30th Birthday

Added: 25-3-2006

Last weekend marked the occasion of my 30th birthday. And we celebrated well.

I had a great weekend. Despite predictable technical problems, The Mighty Crucks played a storming set – salutations to Jim and Kelvin as always and special thanks to Thom Punton and Ed Briggs for adding the musicality to our enthusiasm. Big thanks also to all those who lent kit. The Crucks, being more of a concept than a band, have a paucity of equipment compared to your more established stadium acts. The Edge, for example, has his own amp.

Thanks to all who came, particularly to those who didn’t leave as soon as we started playing, I salute your bravery. I will never forget the rousing chorus of ‘The Glory of Toolan is Undiminished by Age.’ It was emotional.

I have had a bit more time this week to ruminate on this landmark. Really I have no problem with getting old. I can see my thirties as being the time where I really come into my prime, like Jimi Hendrix or Lee Sharpe. The walk will be a fitting test for a man in his prime.

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Getting on the Good Foot

Added: 25-3-2006

 I have had a number of anxious enquiries since the revelations about my flat foot. Well do not fear; I have visited a podiatrist and they are confident that they can save it. I have been booked for the fitting of an orthotic – essentially a very expensive insole – which will correct my errant gait.

We chatted over the various measures that I could take to prevent further aggravation of my knee and it has been quite reassuring to understand the mechanics of what has caused the problem. The podiatrist agreed with me, unreservedly, that the condition explains why I never played for England. She was uncommital about whether she felt the insoles would arrive early enough for me to be in contention for the World Cup squad.

More controversially there were also suggestions that my foot is the reason for the way I walk. I held firm, maintaining that this is due to my being a woman’s man with no time to talk.

One positive to come out of the whole scenario is that in the future, should times get tough, it will be very easy for me to put my best foot forward or, as James Brown would have it, to get on the good foot. 

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Too little time

Added: 18-3-2006

well, I’ve finallly found time to sit down and put something new in the journal…things are getting increasingly hectic here in Denmark and it’s becoming difficult to juggle the varying demands of work and USA walk preparation. I’ve only got about five weeks to go at work, I have a ton of things to do there, and my boss is away for the foreseeable future. big meetings coming up, papers that need writing, and a whole job to wind down appropriately after four and a half years. the impact of this is being felt on the walk preparation, especially the tracking down of sponsors. there just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day and I can see some pretty long lists of things to do stacking up. the more astute of you will notice that we haven’t added any new sponsors logos to the site and that North Face remain our only helpers so far. I need to follow up a number of leads and dig some more leads up or else we will be boldy crossing the USA in our short shots looking like the Kids from Fame who got lost.

this would not be a good thing.

more news as I get it. come on sponsors, where are you…

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Flat Foot

Added: 16-3-2006

This journal entry comes to you from a seated position. This may now be my optimum position as I have just discovered I have a flat foot. Yes, I have inherited my Dad’s nose and my Mum’s flat feet (one of.) Why didn’t they just shoot me at birth and put me out of my misery. I discovered this when I was having physio treatment for my injured knee – yes, ladies and gentlemen, this truly is a tale of woe. Just as the kneebone’s connected to the legbone and the legbone’s connected to the hipbone and so on, it seems that my flat foot (my left) has been causing my knee problems which in turn may have been causing my back problems.

All of which causes my head problems (not to mention my wallet) and I am currently in a state of embroiled bitterness about the whole thing. I blame Sven, Blair’s Britain, bird flu, El Nino, asylum-seekers, Thatcher’s Britain and poor performance on stains at low temperatures. Also it may have been The Sun what done it.

I suppose, though, it all simply boils down to a design flaw, an evolutionary missed turn (or a dropped stitch in God’s rich tapestry for all you creationists.) I fear an evolutionary snowball effect. I may infact be the first and last flat footer to cross America.  For, as feet become flatter, my kind will surely be doomed. Future generations will set off for the West with strong wills and noble intentions but, after a few months of walking, the influence of the left flat foot will see a slow but steady pull towards Mexico. By Winter the Sun will be setting behind them and by Spring they will be back where they started.

