship at Initial Retail allthough i did irritate at times with my lack of …
A) interest in the job and
B) unprofessionalism?
C) messing up his request from the local shops at lunchtime and, and well………..there were quite a few 🙂

god bless ya mate
#88How Big is it?
4-4-2006 20:23:51

Your map
#87rock n roll taches
3-4-2006 22:19:08
good to see the photos from the gig on the gallery. having viewed them may i suggest a compulsory stylish tache for the stroll across the states!!
#86Run, Forrest, run
3-4-2006 11:35:15
Well, since your bipedal odyssey is almost upon you, I thought Id check in with my warmest – godspeed my black emperors (Godspeed was actually a setting on my Chopper when I was a kid – there was 1, 2 and Godspeed. Ace). Ill try and impart some ill-advised advice of my time in the US along your travels. This may be of absolutely no use to you, or it could save your life. Thats just how I roll. I hope to join you along the way & maybe form a travelling deep tech/house revue band? – G
Greg B AKA Competition Orange
#85So its a walk…
1-4-2006 16:33:10
In this day and age, with all our technological gadgets, that enable and improve this and that, I suppose a nice, simple and analog task as taking a long walk is the most sane thing to do! Getting some fresh air, and cleaning your system of all our worldly, unneeded materials. Yes, truly a good idea…

But across an entire flipping continent!? And that continent is America?! omg, thats insane! you must be out of your minds! lol take care, and well see you on the other side
Mikkel Lund Jensen
#84RE: Daves birthday
28-3-2006 14:34:02
Dear Dave

I very much hope you come into your own like Jimi Hendrix during the walk. I believe that your transformation from mild-mannered country music enthusiast to acid-tinged Afro-American rock God will be the stuff of legend on the ADT and will truly change my life for the better. I very much look forward to this momentous occasion. Did you have any location in mind for this transformation? (PS: I will grow my hair like Noel Redding. We will have a good look)
#83moustaches all round
26-3-2006 00:42:24
Hey Dave, may I congratulate you on a most fantastig gig the other weekend. Thanks to you and the boys for all your hard work, its good to see you up there where you belong and really enjoying yourself. An honour! (see pics in gallery)
Dan J
25-3-2006 21:39:10
So that was your rear projection Dan – we felt the aftershocks in Brighton – I thought Hemel Hempstead had exploded again.

