Suspect Packages

Added: 23-2-2006

I’ve just arrived home to the motherlode of ADT material. Last week I spoke to Susan ‘Butch’ Henley, Membership Director of the ADT, and ordered practically everything off of their website. Today the material arrived – maps, trail data books, more maps, leaflets, two small lapel badges, stickers and, best of all, two bandanas. Not being a bandana man I have just failed to put this on correctly and instead look a little like a man with a teatowel on his head. I’m very proud to now be a member of the ADT society, although I feel that a combination of the bandanas with the short shorts donated to us by North Face could end up with the two of us rocking a look that we are somewhat unprepared for. Obviously this journal will keep you fully informed of our trail fashion decisions relating to the short shorts/bandana dilemma…

Other news is that Dave and I had an hour long conversation yesterday during which we agreed to do more planning and make some more lists. This was productive and left me feeling that if we could complete the ADT on the power of lists alone we would have almost finished by now. We have plenty to do but things are coming into shape. We have a planning meeting at the end of March, and have arranged for a week’s training in Switzerland in the middle of May. In between this we are desperately hunting for sponsors and trying to get fit. This is going well for me but tomorrow I have an appointment with Amir, my personal trainer (three words I never thought I would write), to increase my dosage of fitnessworkout. Sincerely hope I am not to start doing the clean and jerk or whatever it is called. Figure it won’t be a pretty sight…

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Training - God of the Pool.

Added: 8-2-2006 2

I have, for the last couple of months, been forcing myself down to the swimming pool to get fit. I started off in December with barely mobile floating, stinging eyes and mouths and lungs full of water. Now I am equipped with goggles, have become so accustomed to the taste of chlorine that I am adding it to food instead of salt, and managing a fairly respectable 50 lengths. This evening, though, I was a god of the pool; part man, part gill, managing a record-breaking 70 lengths. I had to check my toes for signs of webbing when I got out. In fact I could easily have done 100 lengths but for total exhaustion and quite severe pain. I am resolved to be doing 100 lengths regularly by the time we leave. Which is currently not a pleasant prospect. But as Roy Castle said, possibly, dedication is what you need if you want to be a foolish walker. I’m off to eat chips.

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Daves test Entry

Added: 8-2-2006 1

My entries will, in general, be of a higher standard than Stuarts. But this is only a test.

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Test Entry

Added: 7-2-2006 1

Just fiddling around with the site ironing out problems…we’re getting there…plenty to do, many things for us to get finished before we walk, not least getting more sponsors, getting equipment etc. plenty plenty plenty to do. but at least Angelina Jolie has signed the guestbook…

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