What impact the discovery of this latest physiological defect will have on the walk is as yet unclear. I am off to see a podiatrist next week who I am sure will charge me lots of money for his counsel – “I recommend you do not walk 5000 miles in the next year.” “Ha. I laugh in the face of expert medical advice.” I will retort as I hobble defiantly out of the room.

If anyone has a spare left foot that I can borrow for the next couple of years please drop me a line. I take a size 9.

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From a freezing hotel room

Added: 8-3-2006 1

This comes to you from a freezing hotel room in The Hague, in Holland. I sincerely hope American motels are warmer than this place – I’ve got my hood up and am considering a hat. Not so good.

But ah, my heart is warmed when I think of the last two days’ reaction to the website. I sent out a mail to about 120 people on Monday night and now we’re up and running. I’ve had loads of emails (but I haven’t heard from all of you, where are you?!) and the guestbook is being signed in a way which is enough to melt the hardest of hearts. We’ve even up the total raised for charity – we’re now on £25 for the British Heart Foundation. Biggup those who donated (you know who you are!)

So yeah, the interest has been good. Looks like we might have a radio interview or two lined up and apparently we have a new sponsor who will supply us with very high quality underwear (possession of which is a dream we all dream, I am sure). more on that when it happens. perhaps we will combine the radio interviews with the underwear? interesting concept.

Anyway, all for now. I am in Holland for a week so if anyone has anywhere  to recommend that I should visit (preferably somewhere warm), please hit the guestbook or send me a mail. More news as it comes…

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Life for Sale. Offers Considered.

Added: 6-3-2006 1

This weekend I am taking the next step towards making sure I have the money to fund the trip. I am putting my life up for sale on ebay; liquidising my assets, streamlining my operation. The news has already rocked the City, shares in Toolancorp are buoyant and Wall Street has reacted with enthusiasm.

I am looking forward to shedding the skin of my present clutter. Part of the joy of getting on the road will be to rely on only the few things that we can carry with us and to look to the landscape, experiences and people around us for stimulation. I am trying to ask myself

“Do I really need this?” If the answer is “no,” I sell it.

In truth, though, I must confess that my internal dialogue runs more along the lines of

“Do I really need this?”


“Is it an amplifier/turntable/mandolin?”

“Er, yes.”

“Best hang on to that then.”

“You’re probably right Dave”

“I’m always right Dave.”

Obviously the whole process will also give me the opportunity to reaccumulate a whole new collection of clutter on my return, which is something to look forward to.

There are a couple of things that will be a real wrench to sell. My beautiful guitar, for one; a cream Fender Jaguar which I have had for years and which was already in its teens when I was born. She will be missed. Most of my records are going, speakers, amps, instruments, cameras, computers and all the various pieces of kit that I have amassed over the last few years. I am readying myself, and my bank balance, for a footloose future.

I can’t wait now to finish my job, rent my flat, stash my remaining possessions in my folk’s loft, pack my rucksack and become itinerant for the month or so before we leave. It will be a busy month with planning, training, a stag do and wedding, gigs and goodbyes.

But first, on with the clearout. Anybody in the market for an 8-track tape recorder without a play button?

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Were online.

Added: 6-3-2006 1

Holy Mother of Google! The website is up. We’re online and, equally as exciting, we’ve been GottaWalked (of which more later.)

So welcome to our humble corner of cyberspace. This is Dave reporting to you in real time, live from a secure communications bunker in Brighton.  It’s a very odd thought to think that someone somewhere who I’ve never met might be reading this. I guess some people just have too much time on their hands – which also explains the public existence of Anthea Turner. God bless the modern age.

Anyway we need to get used to it, from here on in we will be posting updates as fast as our fingers can carry them. Anything vaguely trip related, or actually just anything if we get on a roll. You will learn of the highs and the lows; from the noble journey to the limits of physical fitness (Dave) to the blisters and chronic flatulence (Stu)

We’ll try and give you a taste of some of the planning that goes into a trip like this – the equipment, route-planning and logistics.

Stu, there will be planning won’t there?

And we’d love to hear from you. So take a look around, we’re a little rough and ready as yet, but drop by and say hello.

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