Careful there, long-arms.
#81happy coincidence
25-3-2006 19:46:32
Good to see you yesterday Stu. Only wish I could have stayed longer. My didnt we put that 7 degrees of seperation theory to the test there. Later I demonstrated 360 degrees of degredation with my staff and cunjured up a phone number from a young lady. Mmm the power of rear projection. Shout out to all the lovely peeps with us in the pub too, hope Ill see you soon.
Dan J
#80typisk lesbisk=)
25-3-2006 06:06:01
Hi stu!
Think its a crazy and beautiful idea, know your gonna have a wonderful trip. Remember to bring the sleepingbag out in the desert, it gets freezing at night=) Miss you allready and hope to see you back in copenhagen at some time.. ^time and space may keep us apart but you will allways be in my heart^ love and curry from India- MiaMaja
#79take my brother with you
24-3-2006 16:00:45
Have a great trip.
Take my brother with you and Ill wire you regular beer money. Zoex
doms sister
#78all the best
22-3-2006 21:04:24
goodluck and thank you
#77Far and Away
22-3-2006 20:08:48
Hi boys, top international movie star and scientology expect Tom Cruise here wishing you all the best on your Mission Impossible. Ill be thinking of you walking under those Vanilla Skies and hoping it doesnt Rain Man, im sure youll be Top Guns and making All the Right Moves. It takes A Few Good Men to do what your doing and im sure youll be Legends come the end and be sipping Cocktails. Its a Risky Business All the best Tom.
Tom Cruise
#76Questions Relating To Life.
22-3-2006 05:45:49
Here is a number of questions I would like you to raise as you squander your life away on the highways of the USA in the company of only each other, short shorts and a truly frightening amount of corn:
1. In a country sworn to market economy and transparency, why do you insist on making your customers guess the actual price of a product in stead of just writing it?
2. Why do very wee american men grobe you in clubs?
3. What, seriously, is the point of burger served on English muffin”?
2 B cont.
#75hints and tips
20-3-2006 12:16:56
Prior preperation prevents poor performance. I would suggest walking across a small country (like lichtenstein) as a gentle warm up, then work your way up through gradually larger landmasses before tackling the big one. Alternatively take some painkillers and a few packs of pro-plus. And a knife, always take a knife.
#74Good Luck
20-3-2006 11:10:10
Good to see you guys walking the line! Im truly proud of ya Stu, and I hope you get to see the american grapefruit moon on a saturday night stretch. See you over there.
Lasse Folke
#71Your Trip
19-3-2006 20:03:01
Hello Stuart
Good Luck with your trip and take care.
Love Jo and Mick
Jo and Mick
19-3-2006 17:05:49
Its years since we last saw you!! Your Mum & Dad have been with us this weekend in Nottingham.
Good Luck with the trek!!!
Penny & Stuart Hay
19-3-2006 14:26:40
Hi Stuart, Good Luck for your trip. Your dad has told me all about it. I dont suppose you remember me, Im your dad sister, Rosemary Herod from Melton Mowbray
19-3-2006 13:36:51
Well, my goodness, somebodys gonna walk right across this fine country. Seems my beautiful American people have forgotten what this land means right now. Hope you guys can rekindle some hope and spirit into those folks. But, well, forget all that. Just have a mighty good time yall. If yuh see Daves cousin Sam on route, well, ask him what in gods name hes doing out there for starters! then say howdy and buy that guy a beer will yuh?
Abe Lincoln
#67what next
18-3-2006 15:36:42
Good luck you can doit thanks for yoursupport 4 my future.
alan h
#66Re: Daves flat foot
17-3-2006 20:51:59
Is it possible for anyone to outfit Dave with a titanium foot? I had a dream last night that I was being interviewed on a US chat show about my day job as a professional armwrestler. strong arms not being my strong point, when the interviewer asked me about how someone in my pitiful condition could arm wrestle professionally, I told him I had a titanium arm. the audience lapped it up. I would be happy to walk across America with a titanium Dave. anyone know an evil Detriot security corporation?
#65every step of the way!
17-3-2006 13:39:24
Good luck with this guys an impresive feet! well you will have by the end of this little trip, you could try selling your socks on e-bay, could bring in a small fortune 😉
Ill be with you every step of the way, well nearly.
#64how old is stu?
16-3-2006 21:20:05
PS- was reading message aboutno. 30 something how old is stu?-I was there at his arrival and I know the answer but I m not telling – my guess is approx ….going on 12!!!! (girls are ladies at age six, boys stay boys forever!!!!)
stus mum
#63go 4 it !!!!!!!
16-3-2006 21:08:13
heres wishing you all the Luck in the world with the venture (access website via the address bar!!!!) Take care , loads of luv
stus mum
15-3-2006 12:27:31
…and here was me thinking you were putting in all that training for the ceilidh. Its all looking good. Just keep to one pack each and prepare for those retrospective lift offers: “if only Id known you were heading this way when I passed you up there struggling on that hill I couldve given you a lift in my souped up chevy”. No Im not bitter.
14-3-2006 15:25:19
Total respect to you guys. I look forward to reading about your adventures!
#60car drives past window in town
13-3-2006 22:14:18
thats some sound advice babboon bottom, theres nowt worse than upper-thigh chaffage. cycling shorts my advice. also, dont forget your pack-up, and if theres anything you want taping off the telly, send us a telegram. awesome and inspiring shit is this. max rspk to the pair of you, and thats max with a capital MAX. good luck, may this acapella rendition of the first three notes from Star Sail be the wind in your lungs ahhh, ahhhh, ahhhhhhhh. see you in LA, Marvin.
carl stafford
#59Baboon Bottom
13-3-2006 13:44:00
I did 100km in one day last year and was not prepared for the very painful chaffing of the buttocks. Please keep your buttocks dry and use talc – this is a debilitating condition and should be avoided at all times. Good luck.
Will Lawton
#58About the ADT
12-3-2006 21:50:55
You can enjoy reading the journals of other American Discovery Trail (ADT)travelers. Ken and Marcia Powers completed the 5,000 mile coast-to-coast backpacking adventure Robin Grapa and her mum currently on the trail and Randy/Sheri Propster who just started. To learn more about the ADT, visit GOOD LUCK guys. We will help you navigate across the US. Dick Bratton, ADT Society
Dick Bratton
9-3-2006 11:00:43
Hello Hamilton,
Friends are held by chain, one by one the links are growing(Mozart)I like steady progress.
Ongaya Kizito
#56Good luck from the 3rd Coast
8-3-2006 21:28:10
Any friend of Stephanie Foersters is a friend of ours. Well be thinking of you as you walk through fly-over country. If you feel like dropping by, hang a right at the Mississippi River.

Peter K

Peter Kuttner
#55Go for it!
8-3-2006 13:09:02
Yo Stu!
Sounds like quite a trip!
You should put you bag on ebay so companies could buy commercial space on the back. Just divide the back of the bag up in 10 spaces and set them for sail!
Could bring in a coin or two!!

Good Luck and will I see you on Stengade this Sunday
#54Good Luck from Bangkok
8-3-2006 03:19:39
Hi Dave,

My fellow office folk here in BKK are all cheering you on!
Good luck, and pack some compede for them blisters you crazy fool!
Cousin Gwyn
#53Old Friend
7-3-2006 21:33:45
Hey Stu,

Glad to hear about your adventure. Tell me some things youll need and Ill be glad to help. To bad your not coming through Ann Arbor. I could definitely give you a place to stay and a good meal.
Elliot Marshall
#52Oy Stu
7-3-2006 21:08:39
… I assume youre taking at least a couple of seven inches?

