So, anything we should see on the way?

Added: 15-3-2006

I’ve just returned from a series of meetings with some of my senior colleagues in The Hague. One of the things about being in ‘expert’ meetings is that you get to tap a lot of experienced people for advice. This kind of got me thinking – you people reading this are all experts too, right? I wondered if my project to get to know America better might be improved by appealing to the wisdom of crowds, as it were, by asking if any of you guys had anything to recommend.

What do I mean? Well, our walk passes pretty much through the middle of the most of the following states, from east to west: DelawareMaryland/DCWest VirginiaOhio (south), Kentucky (a little bit in the north), Illinois (south), MissouriKansasColoradoUtahNevadaCalifornia. What will we find? Anyone been there already? It would be interesting to know if there is anything we should look out for, aside from bears, snakes and bars. Any interesting towns? Any quality local beers (for we must test the stereotype that American beer sucks)? Anything (or anyone) we really should avoid? Prizes will be awarded for the best recommendations (a week on the trail with us, paid for at your own expense) and of course we will report back in detail if we do manage to make it to Toothless Bob’s cabin or any other suggestion we stand a chance of making. Think of it as suggesting a side-quest. You send us miles out of our way; we pick up valuable experience points.

Send emails to the usual place but it would be really great if you just send in anything via the guestbook. Then we can all have a laugh.

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