And so, a couple of questions:

Will your progress be censored in any way?…and!

Will yourself or Dave be required to complete any musical challenges along your route?

I shall keep my google-earth eye on you while I float happily in stasis.

Have begun propagating your URL. Its a filthy job… so lets all do it together.

A bientot.
#51Scratches on french furniture – try a walnut
7-3-2006 16:01:21
What a great site, you made me overcook my pasta but this is no concern for overlords of time and space. I will promote your adventure however I can and may even make you some embroidered fannypacks. Remember though, if its wearing pants its not a coyote!
Dan J
#50something for the ladies
7-3-2006 15:44:38
what an amazing trip you have ahead of you – this site looks great. will be checking in regularly, if only to catch a glimpse of stu in those short shorts – there will be photos i assume…? x
#49A safe bet?
7-3-2006 14:37:54
Hope you have a nice trip! Cool website. I´ve already bookmarked it, so I can keep up with you, Stu. Hugs(?)
#48Schritte kommen nicht, Schritte macht man!
7-3-2006 12:14:32
Its a great way of using your lifetime to take two years off and just walk. So many stories will be collected on your way. Good we can follow you step by step and you dont have to tell the whole story when youre back. So we can quickly restart the listeningsessions with drinking beers and eating crack whore soups!
best wishes to both of you from Hamburg!

1st of April: lets party one last time! looking forward:
#47Allright allright
7-3-2006 11:21:48
Hello boys, nice website and everything. I think it is very brave of you to take on this mad project and I hope you will make it from one coast to another. When it gets rough out there, cheer up and think of how good and warm and comfy we are here. That should make you trough the day. More in the guestbook later. A good website is the first step on the road to succes!
#46Bon Voyage
7-3-2006 11:21:25
How will we know that youre not just writing all this from some back garden in the South of England, pretending to meet colourful characters with southern accents along the way, jamming with ZZ Top, at Republican party functions and so forth. Please remember the Moon landings never happened. Honestly dont believe a word of it. But if by chance there is some truth in this walking the States project, then good luck and Ill be out to check on you!
#45oh christ
7-3-2006 10:37:29
oh no its real! ill start getting my sh*t together for some black ops rescue mission when you get chained in the cellar of a white supremacist butcher from holton michigan. its all good tho, i have an emergency storage facility containing a sonic assault weapon powered by unreleased leroy hutson accapellas and a pact with a combat team of drexciyan wavejumpers who will attack from the sea. the site is crazy. anything you need bro you know you only have to ask. see you somewhere along the way.
#4414th July 2007
7-3-2006 10:33:24
Make sure you get back in time for my wedding, yer bugger! We want no other DJ! Cant beleive youre actually going- you mad. Luv ya! xx
7-3-2006 10:24:50
Aside from all that walking stuff, am more than pleased to see a mention of the most illustrious ice cream parlour in Kent in Stuarts biog.
#42Hei hei!
7-3-2006 08:18:01
If I was God, I would bless & sponsor you in every possible way. All the most very best wishes to both of you for your brave and awesome walking project!
#41heldenbrau super
7-3-2006 01:23:17
Very best of luck to you both, I hope you have a lovely time. si
si measures
#40Thunder walk!
6-3-2006 23:39:03
And after all the violence and double talk –
Theres just a song in all the trouble and the strife
You do the walk, you do the walk of life.
#39Mesterrækken here we come
4-3-2006 21:50:07
Who will pick up the legacy after you Stu? Who will fill the gab? Who will kick the ball down the sewer in Ryparken? Who will fight angry morrocans and bicyclekick the opponents in the face? Who will join me (Kristian) and my hangovers down at Bloomsday on saturdays? See you somewhere deep in the bible belt on the road. We´ll bring beers if you supply the birds.
Forza AC. Praest
Kristian og Jens
2-3-2006 11:04:07
I went for a walk once. Lasted about a mile, was just getting really into it(left foot, right foot, left foot…)when unfortunately i reached my destination. I think it was the Co-op if i remember correctly. Anyway best of British to the both of you.
andrew wiles
#37Go Guys!
28-2-2006 05:14:30
May your journey be all that you hope for and your adventure be more than you expect. I am glad your site is up (if you have a counter I am responsible for about 100 clicks) and the humor has me RONFL. Keep it up.
ps sign my guestbook, too
#32thunbs up
8-2-2006 17:20:09
bastian & co. many thanks for your hard work. the site looks great.
#30Stu is 47
8-2-2006 15:10:16
Shocking but true. He was held back in school 16 consecutive years for being a Tottenham Hotspur fan. He has never recovered.
#29how old is Stu
8-2-2006 12:45:28
when you told me about your walk the first time i wondered how old are you Stu 21 or 23????
Michael Seidelin
#27ooh that dave
6-2-2006 23:23:50
good luck with your stroll. all my love, anj.
Angelina Jolie

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